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The Two Witnesses of Revelation!

Updated on June 6, 2017

John 3:11

"Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony."

The Two Witnesses of Revelation


Revelation 19:10 "Then I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, "Do not do that; I am a fellow servant of yours and your brethren who hold the testimony of Jesus; worship God. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."

I have had only two visions in regards to the two anointed ones. In one vision they were shown to me as two powerful warships, and the other was most recent of Elijah returning. The link to these visions is below.

I was given a very detailed prophecy a few years ago about the Two Witnesses of Revelation, as well as having new things revealed to me through scripture. I have combined it into one prophetic writing on this page.

Many people have contacted me personally inquiring if they may be one of the 'Two Witnesses of Revelation.' Firstly let me explain that there are many prophetic words and visions that I do receive that I am not allowed to give out to the public, nor do I even write them down because they are so sacred to me. God requires me to stay silent on specific things because of the nature of these anointed ones and the situation that they are living in at this time. The devil is seeking to harm and destroy them due to their testimony of Jesus. I would never want to disobey God, nor be the cause of these two witnesses suffering any more than they already have been suffering.

Secondly, I have had many people come to me asking me personal questions in regards to themselves, as if I am some type of 'magic ball.' I do not like this and I find it offensive to my spirit. I am not a medium nor do I delve in any type of sorcery, divination or occult. The Lord reveals prophetic words to me when He decides to show me and I have nothing to do with the when or how. I have had people ask me a question in order to help them and as I always say, "I will pray to the Lord and see if He answers me about you and your question but if He does not answer than there is nothing more I can do for you."


Strangely, the times that this has happened, the Lord has answered that very evening in a vision after I have prayed. When I return the message of what God has told me to the 'inquirer' they reject the message from God anyways. Often the answer from God is not what you may like but I can guarantee it is the correct answer that you need.

I am only a vessel for the Lord's work and His glory. I only repeat what God speaks and conveys to me. I am only a messenger for God and nothing more. I am just like everybody else down here, with the exception that the Lord has gifted me with amazing spiritual gifts. Though many seem to think that these gifts do not come with a price to be paid, let me tell you that they do. Having these visions and dreams are difficult for me at times. My husband can attest to my spiritual sufferings at times. It is a very difficult thing to see the spiritual while living in the physical world. I quietly stand among you in the crowds, but I am seeing much more differently than most people. I have been gifted with "God's eyes" and that is why I named my books God's Girl, another nickname to add to the rest.

Often my visions are of destruction and war and very chilling horrific, futuristic events in detail. I carry all of them in my heart day to day, and if it was not for God giving me strength to carry them, I would surely not be able to. In that respect of my visions and dreams, I can hardly believe that people would not weigh what it must be like for these 'Two Witnesses of Revelation' and what they must be carrying. How quickly many want to proclaim that they are the two anointed ones from God without any understanding of immense weight of suffering that they must endure and carry...and it has not even begun yet.

Probably the worst that I have had to deal with is from very angry people who claim to be one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation. There are thousands of Moses's, Elijah's, Enoch's and Mary's all over the world. It is amazing and astounding to see it because I am well aware that the 'The Two Witnesses' are hidden safely away at this time, and quite possibly hidden to their own true mission as well. Now if they are hidden in Christ...then how can they be out proclaiming who they are? It does not work that way in God's world nor His scriptures. The people who are out there in the world proclaiming to be the 'Two Anointed Ones' surely are not them. Why? Because they are hidden and it is just that simple. Don't get duped by the devil because he surely will try to keep you away from the the two true anointed ones.

John 12:49 "For I did not speak on my own, but the Father who sent me commanded me to say all that I have spoken."

History is repeating itself

Malachi 3:1 "Behold, I am going to send My messenger, and he will clear the way before Me. And the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple; and the messenger of the covenant, in whom you delight, behold, He is coming," says the LORD of hosts."

John 1:7 "He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all might believe."

Malachi 4:5 "Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD. "He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse.


Probably one of the creepiest and strangest things that has ever happened to me was by a woman who claims to be 'Mary' and one of the witnesses. At the time I was not aware of her delusions. The Lord taught me a big lesson in this situation and it is a lesson that I will never forget. Many years ago I was just learning the Bible when I began to receive detailed visions. It was as if scripture was downloaded into me. He was revealing the mysteries to me. Whatever the mystery of a specific scripture was, I would then go online and be led to that scripture. I was astounded because the interpretation to that scripture which I was given to by the Lord was completely different from the Church's interpretation. I was absolutely shocked. But then....

There was one person who was interpreting the scripture exactly as the Lord had revealed to me in my visions! What she was writing sounded exactly like me and what was transpiring in my life! I happily, innocently and naively sent her an email inquiring of these revelations and interpretations when most of the people from the churches were misinterpreting the scriptures. I shared my delight that she was speaking about the exact experiences of my life situation. I asked her how she knew of these mysteries. I felt so blessed to have found one person to help me understand what was happening to me because there was nobody down here to help me with this! When I saw that I had finally received a letter back from her I was overjoyed! That did not last long.


The woman was full of great hatred, anger, bitterness and jealousy and I did not know why she had sent me such a horrid letter back! She bragged about her 40 years of study of the Bible, very spiritually haughty yet blind to her own ways and surely I was thinking that the Lord had just downloaded her 40 years of studies into my heart in one vision alone. She then proceeded to make a video about me and wow, she was even uglier from the inside and out. She said that she was "Mary" one of the anointed and that I was trying to steal her position and her crown. What? What the heck Lord. Why would she do this to somebody like me when I needed help? What is she even talking about? She surely is delusional. Let me just state that the Lord nodded and agreed with me. The story of Nebuchadnezzar and insanity came to mind. She claims that if you do not accept her in her position of "Mary" you can not be part of her church? What? Worse? She actually has followers.

Be careful people and do not be deceived. These true "Two Witnesses of Revelation" will not be saying that nor doing that to anyone. Our God would never do such a thing! They will come with the power of the Lord through them and their agenda and mission is to give their testimony of Jesus Christ as a last call. They want you to come to the Lord not the opposite!

