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Are You Frozen Let It Go and Thaw

Updated on September 2, 2019
The Stages Of ME profile image

Kathy was a rehabilitation therapist. After receiving a life-changing diagnosis, she felt a spiritual call to share life's journey in HUBS.

If things get chilly just let them go ~ Someone is holding you up!

Without Him it can be a bit Chilly
Without Him it can be a bit Chilly | Source

Chilly but thank God for friends

Don't get stuck in the freezer
Don't get stuck in the freezer | Source

Are letting go or getting freezer burn

How does something become freezer burnt? It’s simple science. Frost builds up, and with no attention to warming, things become hard. We often need to wait a long time for things to thaw out. If left to long it gets burnt, this causes damage. We need to attend to our freezer with regular defrosting.

Five steps to preventing freezer burn:

1. Understand how freezer burn works. If one spot is colder, the molecules sublimate, moving toward the coldest place, forming ice crystals, leaving other parts at risk of oxidation, changing the flavor.

2. Keep the temperature as constant as possible. Make sure there is room for things to expand and allow things to cool before placing them in a freezer.

3. Use a thermometer to regulate the temperature, pay attention to the setting.

4. Package the goods not leaving them exposed.

5. Most important don’t go it too long in the freezer.

If you think about it, we can relate to this process as we too get burnt. We battle things, depending on the day, the details going on, the messages inside our brains; things pile up, just like freezer burn.

By themselves ice crystals are darn impressive, each unique in their design, however, tons of them, can be tedious to maneuver, for example, sheets of ice on your car window, when it’s stinking cold outside. These can take a minute to melt! Is it the same with our heart? Sometimes we need to scrape the excess off before starting the day. If we neglect the ice, there’s the possibility of buildup, creating a place not thawed, and we risk damage.

Let it go; God already knows what to do; nothing else matters; God has this. How many times I’ve shared this same statement, with others, there are days we need to hear it, again. Where this sounds simple, it isn’t always that easy. Simple, is not still immediate, without some focus on what is purposeful.

Let It Go is a great song. People were belting it out everywhere when it was trending. The bad news is, the emotions of lyrics are not all we need. We find, comfort corners, in songs, somehow escaping into them. It can be dangerous if we retreat into self, using our methods of maintaining temperature, not using the tools allotted could lead to problems.

It stinks when something little becomes big due to our ignorance or self-righteousness. We may succumb to the thought of if it were I in a situation I would not act in such a manner. Depending on your moment or the attacks of cold you may experience, we get bogged down, sometimes struggling, to just let go!

The Roxy
The Roxy

Movies are one means of escape

Movies are other means of escape from our realities. The movie Frozen was fabulous, for several reasons, one reason, my hubby went with me, displaying his sheepish sarcasm as he tolerated a family-friendly cartoon, at our local theatre. The Roxy Theatre, in Northampton, Pennsylvania. This little hometown theatre is a nostalgic, throwback experience. Each time you enter the doors, you’re taken back in time. You pay a mere three dollars, to create a memory, reminiscent of movies back in the day.

The Roxy, for our community, is family fun at its finest. The curator dresses to the nines in a black tie and suit. He even applies white gloves as he clears the fallen dust, which settled the night before, performing this ritual each night before he opens the ticket window.

Once inside the architecture surrounds, left untouched by modern times. The theatre is itself a work of art; it’s impossible to not allow the natural eye bounce from each surface that encircles the theatre seats. The beautiful red velvet curtains shield the screen, and when it opens, the commercials whisk you back in time, with an old reel-to-reel feel. Older cartoons play on the screen before the current headliner movie. Patrons sit with anticipation, popcorn in hand, watching the kid’s enthusiasm as the silence clouds the theatre, plunging the audience into the imaginary world of cinema.

You may wonder why I am getting off track, but am I? Okay, well, maybe a little, but hang in there. LET IT GO!

