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I Should Want To Belong To Your Church Because?

Updated on April 15, 2016

Religious Spirits & Demons Exposed

I wrote this prophetic word of "The 7 Churches of Revelation" as a homework assignment from a Bible study in Texas. We were studying the seven churches of Revelation and we were asked to write about what we learned. Amazingly it flowed through me, and it said everything that I had been feeling inside for many years on my journey. I was very excited to share what the Lord had given to me to the others. Sadly, I was never able to read it in class. I was ostracized and yelled at in class by the Women's group leader for asking a question.

I had asked her of why Nicolas was allowed to come into the church to teach so quickly, due to the fact that he constantly switched so many hats, mostly all of the occult. She slammed her hand on the Bible as demons began to manifest and show themselves outwardly.

"I am not going to debate with you what is in the Bible! If it says it then it is true!"

What? Who is debating? Lady, do you even see and hear yourself? Why do you hate on me each week? Do you even understand why you are screaming at me? This is a bible study correct?

This was a very legitimate question of why someone of a clear occult background from demonic doctrines was happily invited to come into the church and teach them to others. This question alone should be asked by every believer and it should also be a deep, personal question of who you may have allowed into your church and what they are really teaching you. Frightening!

I never returned back to that church either. It was not the church because their was many awesome people of Christ inside teaching as well as following. I hesitated to go back because this falls on the "Leadership" position and how could they have ever missed this? I had deep concerns over this.

I believe that she would be clearly classified as belonging to one of the 'End-Time' churches of Revelation as well as carrying around a bitter root inside her own spiritual house. At a later date, it was mentioned to that this woman had belonged to the very same church in Michigan that I had been in and had left with a very sour stomach. "Fruits, Nuts and Flakes." That church was was filled with the very same religious spirit that was residing inside this particular woman. Was I surprised? Absolutely not. This is how demons work to destroy God's church.

And I should want to belong to that church because?

The 7 Churches of Revelation

Before we speak on Revelation
A great warning to the churches of our nations
Through God’s eyes I will speak It BOLDLY

No hesitation
This is MY spiritual evaluation
A Spirit filled interpretation

Before we start with the 7 churches and the key to their salvation
We must first address the church today


2 Timothy 3:5

"Holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these.

Disney Land Churches

I had been far away and estranged from any church when my conversion happened. Other than a drive by once or twice in thirty years, I had not entered a church from the time I was fifteen years old and I certainly had no interest.

When this spiritual war I was experiencing began, I started seeking answers. Heaven and Hell's doors had clearly opened up on me and I decided the best people to help me would be those from the churches. I was shocked to find out that the majority of the leaders as well as the followers were spiritually blind and could not help me with my questions. Some didn't believe in the devil and most didn't even believe we were in the end-times. Attempting to find answers and get help had actually made my sufferings even worse. After all of the years that have gone by, I realize only now that the Lord was teaching me about the blind following the blind. Their blindness was great, their ignorance of scriptures was even greater. I was seeking 'meat' and I got 'skim milk' in most of these churches.

I was completely and utterly shocked to realize that there was not really any difference between these people and the people of the world. I saw very little difference. As a Christian I expect to see certain unsavory behaviors from the world but I do not expect to see it in the great abundance that I did in God's church. I was very disappointed and saddened by it.

And I should want to belong to that church because?


There are millions who love Jesus but have suffered indignation
By the hands of those in churches
Now to me That’s an abomination!

In the past few years on my journey in determination
To draw closer to the Lord
Because Jesus is my adoration.

I have witnessed many a congregation

And so much discrimination
Severe spiritual abuse
And degradation

Money manipulation
And fellowship termination
Unfair and unjust accusations

When I try to share my jubilation
Of the Lord Jesus of Nazareth
MY first love.

My Jeans Are Not Acceptable? What? Why?

