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The "13" number phobia

Updated on June 4, 2011

1951 July 13: Kansas city was drowned in floods.

1970 April 13: Apollo 13 should land on moon but because of technical failure it returned .

1972 October 13: Uruguay plane was crashed in Ander region of South America.

2004 August 13: Charley Hurricane caused a major disaster in South Florida.

2006 October 13: Buffalo city of New York was stuck in the massive snowfall.

2009 November 13: US stock market faced a worst fall.

All these disasters and incidents were happening Naturally or there is any significance for number 13 in these incidents? Or if there is any anti-power to the number ?

 What is about 13?


Now the world is shaking to hear about 13? 13 is like a bad dream for some people 13 is a bad luck for some,13 is a devil or evil. Now there is a phobia of this number and is enlisted in phobia’s. Why 13 got such a worst stage?

Fact 1

1. Shirley once decided to know her tarot reading and she had been to a tarot reader along with her friend. Tarot reader as soon as seen Shirley stared at her and asked to sit down . Tarot reader then asked Shirley to pick 3 cards then on the table and give it to me. Shirley and her friend were excited to know what’s behind the cards. The Tarot reader received 1card from Shirley. He turned them back and was almost exhausted to see the card. Shirley and her friend started sweating in shiver and with a low voice asked What happened?

The Tarot reader replied by showing the card with number ‘13’ on its back. He started explaining her that ‘13’ number card infers death card. That means “Shirley there is something going to end in your life sooner”. Like you might lose someone near/dear/your job, or something most valuable.

Shirley returned home and started to office on the very next morning. Her boss called her and gave her a pink slip and asked her to “No need to come here after and you can have a long leave All The Best for future”. Shirley stared at him and was unable to digest what she heard!


2.Manohar and his family were living in 13thfloor shifted to flat no.13B . Manohar’s wife, his mother and his sister were addicted to TV serials. One of the TV serials have created a great disturbance in their family they haven’t noticed it but whatever the Tv serial story goes, it is happening in their house in their real life. Manohar notifies this and starts investigating that and realized that there was a Bungalow earlier in the place of the building they were living now. and in that bungalow someone was murdered and wants their revenge.

This was the story based on which the “13B” movie was directed based on the 13 number.


Mohan has written in his blog about the number “13”.

“After a long --------- we found a flat near office and the flat number 1s ‘13’ Building A3. Owner asked for 1year advance to pay the rent then only they will be allotted the flat. With no choice left, me and my friend made an agreement and shifted to the new room.

And what’s happening we don’t understand in the new flat it was like everyday is and to our life . First day there was a power cut, second day we were charged by the electricity department by saying that illegal power usage and the following bank asks for loan recovery and if we were warned seriously about this , to say the list goes on with new problems which aroused in the new flat .

How ever the rent which we paid in advance was not going to be returned. Actually we don’t have any tensions earlier So, we were completely in belief that new flat has something to cause problems, one day my friend lost his job he used to live along with me in the new flat. He is fired for no reason . We thought it would better to change to new flat somewhere else and as soon as we changed our problems started to get solved slowly. Strangely we noticed that the house owner who gave the mysterious flat was a great producer but he lost every thing while he lived in that 13 numbered flat. Oh my god how strange is “13”.

Fact 4

Rajesh was an Indian had been to Canada on a job purpose and he noticed in Canada Hotels, hospitals , Apartments, companies and even Airlines also don’t have room numbers with 13 or 113 or 213 how strange is this he surprised. Even More surprising he noticed was the lift buttons also don’t have th e13 floor number but it is replaced by 12A likewise 12 followed by 12A followed by 14 and so on….

The Singh park in California don’t have the 13 number . they use 12 A after 12 and then 14 . In tarot reading 13th numbered card is signified as death card.

Why people fear for 13 number?.

The party that was celebrated by Jesus was with 13 members then Jesus was hung . As there were 13 members participated in the party and because of this bad 13 number itself Jesus was tortured to death this was believed by everyone and started to hate and fear for 13 number.

After 12 and before 14 it comes the number 13(thirteen) which is the starting for the teenage which is a terrifying period for every parent about his child and thus people believe that because of the starting number is 13 in the teenage parents suffer a lot. The bleeding cycle in women occur for every 28 days generally if it is counted for an year it is 13 times and this is also a reason for people to say that the bleeding period is very horrible to women because of the great pain the face then.

Even in astronomy there was no significance for 13 as there were 12 zodiac signs only and our calendar also has only 12 months not thirteen. How mysterious are things?