Needless to say, only He has continued to teach me and I stay close to Him and very far away from all of the thousands of Moses, Elijah's, Enoch's and surely the "Scary Mary's." Lesson learned! The spirit of deception is already here my is already here and getting much worse. So to wrap up my thoughts, if you believe that you are one of the 'Two Anointed' and you are out there proclaiming it to the world, please do not leave a comment proclaiming this because Yeshua tells me different, as well as the scripture. The Two Witnesses are hidden in Christ until He brings them forth into the spotlight. They are 'anointed and appointed' to this mission by none other than God the Father and not of their own doing. That in itself should explain to you why you are not one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation.

Zechariah 4:6 "So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty."



These two witnesses have been born and called forth for this very reason. As Esther was told, "Perhaps you were born for such a time as this!" They sit quietly alone contemplating these words. God has awoken them to His pure wisdom and knowledge of these mysteries of heavenly things. He has been training them greatly in spiritual warfare and He is teaching them and revealing the horrific reality of a godless world, wicked corrupted governments and the darkened hearts of men. They have seen the pure corruption in the world and as they stay hidden, they are watching the darkness swiftly move over the world in unprecedented levels physically and spiritually. They also have full spiritual understanding of who the principalities of darkness are. Satan! And they hold the wisdom of what happens to a spirit who follows in the footsteps of the devil while sinning. Hell!

These two witnesses have gone hand to hand in combat "spiritually" with Satan and his legions of demons on more than just a few occasions. The Devil has had his eye on these two anointed since their births and he has been seeking to destroy and kill them ever since. He does not want their mission to be made known to them or to the world. He throws great obstacles at them trying to overcome them and attempting to take them down. Satan and his legion of demons have known who these two anointed witnesses were since their arrival to the world. The devil knew who they were before they even knew. Only God and the Devil know who these Two Witnesses are at this time.

Make no mistake, the devil can see all those who belong to the Lord! The Light within you is what He sees. He hates the Light of God! As for these Two Witnesses, they blast him in his lying face with their Light. Remember this when you become fearful of the devil. Let your Light shine and blast him in his lying face!

There is a great stirring, an awakening inside the spirit of both of these two witnesses. They question themselves, as they wonder if it could be one of them, but then they abruptly stop themselves. How blasphemous to even wonder of such things! They are humble, loving and caring people. They are like David, having a heart after God and they are fueled with a passion of something powerful that is surely not of their own and they know this. They are being guided by Yeshua and they know it is Him and they can not stop even if they wanted to. They are being prepared to be brought forth into the spotlight that God has anointed them for. Exciting!

I feel a prophetic word that they are wondering and waiting for God to move. "Surely they will know if it is true of them when the power of God thrusts them into the spotlight." I believe they have been sitting prayerfully and humbly waiting for God to call them out if it is them. I am thinking the words "Here am I Lord! Send me!" These two witnesses, their spirits are calling out to the Lord strongly, begging for Him to rise up against their enemies, the devil and his demons unleashed for a time on earth. They feel the great rumblings in their spirit, the war drums are pounding inside them as they wait to go to war with the devil in Jesus Christ's name.


They have probably been training for a lifetime but they were unaware of it at the time. I believe that when God made his wake up call upon them and he showed them the truth of God's existence as well as the devil's existence and they were shocked, extremely remorseful and even troubled as much as Daniel was with some of His visions and dreams. The experience for them was most likely very similar to what happened to Paul/Saul on the road to Damascus. God appeared and dropped the scales from their eyes and they experienced much fear, remorse, sadness of their sins. They are hidden from the world and it is quite possible even now, that until they receive the full anointing from the Lord, He has kept them hidden from their full knowing of their true mission. He will unseal the mysteries when the 'appointed' time comes.

Jesus came into the world lowly, a baby born in a manger and these two witnesses will arrive in the very same manner. History is repeating itself again. They are humbled, lowly servants of Jesus, but filled with the power of prophets and empowered by the majesty of our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ because he is the only origin of true miracles! Spectacular!

They may have an inkling and a wonder but they are so humble that they can not fathom that it could be them called forth from God because of their sinful lives in the past. When the scales fell from their eyes they began to see the truth unraveling before them and the mysteries of the Lord were acknowledged. How inadequate they both felt as the Lord continually revealed sacred wisdom. They knew that they were unholy, sinful, and untrained. God has been showing them and teaching them many things but still they sit alone and say "No...surely not me Lord." This should not surprise any true Christian because God worked mighty miracles through all of the sinful men; murderers, prostitutes and tax collectors.


These two witnesses don't know each other in the world as of yet. They only know each other by spirit at this time. God has intimately introduced them in the spirit. They appeared together in a very specific place and they received clear instructions and direct words from the Lord. During their warfare training together, He had shown both of them a glimpse of each other in physical body, though the information was sealed when they awoke. They only know have the memory of how they will come together, manifesting in the world when the power of God moves through them. They will remember each others face when the appointed time comes, and not before.

I was shown by the Lord that the woman will come first, with the power and spirit of Elijah resting on her. As it was shown to me, the woman was speaking to a multitude of people. He was in the audience and quickly he approached her with the power and spirit of Moses resting upon him. This Eve saw the transfiguration coming from him and she knew it was him. She immediately spoke his name to him and he nodded. (No I can not give the name) Eve will reassure her Adam when God's prophecy is fulfilled. Because she has the Spirit of Prophecy, she will be stronger in the attributes of 'seeing and knowing' and he will carry the torah and the staff and he will be stronger in the wisdom of the Law. That is what makes them an awesome dream team.

Moses represents the Law Torah & Elijah represents the Prophets

Romans 11:24

"After all, if you were cut out of an olive tree that is wild by nature, and contrary to nature were grafted into a cultivated olive tree, how much more readily will these, the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree!"

