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The 1941 Cape Girardeau, Missouri UFO Crash

Updated on March 16, 2020

UFO Crash Cape Girardeau 1941 Supposed Pictures

Reverend William Huffman and ufo crash Cape Girardeau 1941
Reverend William Huffman and ufo crash Cape Girardeau 1941 | Source

Cape Girardeau Crash

People have been fascinated with UFO sightings for decades. The most commonly known UFO sighting in the United States is referred to as the Roswell UFO sighting of 1947.

It is alleged that a UFO crashed in the nearby town of Corona, New Mexico in the summer of 1947. Controversies and conspiracy theories still swirl today as to the true events of that night.

A lesser known UFO sighting, may have actually preceded the Roswell UFO sighting by six years. The UFO Crash near Cape Girardeau in spring of 1941 is also surrounded in controversy and mystery.

The first real published account of the incident was written by Leo Stringield in his book, "UFO Crash / Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum."

Buy UFO Crash / Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum by Leo Stringfield

UFO Crash / Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum

In his book, Leo Stringfield details the accounts of the late Reverend William Huffman through the letters of the reverends' granddaughter, Charlotte Mann. In her letters, Charlotte writes of her grandmother's deathbed confession of her husband's first hand accounts of what happened that spring night in 1941.

Charlotte Mann had heard bits and pieces of the story of the UFO crash growing up, but it wasn't until her grandmother was dying of cancer, that she finally heard the full account of what happened. In her letter's to Leo Stringfield, Charlotte tells how her grandfather was asked to deliver the last rites to the pilot and passengers of a small aircraft that had crashed approximately 10-15 miles outside of town.

She details how when Reverend Huffman arrived he noticed multiple fire, police, and emergency personnel, along with FBI agents, combing through the debris.

Reverend William Huffman UFO Account

Instead of seeing airplane debris, Reverend Huffman was surprised to see a disc-like saucer embedded in the earth. Upon closer inspection, he could see foreign symbols and shapes scrolled on the interior of the object.

After a cursory look in the saucer like object, he was taken to the bodies of the crash victims. Only, according to Huffman's account, these were not human bodies they were alien like creatures with short gray hairless bodies and almond shaped black eyes.

Supposedly, after performing the last rites for these alien creatures, Reverend Huffman was sworn to secrecy by military personnel who were also on site at the crash. According to Charlotte Mann's account, there is a photograph that was taken the night of the crash that shows one of the alien-like creatures, but that picture was borrowed and never returned to her family.

Evidence to Support UFO Claims

In addition to Charlotte Mann's testimony of her family's portrayal of the Cape Girardeau UFO crash of 1941, there are others who can witness to these events.

  1. Charlotte Mann's sister confirmed the accounts in a sworn, notarized affidavit.
  2. Brother of Clarence R Schade (Sheriff of Cape Girardeau in 1941) remembers hearing about the spaceship crash.
  3. Cape Girardeau Fire Department records detailing the date of the crash and confirming the account that the local military did swear the personnel to secrecy and also removed evidence of the crash from the site

Cape Girardeau Alien

MO41: The Bombshell Before Roswell
MO41: The Bombshell Before Roswell
Being from near this area, it's an interesting piece of history that us locals all were raised on. It's worth the read if you are into anything extraterrestrial.

Coverup in Sikeston?

To add to the mystery and allure that surrounds the UFO crash, is the idea that additional evidence was covered up. Nothing stirs up controversy and attention, more than alleged conspiracy and coverups.

Enter Linda Wallace from Sikeston, Missouri. Sikeston, Missouri is a small town located nearby Cape Girardeau. According to Linda, her father worked for a company called Missouri Institute of Aeronautics in Sikeston when she was just a little girl. She believes her father may have had access to classified documents in regards to the alleged UFO crash.

In her continued research of the incident, Linda has found that the Sikeston Fire Department, Police Department, and local Sheriff's office have no records of the crash of 1941 that happened mere miles from the town.

To add to the coverup theory, there are no records for the Missouri Institute of Aeronautics, even through her father was supposed to have been employed there. As well as, The Sikeston Herald microfilm from that time period has been altered. All the stories and information regarding the crash have been removed from the microfilm.

Coverup or decide

Did the Cape Girardeau UFO Crash of 1941 really happen?

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