But in spite of all these beliefs and faith some people opposite like Raymond Brown said that this is nothing but a one of the human false belief, we need not to worry about it.

But can one avoid fear of thirteen ? no we cant this thirteen number fear is strengthened by movies based on the number 13

Horror Movies based on the number THIRTEEN (13)

· Thirteen

· Thirteen Ghosts

· 13 going 30

· Th 13th Warrior

· 13B

· Friday the 13

Do fear for 13 number?

See results


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    • profile image

      Derdriu 6 years ago

      bharath.adupa: Thank you for such a cogent discussion of the number 13. The superstition in western culture is supposed to trace back to the curse placed by Jacques de Molay (c. 1240/1520 - March 18/19, 1314), the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, for Pope Clement V (c. 1264 - April 20, 1314) having reneged on the Church's absolution of the order in 1308. It is interesting that the superstition in fact goes far beyond - worldwide? - a fateful burning at the stake which was followed by an unexpected papal death a month later.

      Voted up, and all categories too,


    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 6 years ago from India

      @ Denizee pleasure to meet you, i have watched a movie which inspired me to write this article here in hubpages.

      and i am sorry for the moment i made u to remember your past.

      Then i would like to thank your for mentioning me.

    • profile image

      Denizee 6 years ago

      V Very nice to meet you. I chose this Hub at random because of the #13, and how it has played a role in my life. It's true, and very honest but since my oldest son passed in 2007 - the number 13 has been "THE" number I have seen much too many times to be a coincidence. I shook it out of my mind every day; and I mean every day when the number would come to play in change from the store anything -so I'm just sharing - my experience that has not ceased in my life for almost four years. Hope to read more from you -You are quite talented.

    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 6 years ago from India

      @ gracemalley i am not aware of this story, thanks for sharing with us. May be this is how things taken forward in the world.

    • graceomalley profile image

      graceomalley 6 years ago

      I have heard the fear of the number 13 in Western culture comes from the Knights Templar, an order of medieval Christian priests trained as warriors, who were ambushed all across Europe on November 13. The Templars owned alot of land and gold, and the governments of several European countries made a pact to take the Templar's wealth for themselves. On November 13 the Templars were all rounded up, declared heretics, tortured and killed. Everything the Templars had became property of the governments of France, Spain and others. I have heard this is the origin, in Europe at least, of fear of the number 13. The Templars were wealthy and powerful, and then in one day it was all gone.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Interesting hub. I wrote one that was called: 13 ways to hail the number 13. It was all about the POSITIVE things about that number. LOL There's always more than one way to look at something isn't there. Hope you read mine to get a different point of view.

      Enjoyed your hub. Thanks for the following.

    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 6 years ago from India

      ok suniti sorry for mentioning sunitha.....

    • sunitibahl9 profile image

      SBHK 6 years ago from India

      yes! absolutely right,,, but please corresct my name is not sunitha,,,,,suniti

    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 6 years ago from India

      hmmm sunitha i already mentioned its purely a matter of fiction with some facts included, need not to worry about 13 see, some things might bring fortune for somebody and the same thing might be a misfortune for other person so every one has their own belief....

    • sunitibahl9 profile image

      SBHK 6 years ago from India

      good one but 13 for me is lucky, i always choose 13 as a number when ever i m asked to

    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 6 years ago from India

      Cathy I Thank you,

      very truly said we cannot live our lives in fear especially when associated with such kind of phobias for numbers,we gotta have a positive attitude and keep moving on and on.

    • Cathy I profile image

      Cathy I 6 years ago from New York

      Very interesting and well researched post...Good job!

      When I was a kid, it seemed like every terrible accident happened on Friday 13th. So then, I probably was scared of 13....not now.

      Now everyone is talking about 11 being a very significant mystical number, and similiarly, there are terrible incidents associated to the number. We cannot live our lives in fear.

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 6 years ago

      Interesting reading about the origin of this fear that anyway I have not.

    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 7 years ago from India

      yeah its a complete superstition belief and we have no need to fear here in this hub what i try to justify is that there is a silent superstitious belief in most of the people around the world and these are the facts what i provide for that and the movies being directed were in such a state that are causing fear of the thirteen.......

    • profile image

      Lost-NotYetFound 7 years ago

      It's a superstition. I do not fear the number 13. Why should we fear numbers?

    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 7 years ago from India

      yeah but mostly people has a major phobia for 13 its like u know they feel it as an evil kind of number and they don't prefer to use it any where....

    • CindyNiwman profile image

      CindyNiwman 7 years ago

      I don't fear for 13 number.

      but i don't like it, some people fear for number 7 too.