The 'Wild Olive Tree' is the Gentile witness who will come first. This is the Woman. The Eve Witness. She will be thrust out first and bring in the 'fullness of the Gentiles.' She will have the "Spirit of Elijah come over her and at that time, she will receive the anointing, the mantel of Elijah will rest upon her. The whirlwind of transfiguration. She is Daughter Zion. She is representing "The Prophets." She will wear the cloak of Elijah!

"I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers and sisters, so that you may not be conceited: Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in."

The "Natural Olive Tree' is Israel/Judah. This is the man witness. He will be brought forward quickly, after the woman witnesses is brought forth. The 'Adam' Witness. He will have the Spirit of Moses engulf his spirit. A mighty gust will come over him and through him and he will also carry a transfiguration for all to see. He is very educated in the Torah and he has a heart after God that is immense. He will represent the "Law." He will carry the staff of Moses and do many great miracles as well.

As my vision of these mighty warships headed for battle were shown to me, they were side by side, yet one of the warships on the water was slightly ahead of the other. Yes, this is the woman witness. She will arrive first with her testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and then the Male Witness.

Matthew 17:1-3

It says, “And after six days Jesus tookPeter, James, and John his brother, and brought them up into an high mountain apart, And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light. And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him.”

The Adam & Eve Dream Team Fire Breathing Last Call Callers

Since the time that I had received this prophecy, I have found only a few people who have had this very same prophecy of the Two Witnesses being a man and a woman. The prophecy that I have received from the Lord is true, so I will give confirmation to those few who have been blessed with these true word from God. Yes! Adam and Eve! Spectacular!

I call them the Adam and Eve dream team fire breather last call callers because they actually are. Yes, one man and one woman are the Two Witnesses of Revelation. Many men of the world are not going to be very happy and downright angry by these words that I speak. Daughters of the High King are blessed as well as favored, so please do not forget that. If this was not so, we would not have a Bride Archetype and a King throughout the entire Bible. History is repeating itself and of course, God will do a new thing "A woman will encompass a man!" Ponder that awhile. Many men miss the mark from the very beginning and apparently to the very end of how our Lord works. I have written "All about the Oil."

Please do read my writing and scripture of the Oil and prayerfully it will be revealed to you. Your comments of derogatory and chauvinistic remarks which twist the scripture about women are not welcomed. And please do be warned that my prophecy is scriptural and from the Lord God. Yes, there is a woman that is coming with fire and you surely would not want to say the derogatory things that you already speak about women to her correct? It will surely not be in your best spiritual benefit to defile The Daughter of the Most High King who has been literally sent by the Most High King.

Link below.

Revelation 11:4

"These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth."


These Two Witnesses who will be anointed by God have experienced everything that the Godly men of the Bible experienced. They have also been drinking from the cup of Jesus and they are walking the path, the very same path that he did. Their course will end in the very same way as Jesus. They will be hated, killed and then they will rise from the power of God Almighty breathing life back into them. People will certainly be shocked and terrified when they see it happen on cameras from all over the world. Their making 'merry' days will be over at that time and a huge quake of the earth will destroy many! Does it sound familiar? Again, history is repeating itself. These two witnesses from God have been shown the spiritual truths of Heaven and Hell and they possibly are called the "The Two Witnesses" due to the abundance of revelation which they receive from the Lord.


These Two Witnesses would have long ago accepted this covenant between them and God. "If it is surely me than I will lay my life down for my testimony of you Lord. I will do whatever you ask of me to save your people." Their mission was accepted. It will be made known to them by God if they are the two with the amazing mission for Him. They will now be given and wear the robe of Jesus. The Purple robe of righteousness." There is only one who is sinless and righteous and that is Jesus! We are only made righteous by His robe.

They will know how to measure the "church" because they most undoubtedly went into the churches long ago speaking the truth of their spiritual experiences, seeking desperate help and originally being very frightened yet they were turned away by most of the churches. They were treated exactly the same way as Jesus was. They were called demonic, crazy and rejected by the very ones who speak with the Holy Bible words but can not reach the understanding of the words inside their hearts. They were rejected by all of those who speak His name but deny the power of Him within. These two witnesses were not recognized by the churches. They were abandoned, scoffed at and rejected by everyone. Oh yes, these two witnesses have been drinking from the Lord's cup for what probably feels like a lifetime to them. Oh yes indeed, history is repeating itself.

John 8:48 "Do we not say rightly that You are a Samaritan and have a demon?" Jesus answered, "I do not have a demon; but I honor My Father, and you dishonor Me."

Revelation 11:11

“And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.”

Malachi 4:5

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.”


Just as the scales were removed from their eyes and they were called out of their sin, they will be called forth by God at His appointed time and not of their own to do His will. They have been taught how to 'measure' the church because these two men are just two regular men who have walked as sinners during their life-time. They have now accepted the calling of becoming 'martyred' saints and they are now endowed with the full enlightenment and the anointing of the golden oil of God. They will be thrust forward in front of the people by the might of God's hand and they will help to pave the way for others.

As Moses cried in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord, these Two Anointed will do the very same thing. Again, history is repeating itself. God is always so good that he gives "last call" and these two witnesses will be The Adam and Eve Dream Team Fire Breathing Last Call Callers!

These two men have undoubtedly walked the walk of a lowly servant in great hardships, physically, spiritually and mentally. They have endured years of rejection and abandonment, unknowingly preparing them for the day that they will receive the 'Golden Anointing' upon their heads. They have lived a darkened past of a sinful life at one time, so they will understand profoundly the spiritual implications of anyone who is in sin and not ready to receive the Lord. They will be loving, fair and easily able to walk next to any human being who has suffered from any trauma from the devil. They will heal the wounds of those who have been hurt and wounded by giving them healing through the Light in their hands.They will radiate healing, love, compassion to those who are weak but for those who willingly want to carry the devil..they will be hell on earth to them.

They will be 'End-time preppers' for your spirit. These two anointed ones are over-comers, survivors and victorious. Though they have experienced great trials and tribulations for many, many years, they have kept the love of Jesus in their hearts.