Maybe just there, in reading this deployment from the point, you could not let go, faultfinding, in my sidetrack, causing your dissatisfaction? Were you feeling frustrated while, trying not to be judgmental? Then you understand what I mean. We struggle with letting things go. And yes, maybe this is why a song, titled “Let it go” was, and is appealing to millions of people, take a listen before you continue, if you are one of the few who hasn’t heard, “Let it go.”

Let it Go

Are we a little bit frosty?

“Some distance makes everything seem small, and the fears that once controlled me, can’t get at all,” these words from the song are empowering, however, why is it problematic, do we make it trickier than need be, why not trust, God’s power?

We place our hearts in prison, a prison of regret, a prison of what others think and say, a prison of pain it’s clear we allow our hearts to remain the slightest bit frozen. More so, if we don’t slow down, taking time tending to what lies in our hearts, or focusing on what we allow there, is it possible to get freezer burnt?

Welcoming Jesus, allows your heart His sanctuary, thawing our frozen places, burdens release, in the warmth of His glow. All at once, in the moment of surrender, you melt in His arms. We are replacing constant frost and pain with a perpetual shield guarding the unpredictable storms. Christ is then our solid foundation; he remains our stability, renewing our strength as we handle the journey together, our provision, our sustenance, and our forever.

We all have moments of weakness, times when the battles rage with a consistent slam. Supposing, we could take this as a compliment if busying ourselves living a life trying to give glory to God. It’s known, as an obvious consequence, in the same light, God gives you sufficient grace, and attacks expect to pull you from His grasp. During these times we may feel the bash against our walls forming tiny dents, we notice a chill creeping around our heart, and yes the frost tries to take hold. These are the most critical times in our walk. We must let it go, and foremost, we must submit, trusting God is the only defroster we need.

You need a defrost or you can get burned

Allow the thaw or not...
Allow the thaw or not... | Source

I know a great DEFROSTER

God Globe

Jesus Holds The Globe
Jesus Holds The Globe

Embrace your Dent

Our Father positions others to guide our way. However, we may lose in our isolation, unable to reach out or receive. No need to worry all you need to do is to call upon His name. Think about it; you don’t seek dents. If a can at the grocery store has one, you may put it back and find one with a smoother service. In life you may desire, a “no dents allowed” policy, but why? Do you want to escape damage, do you assume in the fearful mistrust that there will impend breaks, do you seclude to a facade of perfection to hide your imperfect reality?

Imagine if you took into account that dents show something more profound. Consider each indentation as an attack attempting to pull you from your real relationship, with Christ. Envision God as a hammer pounding the dents from the inside out, allowing things to remain clear from buckling under pressure. You can hold to the idea that dents and brokenness are both repairable. The best thing is, God loves your cut or not, and He takes damaged goods and makes them whole.

If you acknowledge that you need a repairer, He is instantaneous in His presence. At the same time, if you do not call a maintenance specialist, learning to get by on our own, not giving attention to your dent’s, this may become your routine, and these wounds can push against your heart, causing a chill to take hold. This attack is never from a loving God, for when in His grasp, nothing is impossible, you are of great value even with your imperfections, and He is the shelter from the cold.

Embrace your dents; each one represents a time when Christ intervened for you. The broken times can be the best of all, for, in them, He reveals so much to your heart. The why and the how’s matter little in the gratification of complete surrender; one learns to understand every allowance. You become heightened to the awareness of the chills, feeling the frost, and thus knowing there is no competitor to your Jesus. His warmth, His love, and His grace are yours in Him. You will never, His body and blood encase your soul and you’re not alone. How amazing is that, never alone! The only times you feel the slightest chill, and the frost is when you forget in your blunders to close out the world around you and lose focus of His purpose for your journey.

Think of life like a snow globe with God holding it; He has everything in His hands. When the world is shaking, He steadies it, the slightest crack; He fixes it, with His healing touch. No matter the brokenness, we can continue to feel His immense joy, a joy beyond any of this world. There are sick days; and sad days for sure, but, “better is one day in His courts than a thousand elsewhere.” Try not to isolate in the land of frozen; together, we will wait for the day when this globe breaks wide open, and then we will forever be hand and hand with our loving Father.