Awkward and afraid, I prayed before I walked into my first church. I have traveled all over the United States since that frightened first day and I can hardly believe that most of these places are actually churches. From their big screen televisions, to their social groups that have nothing to do with Jesus and even coffee and goodies vendor inside. Wow! If you would have saw my face you would have surely laughed. I was completely shocked and it was very foreign to me, far from the rigid church that I remembered when I was a child. I was absolutely lost in these places that the world calls 'church.' The majority of churches that I have stepped into were not houses of God but more like 'Disney Land of the Devil.' How sad to even say this but I could not see God in most of these churches. I only saw the world.

I entered one church in a clean pair of jeans and a shirt and the strange looks that I received from people were off the charts. It was all that I had to wear at that time and the Lord said I was presentable.The thought and pain zapped my heart when I thought of the people who didn't have clean clothes as mine and how they would be treated walking into church. They would be treated so poorly in these type of churches! I would not want them to even step inside that church! They would feel worse than they already felt having very little of the necessities in life such as clothes.

And I should want to belong to that church because?

Lies of Doctrine

From the highest of administration
The most appalling insinuations

I have seen churches of mystification
Congregation exploitation
Cliques and isolation

Profound demonstrations
Of itchy ears-gossip-lying tongues

A twisted evaporation
Of the Lord’s Holy words


Welcome To Our Church

Nobody smiled and no one greeted me in the majority of the churches. There seems to be great cliques in many churches that leave many newcomers feeling like outsiders. I would always say inside my head, "God, are you sure that this is your house? I felt such relief when I finally did meet one lady from a church who was very welcoming! She was extremely friendly and she had asked my name as she signed me up for one of her exercise programs. We exchanged names and e-mails. I had no idea that she was on her own personal mission and agenda and it had nothing to do with God. She just wanted me to join 'her' club. Her delight was all a show. Each week at church I would smile and say hello using her name and she would say, "And you are? Have I met you before? I forgot your name."

The day the full revelation came was when I was in her vicinity as she stood next to her husband. I said hello to her and she looked at me, heard me and purposely ignored me. Apparently I was too pretty to say hello to her and she surely did not want me coming around her husband. Strangely a day later, I received an email from her attempting to get me to come to her class and I was downright angry. She had no clue whatsoever that I was the very same woman that she constantly snubbed in person inside the church. I was just a name on 'her' email list. She was told to take me off her list and why. Oh my! Truth doesn't change a thing with these type of church people. They are the same whether they are corrected or not.

And I should want to belong to that church because?

Satan Has Infiltrated The Church

The very utilization
Of FALSE doctrine
And misinformation
A crumbling foundation
And complete utter stagnation
Which has nothing to do with Jesus Christ
Yet it is sold off to
“His” Creation
Our “dying” population
Who desperately needs
The Lord’s destination
The churches are leading them
To Satan’s annihilation!

Can you feel my great frustration?


Those jeans of mine got me many glares and stares that day. I have a curvaceous body in anything that I wear but this was absolutely ridiculous. I stared back at them not understanding why my jeans were not unacceptable due to what I was seeing through my eyes. What hypocrites! I was shocked that very few people carried bibles, men in flip-flops and jeans, women were wearing short mini-skirts, serious cleavage, and stripper heels seem be very popular in church as well as stripper clubs. The conversations I heard ranged from football, their complaints of their jobs and lack of money and the worst was a woman who sat in front of me loudly gossiping to another woman about the woman in front of her. I could hardly believe that I was hearing about some stranger and sadistic masochistic unamarried sex while I sat waiting for 'church' to start.

Many would say that church is a place for the sick, which is true and I do understand this but this lady was part of the teachers and leadership. Oh my!

And I should want to belong to that church because?

This is What is Coming to Those Who are Unrepentant

Show Me the Money

I can not tell you of the multitude of churches that I have attended where the pastor has walked out to the pulpit and before he has even said a word from the Lord, he begins to talk about money, ask for money and that tithing is important. Many of these churches actually proceed to send the collection baskets around first. I was truly shocked of how blatant these pushy salesmen were and some of them were real good at spiritually manipulating their followers to get their money. I found it completely sickening in my Spirit.

And I should want to belong to that church because?