They have been taught about hate through their entire lifetime, but they have never quite been aware of why they have had so much hatred aimed at their hearts. They never understood how others could desire to hate instead of love. It is foreign to them to hate people. The only hatred that these two witnesses have inside them is pure hatred of the devil and his legions of demons. These two witnesses have been paid back bountiful evilness for their goodness. Many times it has dropped them to their knees in anguish, only to have God pick them right back up to be hurt again...and again by the hatred of another fiery dart of Satan's.

The Lord allowed Satan to do this for a reason. It has built these two witnesses into war machines for God. They have learned to lean only on God because of this. God is preparing them on how to deal with the hatred and how to spiritually move through the darkness. He has been training them spiritually and He alone has been teaching them. He has been their only teacher and yes, they hear Him and He is their only Master. They follow no other voice but His.

They will be the most hated men in the world. People will fear them and despise them. They will be fierce against the enemy. The demons will shudder and scream out when these two witnesses walk by in the crowd, just as the demons did when Jesus was standing in the crowd. They will both bring 'deliverance' to the Lord's people, casting out demons that have made a home, nesting inside multitudes of people unaware. The demons will hate them with a vengeance as the power of God will send them out of human bodies, leaving them to roam, seeking to enter new hosts.

God has prepared the two anointed ones by continually showing them the hatred in men's hearts over and over and over. They would never be able to stand for their calling if they had not had a lifetime of abuse from the devil working through others 'open doors' to maim them, attempting to bring them down. The devil thought he could destroy them through wickedness and hate but of course, God took it all and unknowingly to the devil, the hatred of men has caused them to stay very close to the Lord and through this great hatred, these two witnesses have been made and designed to be extremely strong...Warrior strong. I can't even imagine how much more stronger and fierce they will become when the power of God moves through them. The warships that I saw on the water in my vision were "Destroyers."

They have learned to love God through the hatred that has penetrated their hearts by men who do not realize what they do. They have learned to trust only God and no man because of the wickedness that their spiritual eyes have seen and endured. They wait and keep loving God. Their spirits know that He will eventually rise up inside of them, empowering them to fight the enemy who has had a purposeful stronghold placed on their lives. That stronghold will be broken when God breaks it and thrusts them into the spotlight. They will be like war horses running full charge to the battle! Free of this yolk that has been purposely placed around their necks! Oh yes! The Great I Am is coming!

THE LORD WILL SHOW THEM THE WAY...because Jesus is the way.

These two anointed men will have the heart and mind of God. They will resonate His words of wisdom, power and glory. They will show the transfiguration of Light shining on them for all to see. We won't be able to miss them when they arrive. They will shine as the Son. Through all of the slander, malicious attacks upon their bodies, their character, their integrity, even death threats, they will rise up in great authority when God calls them forth.

The Lord has been teaching them in the spiritual as well as in the physical. He has already shown them their glorious and supernatural protection, angel interventions so amazing that they are assured of God's mighty hand on them. They do not fear the devil or the demons! They know that their power is from God and that they will do great exploits as God moves through them. They know their God! They will not back down nor will they be shaken for 1260 days. They will NOT fail because God is inside them and empowering them.

PSALM 30:5 "Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning."

He has empowered them with the ability to bring and perform miracles and "bring down the house" so to speak. Any person who seeks to harm them or kill them during their last call testimony of the Lord will perish. Any person who dares to come up against them attempting to hurt them will die the very way they plot.

They are not sent here to destroy people nor to kill anyone for fun. They are here to give their powerful 'Testimony of the Christ.' They have been empowered by God Almighty with supernatural ability to only destroy the enemy who seeks to destroy them first. There is always one or two in the crowd that always learn the hard way. Isn't that the truth? But still, those that seek to harm these 'Two Witnesses' will try and die for their blatant contempt against the Lord Almighty. He loves His people and He has sent these two beautiful witnesses to gather the last of His sheep. He will not let them be harmed for 1260 days by anyone and that is a given!

What many do not understand is that the "Ten Kings of Revelation" are going to be ushered in very soon. Great destruction is going to come over the world, especially the United States of America. The female witness will rise up after the destruction has come. She will be powerful in the Lord's might and fierce, though she will be tender to all those who will be sorrowful and weeping. The devil will have been cast down and he will be causing havoc, great deaths and great pain to those lost sheep that the Lord loves. For those who seek healing, these two witnesses will have a heart like God! For those who believe with great faith as the woman with blood issues did, they too will be made whole by the power of God. This woman witness is a great and mighty force from God who is going to rise up in the United States of America. She will be wearing the Purple Robe of Righteousness from Jesus.

They will love Jesus with all of their heart, mind and soul. No man comes before Jesus inside their hearts and that is why they have been selected for this mission. They will never sell out Jesus for any price. They will die for Him. The arrival of these Two Witnesses and the prophecy that I have received, I have never seen written from any other prophet or teaching.

I have been told about their compassion, their deep love for Christ and truly their love for the Lord's people. They will truly be the exact representation of Jesus Christ. They will be merciful, compassionate and they will cry, as Jesus did when Lazarus died. They will be in sack-cloth which is not literal but spiritual clothing. They will be suffering deeply as they watch the many people suffering from the devastation which will be taking place in the world.

Their greatest suffering will be spiritual. They will be anguished inside their spirits that the Lord Jesus Christ has sent them to testify of Him who sent them and it will be rejected. The people's refusal to believe and accept their testimony of the Lord God to save them will surely cause deep and severe grief inside them. Because they have the heart of God, they already know in their spirits where the mockers and scoffers of the Lord are headed should they reject Jesus Christ.

When one truly thinks about this, how truly painful it will be for these 'Two Witnesses' to know and watch millions of people reject the Lord while they hold the truth of these people's eternity of hell inside their hearts...knowing that they will perish into darkness. Now that surely is suffering on a level that many of us will never understand. Yes, this is the sackcloth indeed.


