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The 101 on Past Life’s and the Present

Updated on November 25, 2015
S.Sepp (own work) via Wikimedia Commons
S.Sepp (own work) via Wikimedia Commons

More and more people are becoming aware of reincarnation and believe it or not most of us have lived on this earth or other dimensions before. It may seem far-fetched but it’s very real. Many people will remember bits and pieces of their past life and who they were previously. So what does a past life mean? It means you lived on earth at one time in a different body, size, shape, nationality, weight, but your soul remains the same. You died and then your soul was re-born into who you are today. Since we are composed of energy the soul lives on and is eternal. Now why should you try to find out about your past life? One of the main reasons is the word KARMA. Many of us carry karmic bonds from our past life into our current one and these are the lessons we must continuously learn from. This is why many of us have issues in certain areas like health, relationships, family in our present times. Let me give you an example.

Susie was a man in a previous life who was married to woman and they had 5 children. He had an affair with another lady and left them to be with her. This created BAD karma for him and this stayed with his energy until the day he passed. Upon being reincarnated into Susie now she has issues with her relationships. She has been divorced and cannot seem to find true love. But why? Just like cause and effect this is what KARMA is. Because Susie in a past life hurt her family she now has issues with family in this current life time. Until she forgives and releases that karmic bond by acknowledging and uncovering her past life; will she truly be on her life path and be happy. Does that make sense?

We often spend our path on earth in a physical body reliving some of the same things we did to others or that others did to us. You could have been really wealthy or rich in another life and now in this life you have more debt that you know what to do with. This is because you possibly didn’t appreciate the money you had and took it for granted or used it for reasons that caused some type of upset on others.

Here’s some things to know about Past Life’s

  • Gender – It does not matter if you were a male in a past life. Gender can be the opposite. If you were a man in a past life and now you are a woman. You might have been a woman in the past life and today you are a woman as well.

  • Birthmarks – It is believed that birthmarks indicate some type of infliction or area of your passing in a past life. For example, let’s say you have a large birthmark in your back. This could be where you suffered some type of trauma that led to your passing in a past life.

  • Health Issues – Many health issues we have today in our present life could possibly be linked by a past life. For example, in a past life you were a chronic smoker and died of lung cancer. Now in the present day you now suffer greatly from upper respiratory infections, asthma, etc.

  • Soul mates – You might find that your soul mate from a past life is now a family member or your soul mate and you may be reunited in this current life time. Genders may be reversed as I previously mentioned. The soulmates have an unspoken love that connects them.

  • Soul personalities – You might find that past life characteristics of your personality lingers into the now. You might have been rather outspoken and loved singing and in this life time you love writing and expressing yourself creatively. You might be more inclined into fine arts.

  • Phobias or Fears – You might have fear of water in this life time and this could be because in a past life your passing involved something traumatic like a drowning, or quite possibly some traumatic even centered around water. Remember our souls remember what we can’t in this life time. This is why often we have these fears or phobias. You might have a fear of heights. This could be because you passed from a plane crash in a past life time. There’s many reasons we have these fears and phobias.

  • Guilt – You may have so much guilt from a past life that in this life time you still feel guilty for things you may have done in the past without realizing. Here’s an example in a past life you might have been the executive of a homeless shelter and destroyed their house for selfish needs. In this life you volunteer in a homeless shelter or help the homeless in some unwavering way. You feel inclined to.

There have been numerous documented cases in which people recall their past life and recall their previous name, how they passed, names of towns or cities, and may have dreams. Upon fact finding and doing research they find that they are absolutely correct.

So what good does it do to have this kind of information? Understanding your past can help you understand the areas of opportunity in your current life. Once you have a better understanding of why you are going through the things you are now, it helps your soul overall progression.

The soul blueprint we have mapped out before reincarnating factors all lessons learned or not learned in a past life. We know the karmic lessons we have signed up to learn. This is all part of our souls journey into the next life. Sometimes we don’t have the same karmic bonds or lessons because we’ve mastered those. So we get a new set of lessons to learn. Each life time we spend on earth is a next level in our soul’s evolution. Hence why some people are often referred to as old souls. That’s because they have spent several life times on earth.

What do I do if I don’t remember anything about my past life? Well, you can speak to a psychic medium or someone who specializes in past life readings. They can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together. There’s also people who specialize in past life regression. They can help you with this through hypnosis. Sometimes you can gain more insight on your own past life by accessing akashic records or speaking to your angels and guides.

People who may remember pieces of their past life and likes may realize the following.

  • Foods – Certain Foods or dishes may remind them of a past life.

  • Locations – Visiting certain countries and you feel like you once lived there. Like Dejavu!

  • Languages – You may learn a foreign language because you once spoke that language.

  • Jobs – You might work in one field but have unknown knowledge in another field. For example, you are a writer but when it comes to medical terminology or medicine in general you know procedures or understand conditions easily. Almost like you were once a nurse or physician.

  • Sports – You might love certain sports you normally wouldn’t play yourself but you just have this overwhelming feeling like you once played the sport.

  • Time Periods – It may be 2015 but you love the culture of the 40’s and 50’s. The old Hollywood glamour and you will find your current wardrobe is similar to that time period.

I hope you now have a better understanding of past life’s and how they impact you and me in the present. The next time you feel like something feels familiar remember it’s no coincidence. You may meet people and just have an unexplained feeling that they look familiar or you know them. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article and I wish you blessings in love n light. X


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