I spoke to a person who I 'thought' was a Christian in regards to a pastor who was selling books on "Demonic Attacks" and how to overcome them. I angrily said "How can somebody sell these type of books for such that great amount of money? I need help and I can not afford to even buy them." I was extremely upset that I could not afford the help that I needed. Her response was a perfect response to what the 'Dead Church' would say. She didn't bat an eye nor did it bother her spiritually. "The church needs a way to support itself and there is nothing wrong with it." Later to find out that she was just one more hound from hell begging for money as well as duping people for cash and pretending to be of God. How disappointing. God does not do such things to others. Possibly it was Baal? Yes of course it was Baal!

There is certainly nothing wrong with collecting money to keep the church going but walking into the many churches bookstores and viewing $139.00 CD's on demonic warfare, $100.00 + Bibles, $140.00 prayer shawls and scriptural books that cost far too much than any struggling person could ever afford is just shameful. It is downright sickening.

And I should want to belong to that church because?

I am Sure Jesus Weeps When I Weep

Love! There should be NO contemplation
That causes NONE humiliation
Jesus loves ALL
no matter what their situation
No such thing as ‘denomination’
When you are following the TRUE God…
Jesus of Nazareth.

Now John had a vision
And it was NOT his imagination
For when the Lord appeared to me

He was a ‘Box Office Hit’
An overnight sensation!
In my heart such a celebration
Jesus is my sole infatuation

which I KNOW comes from Satan
I call it “Demonetization”
and that is

MY affirmation!

God Will Never Fail Me But The Churches Have

Attempting to give my testimony of the Lord has been nothing more than a dismal failure. It has never been accepted in any church of any state that I have walked into. I have sat in so many churches eager to learn and what I have seen and heard, especially from the leaders of the church has been so terrible, more than often I would want to vomit from it. I would quietly get up and never return. Throughout my travels and churches there has been only one very small church that emanated the Lord. What a beautiful church and followers! The rest? Nope. Most not even close! That in itself is very interesting. The Lord told me clearly not to become a member of any of them and specifically any of "Denomination."

If I see a sign that says "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Easter" I will never even drive into the driveway of the Church. Because the Lord has specifically spoken to me about these things, I obey and I do not even feel sad about it. I know that those churches who do these things are going to perish due to the lack of knowledge. Most are aware of the knowledge but they reject it and they do not separate themselves from it. I surely will not set a toe inside any of the churches that are set up for destruction when judgment comes.

And I should want to belong to that church because?

Visions & Dreams of Destruction & War

He shows me visions of great devastation
Earthquakes-Tsunami-Tornadoes and War in this nation
NOT for trepidation
Visions of this spiritual war
Just one more confirmation

He whispers “Go and tell the people of my amazing miracles and revelations”
But the churches will not hear me
And they take my testimony of great elation
Once again
Over and over
More slaughter
And hateful condemnation
Great frustrations
The Devil’s altercation
The churches revocation
To be speaking the TRUTH
in GOD’S house
To GOD’S people
I receive
Character assassination

Self anointed
No passion-no fire
Self idolization
Who think it is
THEIR invitation
To scoff and spit
On fore-ordination
Such haughty
Self righteous implications.

I Will Stand Alone With Jesus But Never Aloof

I have changed greatly through this long walk alone with Jesus. I feel pity for the majority of them because they have not a clue what they have done, nor what they are doing to Jesus nor what will come to them when that Great and Terrible day comes. They actually think that they are 'Wheat' but many of them are the "Tares" unknowingly. Spiritual haughtiness and Religious Spirits keep them from seeing the beautiful truth of Jesus. Too proud to listen to truth. Many of the churches are the very people who would have Jesus killed if He was here today. I know this personally and it is devastating to me! It disturbs me greatly. What lukewarm churches! What dead churches!

And I should want to belong to that church because?

Please Get Here Soon Jesus! I Can't Take Anymore of This!

I am so happy he will be returning
And give me a permanent
I will rejoice in adoration
This suffering be removed
Just peace…love…
A complete saturation
From all of this complication
When all I want to do is tell
People my testimony
And my great jubilation
Of Jesus of Nazareth
My first love!