These Two Anointed ones will be emanating the Glory of God because God will be dwelling within them. Their 'Temple' of God will be full of Light.

The only thing that has made these Two Anointed Ones any different from those of us down here? They were chosen by God for this very mission. Hand selected by the hand of God. We do not have God's mind to understand His ways nor can we fully comprehend the glorious things that await us all. God knows these two witnesses intimately and He chose them for His reasons. Our ways are not God's ways and our thoughts are not as high as Gods thoughts. His wisdom is beyond measure, one which we can never measure in our own human minds.

Who can truly understand the immense Glory and the Power of God and the Love that God has for us? These Two Witnesses will know in extreme measures when they receive the 'Golden Oil' which will be poured through them from Yeshua! Yes! The Living water will flow through them and out to the world. What a beautiful God we have to do this for us, when truly if it was not for our Savior Jesus Christ we would never know such beauty.

As I always say, "Watch for it! It will come."

Do not fear because Jesus asks you to believe on Him and he tell us not to fear. He will be in the midst of the storm! Perhaps you were born for such a time as this? You were hand selected by the Creator of the Heavens and Earth to be here at this exact time to watch the return of Jesus Christ. Think of how truly blessed you are and keep waiting and watching for it. It will surely come and we will all rejoice together when we see the Lord's handiwork through these "Two Witnesses of Revelation and their arrival! Praise God! He is amazing and spectacular! Let the good times roll...or should I say 'Let the Golden Oil flow?'

I pray that this prophecy has been a blessing to you and it has filled you with great hope and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Shalom, JG

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God's Girl Journal 3 Available on Amazon & Kindle

God's Girl Journal 1-2-3 Second Editions

God's Girl Journal 1, Journal 2 and Journal 3 are my second editions and they have just recently been published as of July 2, July 4, and August 27, 2016. They are filled with updated visions of the past two years.

We are in the End Times! Why does the author say this with such boldness? She was not indoctrinated with religion, bible scriptures or Hebrew when she began to have visions and dreams of these Heavenly things. The doors of Hell and Heaven opened up on her. Jesus began to sporadically make His presence known, teaching her and she became a strong believer because of these Heavenly experiences.

The author has been given the Gift of Prophecy and she uses her gifts to speak to the world about End Time prophetic events and a proclamation that Jesus really exists and that everyone should spiritually prepare!

This is not a storybook of fiction, but a series of writings from her private journals, documented visions and dreams of future End Time events. Many of the authors visions have already been fulfilled in the World News headlines, and many more are running in the headlines at this time. The author adamantly states that it is Jesus showing her and telling her these things and that she is only repeating them. She calls these series of writings from her journals part of her 'Living Testimony of the Living God.'

Journal ONE includes visions of, Earthquakes in various places, Tsunamis, War, Godly Leaks, Assassinations, the Two Witnesses of Revelation. the Black Horseman and Elijah's return!

Journal TWO includes Biblical Visions, Angel visitations and messages, Airplane crashes, bombings, Warnings of danger to specific areas on the global map, The Catching Away.

Journal THREE includes visions, dreams and manifestations of the existence of the Devil.

My Audio Testimony of the Living Waters of God

The Two Witnesses Song


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  • LadyADW70 profile image

    April Davis-Washington 5 weeks ago from Oregon

    Carefree Wonder Have you had any visions about the male witness too?

  • Cathy Stanley profile image

    Cathy Stanley 5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing, I truly felt your testimony, and the 11/11 made some strange connection, not sure what it is though. Thank you and God Bless and Protect you

    JG Hemlock

  • profile image

    Cecelia Fontes 5 months ago

    I enjoyed your words...your heart IS pure

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 7 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Documentation; w/unchangeable timestamp/used as personal journal. October 23, 2017, after a complete halt in demonic assaults upon my body (since March 2014) my sifting has begun again. Razor scratches appeared out of nowhere on my arm/welts/bloody/photograph. Spiritual warfare is great and becoming greater!

    I have been wondering about 11.11 and the many visions that I have received in regards to these events that I was shown. No further interpretation given to me. I have been specifically been praying asking what this means, and if this is the event.

    Fell asleep on 11/9/17 and was given a very quick vision. What I was viewing was very GOOD! I was shocked at what I was being shown & came out of the vision abruptly! This good event was sealed from my conscience-I only know it was very, very good. I went to sleep on 11/9/17 hoping that I would have a vision that would show me more of what God was showing me that was good....the devil showed up instead! He seems to be very, VERY angry!

    The Vision of 11/9/2017 (I actually believed that I was awake, until I woke up from this vision praying against the devil)

    I was driving in my truck-in a hurry to get home--went to hit breaks to stop but I could not stop vehicle! Made it home safely anyways. My husband was in the kitchen area and I was in the living room. I looked over to where my husband's voice had stopped and all I could see was a shadow of my husband on the kitchen wall. His shadow was bouncing around/thrashing/flailing on the wall. I could see a shadow of a large/strange looking shadow of a hand aimed at my husband on the wall. At first I thought he was joking around with me, but he did not respond to me. I stared at the wall and I began to feel the vibrations of this wickedness that I know to be huge dark entities and the devil. I ran to the kitchen but my husband had been dragged into the garage. The garage door is in the back of the kitchen. His shadow no longer on the wall/only this large strange hand.

    I turned to the garage door and went to pull the handle, but the devil's forces had blocked the door and I could not open it. About 6-7 " above the door handle was a Caucasian hand/white fingers/blood in the crease of the closed door! It was NOT my husbands hand/a strange severed hand was stuck in the closed door!

    In the middle of the door, adhered to the inside door was a porcelain white stand that should have held a statue of Mother Mary! (VATICAN) and MM was missing! The spiritual wisdom was given to me in regards to this idol!

    I stood back from the door, focused on my power in Yeshua and began to call out the name of Yeshua! The dark forces were so great that they began to stop my voice-pushing it back down into my throat to stop HIS Holy name from coming out. I stared at the door and envisioned the garage full to the top and bottom with the protective blood of Yeshua and the devil and demons left! POOF! My voice came back and I began praying against the darkness out loud!

