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Tarot Spread, 6 of cups and Horoscope

Updated on June 12, 2013

6 of cups

6 of Cups is Used in this Spread

The significance of the 6 of cups in this Horoscope Tarot spread

What if we looked at the 6 of cups as an ancestor card, which binds us to old beliefs? Imagine being tied to your great-grandparents or their parents’ beliefs. These beliefs have been emotionally guiding you in what is good or bad. Your perspective most likely does come from your ancestors. What if this is keeping you back from authentically experiencing your life? This is a hidden meaning with the 6 of cups. The majority of time, this card is interpret with happy memories from the past, or even someone from the past re-entering your life. This is okay when searching for mundane answers, but it can also become a wealth of information on your current perception. This card is great in linking up past experiences, as well as past lifes, this is where we can discover which of these beliefs are infiltrating our life now, without us giving it a thought. The 6 of cups can show you or a client their puppet strings, and who is pulling them.

Using the full deck for a reading


78 deck of tarot

The 6 of cups is just one out of the 78 cards in the Tarot Deck, which offers us a look at ourselves in an esoteric way. Each card in tarot offers insight of how our mind works. There are other cards besides the 6 of cups that can indicate our link to our ancestors, though the cups brings in the emotional component, and 6 is linked to the Lovers card. This Hub only will shed light on The 6 of cups. To me it is one of the karmic cards linked to Lovers. The choice of profound and profane love. The 6 is a link to the Major Arcana Lovers, and offers the emotional component. What emotional and intuitive areas did we wish to learn in this life? Where does our emotional passion fall into place? What changes will you try to implement that go against your clan? An example would be having sex prior to marriage. Now- a- days, it is very common, as well as living with someone prior to marriage. We still have love in our hearts from our past, who would have seen this as a major sin. This is one example of taking a moral and releasing it, for it does not fit in to our life or society. There are others though we might not agree with, but do not have the courage to break away from tradition. These are often found in areas of sexual preferences, religious and/or spiritual beliefs, career choice and lifestyles. An example of this would be if you prefer to devote your life to a cause versus having a family, or even just a mate.

The 6 of cups often becomes a trigger point for our own views. It is here that we need to make a decision that goes against our clan and society. Often, instead of staying true to our need, we attempt to change a factor of our beliefs to embrace someone in our life. This can be observed in many relationships,
where one person tries to change something about themselves to please their partner. This is done to accomplish the person’s approval, yet if the relationship ends, we blame them. Often this seems to be the only course for the person, since they felt they have sacrifice who they were. The 6 of cups can reveal our past, and how we often tried to run away from our true selves. This is because they our being a puppet to other peoples beliefs. 6 of cups are tied to your present beliefs. A belief often is not dismiss by a wave of your hand. It is tied to us by many chain-links to our ancestors. There is a tarot spread that you can use to discover what area the 6 of cups is activated in your current life. .

Tarot Spread

The Tarot Spread

The horoscope spread for the 6 of cups

Shuffle the full deck of cards, and then lay them out into 12 piles, until you run out of cards. Turn over each stack until you find the 6 of cups. The one with the 6 of cups, is the only stack you will be using for this reading. The rest of the cards in that stack can be used for added information or discarded. That is up to you. Below is what the houses represent, and how the 6 of cups fits in that house.

1st house: What beliefs about myself do I hold as truth because of my ancestors? The card here will give you input on this.

2nd house: What beliefs about money and possessions do I hold as truth because of my ancestors? The card here will give you input on this.

3rd house: What beliefs about my ability to communicate with others come from my ancestors, especially siblings and cousins? The card here will give you input on this.

4th house: What believes about family structure, being a mother or father do I hold here that stem from my ancestors? The card here will give you input on this.

5th house: What beliefs do I have about dating, raising children, my artistic expression and having fun that stem from my ancestors? The card here will give you input on this.

6th house: What beliefs do I have about work, my ability to take care of my health and service to others that stem from my ancestors? The card here will give you input on this.

7th house: What beliefs do I have regarding close relationships (life partners), as well as enemies that stem from my ancestors. The card here will give you input on this.

8th house: What beliefs do I have regarding others’ people monies that stem from my ancestors? The card here will give you input on this.

9th house: What beliefs do I have regarding higher education, different philosophies and people who live in a different state, or country that stem from my ancestors? The card here will give you input on this.

10th house: What belief do I have regarding my highest possible potential that stem from my ancestors? The card here will give you input on this.

11th house: What belief do I have in having others help me, especially acquaintances that stem from my ancestors? The card here will give you input on this.

12th house: What belief do I have regarding large institutions that stem from my ancestors? What fears of my own are ancestral linked? The card here will give you input on this.

You can use this spread as many times as you wish. This spread’s purpose is to show you what area in your life is being affected now. I personally find it easier to work on one house at a time, so I will not use this spread again, until I have those issues resolved. This is a great way to figure out how you are living in denial, and see what family rules are still guiding you. Some of the rules might be productive for you, while others are stifling you.

I hope this will be as helpful to you as it has been to me.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Tebo

    • tebo profile image


      5 years ago from New Zealand

      What an in depth description of the meanings of the six of cups. I have tarot cards, but don't really understand the traditional ones. Thanks for all this information. Very thorough hub. Voted up and useful


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