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The 12 Rays of Light – the fabric of the entire Divine Creation

Updated on February 2, 2012

The Rays of Light form the fabric of the entire Divine Creation. Rays have a strong influence on us and on our soul, higher and deeper than any astrological influence. They are not electromagnetic vibration because they function in higher dimensions.
Everyone is born with a certain structure of Rays that is characterized mainly by 6 Rays. These are the Rays of the physical body, emotional, mental, personality, Soul or Higher Self and Monad. People who are not yet on the spiritual path are dominated by physical, emotional and mental Rays. With the spiritual evolution, the personality Ray becomes more important, then the Soul and Monad Rays. All other Rays become progressively subordinated to the superior ones.
We all need personal power, wisdom and love, action and dynamism, creative skills, artistic, intellectual and business abilities, ideals and devotion in our lives. It is therefore significant to integrate a balanced full spectrum of Rays. Because we all need to become masters at spiritual, psychological and physical / earth levels to fully realize the Divine Plan.

There are Rays at all levels of Creation: Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal and Cosmic. We can call and use all the 12 Rays of Creation at Planetary, Solar, Galactic and Universal or higher.
The first three Rays of Creation are basic rays and are called Rays of Aspect. The following four rays are a combination of the first three rays, and are called Rays of Attribute. The upper five rays are combinations of the seven Rays with a plus of golden-white Light from the Divine Source, which gives them an even greater brightness. They were recently activated on the planet, before being active here only the 7-Rays and the higher five Rays were active only at the Galactic and Universal level. These Rays are now available to all mankind and are an important tool in facilitating the changes that occur on Earth. The number of those incarnate today as representatives of the five higher Rays is small, but is gradually increasing to help to transform the planet and humanity.

The first Ray is connected to Divine Will of the Father God and enters first the crown chakra and then throughout the physical body.The second Ray is connected to Love aspect and Mother God and activates first the heart chakra before it flows throughout the physical body.The third Ray and all other rays are connected to the aspect of Son/Daughter and active intelligence; it activates first the chakra of the solar plexus and then flows throughout the other chakras and body.

Each Ray has positive and negative aspects. Although the rays are originally pure, they can become corrupt when passing through the prism of the negative ego. The goal is to transcend and overcome the lower aspects of the Rays and strive to manifest their superior and pure potential.
In this e-book there is a detailed description of the 12 Rays of Light. Each Ray is analyzed in terms of color, their qualities, qualities to be acquired, defects and negative aspects, attractions or glamour to be avoided, professions, types of personality, methods of development, chakras, planetary connections, minerals, herbs, operating planes, the current Director of the Ray, overseer and the corresponding Elohim.
Studying this detailed description helps you to be aware of yourself and to make you a spiritual assessment, on which you can set a battle plan for "clarification" of the prism through which these rays are screened into your being.

The integration and harmonization of the 12 Rays are important aspects of the ascension process.


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