Your Never Alone

Allow your heart to beat in the cold

protect your heart allow it to thaw often
protect your heart allow it to thaw often | Source

In conclusion

Five steps to preventing freezer burn in your heart:

1. Understand If one spot in your heart is colder, tend to it, put your focus on the word of God, without God, the pain moves toward the coldest place, forming a hardened heart.

2. Keep the temperature as constant as possible. Make sure there is room for God first to work, then allowing Him to do work for you.

3. Let go to God; He is a great thermometer; He regulates the temperature, pays attention to His Spirit within your heart.

4. Package your heart, allowing Christ inside at your center, never leaving it exposed to the burn of attack.

5. Most important don’t let the frost build-up and allow God to handle things.

We may have relapses requiring His thaw when forgetting to go to Him, but He’s seeking us as we are shying away, just like a dad watching his child fall, He nudges us back up brushing off the dirt. If we get stuck He sends a helper; if the hole is tight He supplies sufficient grace, it may be hard to handle this snow globe God controls everything, when we let it go, to Him, He is the restorer of our beating heart.

Sure, we wish not to have those moments when we buckle, those days when we weaken, however, these are important to our destiny. In our submission intervention and guidance, we are recipients’ of His Divine Spirit. The emotion of deliverance by His spirit is better than any joy, any medicine, any crutch, anything we give ourselves to, to replace Him, forget about it, as He is irreplaceable. He is the master of forever, the healer of our cold places, as we always live in the thaw with our Jesus.

© 2014 Kathy Henderson


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    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      6 years ago from Pa

      Dearest Nell,

      All we can do is take one day at a time in surrender, He will help with the thaw. Many blessings to you :)

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      6 years ago from Pa

      Ms. Dora ~ Amen to number 4 ~ He is our center and everything to our thaw. :)

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      6 years ago from Pa

      EPbooks ~ so true, so true, it is a daily task to let it go, the useless attacks that keep us from our purpose. Smiling through the valleys to reach the peaks.

    • epbooks profile image

      Elizabeth Parker 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I love the analogy. You're right, sometimes one does need to let it go!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      6 years ago from England

      I am terrible at letting go, my brain won't allow me to drop anything, and my brother is worse! as for a real freezer, well, I had to throw mine away because the ice took over! lol!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Beautiful and creative. This comparison of the heart and the freezer produce a very practical sermon. I love point number 4 in your conclusion. Thank you so much.

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      6 years ago from Pa


      Thank you for the sweet comment I appreciate the read, Blessing to you :)

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 

      6 years ago from California

      So much wisdom here! Thank you!

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      6 years ago from Pa


      Thank you for stopping in and reading, so nice of you, and thanks for getting it. Blessings to you

    • Nancy Owens profile image

      Nancy Owens 

      6 years ago from USA

      What a wonderful, healing, and metaphorical Hub. Thank you for taking the time to write it :)

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      6 years ago from Pa

      Dear Blossom and DDE

      Thank you for taking the time to read and commenting. If only we could help people see the burn before it builds up. Hugs and much love

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      6 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      A helpful hub indeed. The many points made here are very useful and an informative hub to all.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      6 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Love the different approach! God bless you and thank you for writing such a beautiful and interesting hub.

    • The Stages Of ME profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Henderson 

      6 years ago from Pa

      Hello Dear Faith Reaper

      Thanks for again getting my heart. I spend time with young people as of late and I want for them to be better and get this message early. We spend to much time before getting how very much He loves us, even with our imperfections, oh how He loves us.:) Many Blessings always

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 

      6 years ago from southern USA

      Beautiful hub to glorify our sweet Lord. Oh, a long time ago, I was so bad of not letting go and spent years enslaved to such thoughts for no result of any good. However, I am now free from all of that worry and just place my full trust and faith in Jesus and cast all my cares to Him, and then His peace, that peace that surpasses all understanding just comes over me and all is good!

      Up and more, pinning and tweeting

      God bless you. In His Love,

      Faith Reaper


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