    I came out of the vision praying loudly against the devil and my husband was now awake hearing me commanding the devil out of our home and away from my him! He had said that I had been murmuring, moving about, loudly but could not make out any words until my voice had been regained after the darkness was cast out!

    What I do know is that the door has been opened again after all of these years to begin my sifting again! He showed up to attack, and I know it has something to do with the earlier vision yesterday that was very GOOD. Devil got his panty's twisted because he can NOT stop the power and movement of God the Father! I never did get my answer to what 11/11 means, but if the devil came to stop the must be really GOOD for the people of God! The devil can never have my husband! NEVER!

  • Carefree Wonder profile image

    Carefree Wonder 11 months ago

    I had a dream of the female witness a while back. She was a baby being held by Jesus, and he kissed her on her forehead. Then she was lifted from His arms and grew older in front of Him, but she was a bit chubby looking and "worn out". Not old, not very ugly, but not very attractive, either. But then she transfigured into a beautiful, well-shaped woman in front of Him, too. The next scene, she looked like this:

    A female Swordman from the game I used to play as a teen called Ragnarok Online. She was charging after something, though, like starting her journey or attacking a "monster".

    I think it can be interpreted like this: She's obviously been very persecuted her entire life, being unappreciated and even scorned and hated as a form of preparation for her purpose, which is why she looked "worn out" and even chubby. She was sinful, as well, which is also why she looked that way. But her transfiguration can be interpreted as literal and symbolic. She'll change into a very beautiful woman, outside and inside, and even wow her audiences with her inner beauty especially, due to the love God has for her. The female Swordman from the game symbolizes who she is, a warrior for God, but that's just a "first class" from the game. Meaning, it's a class you begin with before you move onto a greater class, which in the game would be a Knight or Crusader. Very fitting for her, don't you think? I think if she picked her "second class", she'd be a Crusader, due to how in the game they are sacrificial and defensive characters, but also offensive in that regard, too. In Norse Mythology, Ragnarok is basically the Apocalypse or the end of the world in the Christian sense, which I found interesting, as well.

    I think God loves her so much that she was attacked by demons since she was a child. He permitted it out of love, because it was part of her preparation, but has always given her miraculous events in her life of help and protection. She may be possessed, like Mary Magdalene was, too, due to the demons, but she'll be freed obviously by the time her testimony will be shared.

  • Michael Joiner profile image

    Michael Joiner 12 months ago

    Hi JG,

    This article was a huge blessing in a tough time in my life. God bless you. Let the Lord give you recognition for your willingness.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 16 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Hey Harbinger, :)

    I am not abusing you in any way shape or form. WHAT????? yawn. This crap is getting real old. My husband has told me to just shut down the comment section long ago, and don't take any more of my my time or money with any more people who leave incredibly rude, slanderous, crude comments about my intent, my heart, my truths of my walk, because they want to be seen as somebody they are not. He sees that I attempt to help them, guide them to the truth KINDLY and they believe they can actually can come to MY page and crap on what is to be edifying writings to uplift the people of God. I am kinda tired of it...if you only knew how many. You can not judge me, so no worries about that. You have not hurt me, so no worries about that. I am a bit more thick skinned than you realize. lol I never belonged to a church because of these type of people.

    My heart is pure, but I must speak the truth on MY page for anyone who is seeking truth so that they don't become confused and taken down a dark path by comments which are NOT of God. I am responsible to GOD for what I allow on my pages. I am not, and have not discredited your spiritual experiences at all. I have given you wisdom and truth with no arrogance. You are not accepting the wisdom. I say this boldly, I don't personally care what you feel or think of me, or any way that you are attempting to manipulate my stance with God, because you can not move me or shake me from truth. If this sounds arrogant to you, than so be it. I can not change the way you spiritually hear or spiritually see. You are not even part of the equation of what is between me and the Lord, so it does not really affect me. I only told you truth. You are still on dark paths unawares and you don't want to accept that. That is okay. God will move you through it when it is time. Don't fret. You hear my strong words and assume it is arrogance but It is not. You are sadly mistaken, which means you need some more spiritual discernment. I WILL rebuke your rudeness, slanderous comment that I have done anything to you personally with any malicious intent. Not so! To even say that I am scary mary is absolutely disgusting. seriously. I am in no way "Scary Mary" because I am not under a strong delusion of believing that I am Mother Mary, Elijah, Moses, Mary Magdalene I am a child of God period. I have not been "Chosen" to do anything but speak my spiritual experiences, my testimony of the Living God which brought me to Christ, and I allow a place for those to share their experiences without rejection, or if they have questions that I might be able to help them with or not. I have these pages here to help those who have been ostracized by the fake church.I believe that it is you taking offense to truth.

    You were in a mental institution in 2013 due to these experiences that God is sorting out for you now. It is not spiritually sound to be writing a book for the GOD of Israel while you are slapping His name on demon channeling," Nostradamus." It is really just simple wisdom here of the truth of God. You do not like it and decided to come here and write really silly stuff. I am not running around telling people anything but truth. It is you that is running around on the bottom of the mountain begging for me to see and accept is you telling me that I should follow any path, Hindu, or even a demon possessed man who summoned demons for his revelations because it does not matter. I tell you this BOLDLY sir...IT DOES MATTER! and it is NOT happening sir. I can not be shaken or moved. You want to believe this, it is a free world and we are free to make any choices we want. I am not part of your equation with your spiritual walk, this is between you and God? This is my page though, and my page will remain my page okay? I would suggest that you make your page just that if you actually feel free, and god compelled to sell satan and his crap in a pretty bow and paper to unsuspecting others. This is not rejection, this is not being scary mary, this is not anything but me correcting you with a strong rebuke, and being bold and confident that the Lord would want me to say this to you...and not allow any more further promotion of demon infested peoples writings, and honoring false gods other than the God of Israel. Now if your feelings are hurt, I can't apologize for it. It was meant to shake you, and I pray that it does.