A Prophecy For You

Feeding Themselves Instead of Feeding His Sheep

The collection plate in churches are collecting millions and millions of dollars each year. So please do tell me why there are so many suffering, needy, sick, hungry and homeless people and families in your communities? I have seen ten churches in a ten mile radius, all of different denominations and these ten churches compete with each other instead of connecting with each other. What? This makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

If all of these ten churches serve the God of Israel then why are they competing against each other instead of networking together to feed His sheep in the community? Oh! I know why. One church misinterpreted scripture and believes something different from the very same bible so they separated themselves away and now go under a different 'denomination.' And the next church did the very same and another different denomination...and then another...and another denomination...and then another! Unbelievable! And as all of these different denominations are there in this ten mile radius, the Lord's sheep still go unfed, homeless and struggling. Why? "Sorry we can't help you with food and your needs unless you believe 'our beliefs' and belong to our church as a 'Member.' What? From my outsider eyes....this is ridiculous and has nothing to do with the bible nor what Jesus asks of us. This has to do with 'Self.' Ironically, each and every time I type the word "Denomination" instead the word is typed out "Demon-ination." Ponder that one for awhile.


My friend Miss Daisey died last month and she died suffering. She could not afford her knees to be drained of fluid and she could barely pay her rent. She went to church faithfully and faithfully she gave her tithes each week to a mega Church. She lived less then 6 miles from this church. This church found it more worthy to take the millions of dollars of tithes from the people and build a new roadway costing over one million dollars in tithes because the rich people do not like to sit in traffic after they have left. Nobody ever came to help Miss Daisy from the church, and nobody befriended her while she was inside that church...they just collected her money. Miss Daisey was found dead and alone inside her apartment. God bless you Miss Daisy because your rewards surely are in Heaven.

As for the rich people who don't have to sit in traffic any longer while you continue on with your 'spoiled-all about me lives,' there will be no rewards for you only judgement. You will all be made extremely uncomfortable shortly and in need. You will cry out for help but nobody will hear you, just as nobody heard Miss Daisy. And the road that you built with God's money will be broken to pieces and rendered useless for your unfaithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ and the money that you grossly misuse. That is your personal prophecy from me.

And I should want to belong to that church because?

Esther Saved The Jews from Annihilation

A modern day Esther
Who hides her designation
Comfort under his wing
With such high expectations

She waits for HIM to reveal and steal the limelight
In one amazing salutation

She walks the dark valley and waits because he makes no mistakes
What a very strange situation

He started it and He will finish it
Jesus of Nazareth is my

HE does it ALL
beyond my expectations
He has no limitations
I need no elaborations

Just the TRUTH
So i wait faithfully
In heavenly anticipation.

God Will Fill Your Shoes With Truth of How You Treated Others

The Apostles collected money from those who sold their land and belongings to help the poor and needy. They did not keep that money to buy themselves expensive homes, cars, suits and airplanes as the people in need went on suffering, hungry, homeless and dying.

When your mirrors are cracked in the midst of the destruction, please do remember that what you did to the least of your brothers, you did to Him.

Accusations From The Holy

Yes! Yes! I know the implications

The so-called holy and their
Self righteous provocation
“Who are you Joy to speak of the Lord? You are surely no saint…

“You are unholy-unlearned”
“It is the devil’s indoctrination”

“Satan’s mesmerized sensation”

“Your lack of sanctification”
“Your insubordination”

“Your Hallucinations”
Of my false indoctrination

They take my beautiful testimony
of Jesus the Lamb of God

Evil connotations
Spiritual castration
Ultimate expulsion


My First Love

But Jesus is still my first love
Regardless of
Fiery darts
And their lying declarations
He gives me amazing lessons
And he is revealing “revelation”

Yes! Yes! I am aware of the significations
Acts of reparations
The FAILING churches of old
The FAILING churches of now
Where is the Lord’s
High and HOLY

What I see is a GREAT
Of Satan’s penetration
Divide and conquer
Evil fruits of Nicolas
Seeped with Pagan connotations

When the churches don’t keep
as their first love.

