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That's why we move like this!

Updated on August 5, 2013

The amazing and shocking truth of the bible is laid bare in Christ. The bad news is that we have fallen short of the mark. That is the message from Genesis right up to the coming of Jesus. Men and women who fail to live out their full potential. David, who was by definition an exceptional king and a man after God’s own heart, made mistakes. One of which is immortalised in the song, “you saw her bathing on the roof, her beauty in the moonlight overthrew ya.” David was attracted to Bathsheba who was already married to Uriah the Hittite. He sent for her and slept with her, then when she fell pregnant and Uriah refused to go home and make love to her whilst the rest of the men were at war (his hope was that if they slept together they could pretend like the baby belonged to Uriah), so David instead sent him to the front line to be killed so he would never find out what David did. Adam in the garden who eats the fruit; Moses was being disobedient to God, when instead of speaking to the rock he struck it with a staff. This was crucial because actually what happened was that the staff became like a God to the Jews after this time. Noah was a drunk... Paul started out as persecuting Christians and aiding those who did.

You would think it gets better with the arrival of Jesus on the scene, but actually it doesn’t. Peter denies that he even knows Jesus three times, the message is one of inadequacy. Every single disciple abandons Jesus to his fate, not a single one goes with him, and not a single one can, they were never meant to. It is more than their fallen human nature would allow.

We can’t do it. There are 613 laws in the Old testament and the majority of us struggle to keep even one of those laws. So why did Jesus die? Well it is as simple as I said, we struggle to keep even one law, but Christ didn’t he fulfilled them all. He passed the exam and in doing so won eternity for the masses. So what does it mean to be clothed in clothed in Christ. Well it is quite simple really, have you ever seen someone in a chicken suit? Do you know what they look like, can you even tell whether they are male or female? Not always and so it is with us being in Christ. When it says we are clothed in Christ’s righteousness it means that instead of God seeing our brokenness, we are literally hidden inside Christ’s body, so when God looks at us, he sees Jesus. All your mistakes everything you have ever done wrong and everything you ever will do wrong is covered by that act on the cross.

If that is the case Joe then why are we always saying sorry to God for the stuff we do wrong if we are already saved? Well the truth is we are not just saved into Christ, but we are also saved into a relationship. Now imagine I am married and I do something wrong, say heaven forbid I hit my wife, would I not apologise for doing so? If I did not apologise the relationship would most certainly be destroyed. We are in a relationship with the almighty, that is so important! Now the truth is we are saved by grace, so we will always be in Christ from the first second we become a Christian, no matter how far we wander or where we go, because when God looks at us he sees Jesus. Ultimately the love of God is greater than any sin we can possibly commit, including murder, rape and anything else you can think of. It has all been dealt with. That is how much God loves you and me! Now I am not a mass murderer, but I have done some awful things in my life. I see my need for the grace of God. Are you done trying to do it in your own strength? You don’t have to God has done it all, and therefore there is only a few things left to do; do an about turn- ask God to help you stop the stuff that you know is wrong, tell others and worship and that's it, God does the rest. And that's why we move like this!

Thanks go to Simon Brading for some brilliant teaching on the grace of God that helped me finally get this.


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