    I will not and can not allow NOSTRADAMUS to be promoted here on MY page. Period! This is not arrogance, this is TRUTH. I really don't care about HINDU proverbs. I care ONLY about Holy scripture Proverbs and what the Lord shows me, teaches me and speaks to me through the scriptures. This is my walk, my page and I do as God instructs me to do. This is why it is called "MY" page right? The only Lesson I see here is a man who is learning spiritual lessons and he feels that he can jump ahead of God, slap Yeshua's name on demonic writings, not only slander, tell me what my heart is, run my pages with nonsense of demonic people and false idols, and he actually believes it. God have mercy! The only person who is wasting time is the one who is running around on my page and leaving nonsense to the people of God! I follow the true God of Israel sir, not any man, and certainly not demonic quatrains or hindu gods. Thanks but no thanks on your path to so called truth. I am dismissing you for the scary mary rude remark. BIG DIFFERENCE here and if you can not see it...well.....keep following your path of 'enlightenment' because I DO know that God will open your ears and your eyes sooner hopefully than later. We are good. Should I say "Good luck" to you?

  • profile image

    harbingerofpeace 16 months ago


    Don't worry, I've been through a lot and I've learned not to take offense. I'm looking forward to reading the book when it arrives. If you would like a copy of mine, just ask and I will send you a copy.

    I think you and I both know things go deeper than they are on the surface. 2013 was when I went through an awakening that was like something out of the Old Testament. As I went through that I was able to look back on my life and see that I'd been being honed for prophecy since birth, and I had been taught and challenged throughout my life as an atheist. I was being challenged on my own merits before being called back to the flock, so to speak.

    My reason for turning my back? Spiritual Abuse.

    When I was 15 my parents became Mormons and their doctrines and other stuff are so ridiculous that my whole family fell apart as a result. Despite numerous family members trying to intervene and pull the wool from my parents' eyes, they got more insistent this was the 'one true church.' They were swindled and manipulated to neglect my siblings and I while the church was "all about family." Within two years of the Mormonism (never converted, BTW) I turned my back on all religion and God.

    This served a higher purpose that I couldn't even begin to explain here. One of which is that my life has been one bout of chaos to the next and I am always able to overcome it. Those who have known me longest say that one of my biggest talents is to 'stay sane in an insane situation.' That's the story of my life. I was being tested on my own merits.

    I looked into Scary Mary/Laura Lee and yes, this is an unstable situation. It looked like a spiritual episode of Jerry Springer. All these false accusations and then people responding trying to defend themselves. The problem with someone like this is that on a subconscious level they actually get entertainment out of causing drama. I could use the term narcissist or psychopath, but definitely an abusive personality. I could only watch so much of that garbage before I turned it off. I got the message and moved on.

    I don't care how much scripture study is done, even 40 years worth, if your heart is not aligned with God is it a fruitless venture. Sometimes people get too comfortable in their learned knowledge and become spiritually stagnant.

    I bring this up though, as I have been thinking the past couple days. Often times people who have been attacked or abused will take on certain traits of their abusers. They might not do this consciously. I've heard this referred to as "narc fleas." It becomes a never ending cycle that has been going on for such a long time. I've seen that I have in the past and worked to correct it. I'm just asking you to look at the situation with me and ask yourself if you're doing what Scary Mary did to you to me. You don't know my whole situation. I've been in the refiners fire my whole life, and in 2013 God turned up the heat.

    I'm not judging you. I can only imagine how many people have come after you and attacked you for simply speaking your truth. I won't be one of them. It amazes me how God sends me people who teach me the lessons. It's a lesson for both of us. I find that if I am irritated by sometime someone else is doing, it's normally something about myself I'm not comfortable with and I work to correct it.

    There are so many people that point to others who aren't on the same exact path they are on and criticize. It's like asking "What's the best way to get to 4. 2+2, 1+3, 3+1, 1+1+1+1 and then arguing about it. What matters is that you get there.

    There's a cited Hindu Proverb I will leave you with:

    "There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading to the same place. So it doesn't matter which path you take. The only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain telling everyone his or her path is wrong."


  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 17 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Hello Harbinger! :)

    Yes, I noticed that the link didn't work. I was just on your "Who Am I" page and I noticed the date of 2013. I admire your zeal, but attempting to teach at this time may not be the appointed time of God's. I only say this because of some of the things that I am hearing and seeing you speak here on my pages, and your writings, especially some of your teachers. I do understand where you are, (seeking God with great fervor) and yes, I have been there. Correct, many believe that prophet and seer means only seeing 'future' events. This is not so, though a prophet will see what God allows them to see, and for whatever reason are God's purposes. A true seer and prophet will know the mind and heart of God on specific events, situations for those in the collective body of Christ and they will speak it boldly.

    Unfortunately you are not understanding my walk and how many years that I have been experiencing these spiritual things, especially the fire I have been walking in since 2009 (earthly).

    The three journals are documentation of mostly my visions and dreams but the book that was ordered for you (it is on its way btw shipped, keep an eye out for it) is the things that I experienced in waking life. I do understand where you are and it is mind blowing when the Lord calls for a you on the red-hotline directly.

    Many say that God would not do this...and I say, "Oh yes He does!" wink-wink

    You have had the scales come off your eyes and you could hardly believe it. As for your "Gloom and doom," it will be doom and gloom for those who do not receive the Holy Spirit and reject Him. I am straight forward and I speak and type in the way that God has designed me to speak, and how He tells me to speak, and I offer no apology for it. I am a straight-shooter from the hip because this is some serious stuff to speak. If I have frightened you, I do apologize but I would say that after looking over your pages, He has made you much more spiritually stronger at this time. That is good to hear.