The worlds downfall
Utter disintegration
Demonic fascination
Has caused a great separation
Of the Lord’s TRUE words
Into subtle mutilation
A very deathly combination

Suffering vs Persecution

The many people who do nothing for His Kingdom, but greedily gather up for themselves and ignore the pleas of the needy are the very people who talk about "God's Rapture" whisking them away as a fairy carpet ride from their great fear. They have lied to themselves and they believe that they will not be here for tribulation. How delusional, deluded and truly blind they are. They actually have the audacity to call themselves one of the 144,00 of the Warrior Bride when they could not survive one hour on the streets alone. They know nothing of spiritual or physical suffering nor do they want to. They have not read their bible correctly and they have been sold lies that they are the Bride of Christ.

What shall they do when tribulation starts and they see the destruction before them? They will realize only then that they are being readied and taught about caring about others. They will walk the fires of purification and sanctification until all of the impure things of the spirit are burnt off and they prove their faith to the Lord. Will they then understand the difference between suffering and persecution? Yes they will.

The Tribulation is Upon Us

The war is coming
He calls it

This EVIL vibration
Will sweep and swarm
EVERY nation

The TRUE Church of Christ
MUST ARISE to this occasion

with total dedication
And no trepidation

Condemning SIN
And repentance

With NO

Leave Your Sin Because Tribulation is Coming

The churches of the world, especially the United States of America need to get back to the full words of God in the bible immediately. Yes, we do have a loving God but we also have a God of Judgment and Justice upon those who dishonor Him. There are many flatterers of the tongue who only choose to tell the sheep that they are 'spectacular' and God loves them just the way they are in their sin. They ignore the part of repentance and they refuse to speak the truth of the Lord's words. They manipulate God's words, twisting and perverting them as they tell everyone that they can stay in their sin and that they will found worthy and acceptable for Heaven. Not so.

These are the prosperity teachers, the 'feel goodies' who want to make friends, the lip service Christians who don't want to feel uncomfortable or become unlikable and of course, they want the money to keep rolling in for them and the churches.

God does love us but He does not love sin and sin is not allowed in heaven. He will be bringing judgments upon the unrepentant very soon! He will show no mercy on the unrepentant leaders who lead His sheep away and teach false doctrine. Many of the churches do not believe that we are in the "end-times" but I surely tell you that we are and God's judgment is right at the door. The church should continue to read this scripture below until it actually sinks in.

1 Peter 4:17

"For the time has come for judgment, and it must begin with God's household. And if judgment begins with us, what terrible fate awaits those who have never obeyed God's Good News?"

Money Money Money

The churches of this nation
Have made MANY modifications

They give no explanations
A seat and pocket filled
Is their true valuation

They have betrayed the Lord

worried about themselves
Their “about me”

Simple explanation

The Holy Bible
Its words
Its very desecration
Has caused this
Great separation
Between the church
And its first love…



MY first love!

A Church Should Be a Church!

When I want pizza, I go to the best pizza place in town. When I want coffee, I go to the best coffee shop. When I need clothes, I go to the most affordable and best store. When I want to be entertained, I rent a funny movie or go see the best movie in the theater.

When I desire a church to learn and be taught about God, I expect a church who feeds me what I need from the bible. Not just the crumbs that you choose to believe and teach but the entire bible. I want truth. I want full truth. I don't want to die and perish because I trusted you and you set me up for failure. Just as I am delivered with every other need I have in my life, I expect God's church to deliver me the Word of God untainted, untwisted and lacking perversion.

I don't want your coffee and cookies. I don't want your overpriced bookstores. I don't want your 'motivational' speakers who do not believe in Jesus in your pulpits teaching me lies.I don't want your pizza parties. I don't want to hear about your political stance and how I should vote. I only want to hear the true word of God. Can you possibly deliver what you are supposed to be delivering? Who wants to call up and order a Filet Mignon & a fresh salad with a homemade tiramisu for delivery, only to receive a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich with mold growing around it and a stale bag of potato chips?

Why is it that I can not learn the true words about God and be taught the 'Meat' of God in most of the churches in the United States?

And I have to ask this question one more time...

And I should want to belong to that church because?

Shalom, JG


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