    I know this much about you...once you begin reading the Apocalyptic book, (you will relate greatly with most that I have written because you have seen it, walked it in many ways) and when it sinks in that this is a true story with no embellishment, you will understand a bit more of where the darkness has taken you off the lit path a bit. You will find answers to the questions you seek inside those pages, as well as corrections to what you are being deceived by. Be very careful of teaching things too early and jumping ahead of God while you are still learning and getting your lessons from the Lord. It can really make another person stumble, fall away completely, or even direct them to darkness instead of the Lord. NOT good!

    I have been experiencing this spiritual war, visions and dreams, FULL FORCE for almost 10 years, receiving my lessons from the Lord.

    I have had on/off visions and dreams since I was a little girl, but never as the bucket loads which seemed to be dumped over my head beginning in 2006-2008. (all of earthquakes in Las Vegas, and specific colored airplane crashes.) In 2009 the gates of Heaven and Hell opened up on me, along with more and more visions and dreams which began to teach me the Holy Scriptures. This is how I know the scriptures are Holy and true! :)

    I documented my written journals in 2015, but the Apocalyptic book was written in August 2016. I was ready to write a book of wisdom of spiritual teachings that the Lord approved of and taught me. I could have never wrote a book in my 3rd year of my walk, because the Lord has given me understanding only in these past two years on many spiritual things. My zeal, fervor and strong, bold words as a warning to the people inside and outside His courts is just that. Great warning!

    Yeshua bless you and thank you for leaving the proper link.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 17 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Ahhhhh you have had an awakening as mine with hell doors opening on you. You sound like me from many, many years ago. They were no help were they? Not even the churches were they? It is like living in a really bad movie that you know is truth, and all those who say they know truth don't know truth. You try to warn them because you are able to see and they mock you and laugh. UGH. Yes. I know a thing or two about being abused by religion and religious spirits. Having them fallen angels attack you makes you get out of sin real fast don't it? It did for me. LOL

    You will not get any abuse here from me. I will tell you the truth of what I have learned, and sometimes boldly and loudly but I will never make you feel rejected. if you act like the many others who befriend me because they are self proclaiming themselves to be one of the 2 witnesses and when I can't fit their agenda and they call me LIAR! Fraud! DEVIL! Then I am gonna pull out a whip of truth....otherwise you are quite safe with me. hehehe

    Speaking of scary mary, I have just seen Apostle Laura Lee (scary mary) hurting the innocent sheep AGAIN. She is the end-time apocalyptic woman who is pregnant and claims to be mary...yawn. She continues to get worse and worse with wickedness and evil. I do come to the rescue of them because they are terrified of her. Be happy that you don't see another scary mary around. :) May Yeshua bless you. Joy

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 17 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    When I have some free time, I will go to your sight. I would like to mail you for free my "Apocalyptic Spiritual War" book. Please leave a name and mailing address here (it will be deleted and never published) and I will pay for one to be sent to you from the publishing/printing. I want you to read of my awake experiences. The journals are of mostly my visions. It is important that you read the simple wisdom inside. I will say again that Nostradamus knew exactly what He was doing, fifty percent of his prophecies were wrong. Our God is not a 50/50 God. He is perfect, true and correct all of the time. Seek what he told his grandson to do to the quatrains before he died, and what he warned him of. Sorcery, mediums and astrology is a complete abomination to God and I can not be moved by my stance of what He, Himself speaks and teaches me. I don't go near any of this and I pray that you do not either. My husband is calling for me to leave again. Thank you for your comments and I will get back to you within the next few weeks. Blessings.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 17 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    I want you all to look over this copy of prophecy from a 'so called' Prophet on what would happen in the year 2016. I want EVERYONE to understand that this man is not a prophet nor a seer. Do you know why? He may receive a word here and there from God but He can not distinguish his thoughts from God's voice, or the Devil's voice. He has a very bad track record for being a PROPHET.

    This is WHY we all need to stay close to Yeshua ONLY!

    Here are the prophecies of 2016 from Prophet Steve Cochran--a mainstream church in Tennessee who speaks for the Lord? Nope. Not a chance. Has he stopped doing this? Nope.

    10 Biblical Prophecies to expect in 2016, the year of Jubilee:

    1. Jerusalem shall be attacked, suffering extreme loss and devastation. The attack will eventually resemble an ISIS style/type = raping women, selling them into slavery, etc.

    2. The attack is likely to occur between mid June and mid July, though most certainly between May - Sept. 2016.

    3. While a Syrian revolt has raged since March 2011, President Al Assad is finally toppled and or removed from power (possibly killed).

    4. Al Assad's toppling occurs prior to Oct. 2016. However, only after Israel's attacked.

    5. Shortly after Assad's toppling, Obama gains in strength and or popularity.

    6. An Earthquake will devastate the United States unlike anything we've ever witnessed in history.

    7. The Earthquake afore occurs between May - Sept. 2016. Regardless, occurring on or before the United States is attacked.

    8. Russia will attack the United States via nuclear warfare.

    9. The nuclear attack occurs between Sept. - Dec. 2016. Regardless, the strike occurs only after Assad is toppled.

    10. Obama and his Presidential seat is toppled (even possibly killed).


  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 17 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    To everyone who is of GOD ...

    I am just like you and I am learning, receiving revelation just as you....running "To and Fro" for the answers that the Great I Am is giving out. I don't have all of the answers (I wish I did) and I often only have glimpses and I try to piece them together and pray the Lord gives me revelation, and wisdom to understand what He is showing me.

    He is forever knitting these things together for me, and as you leave revelation that you have received, I am knitting them into my personal experiences to understand. (just as you all do) Often He shows me things and I have to change my perspective on how I may have looked at something a year ago-a month ago-even a day ago. I know that you just get that. ;) Sometimes my interpretation have been off, or even wrong, the the Lord has opened

    my 'view' greatly as of now...but I am still seeking and growing...learning and sharing.

    There is "Something about Mary"

    hahaha...seriously. I do not have all of the answers but I know that the MEN down here were seriously jealous, afraid of her and shunned her once the Lord left. Many of you may not realize that the Red Sea Scrolls were hidden and shown to be AUTHENTIC.

    Scrolls have shown a different story and I have to wonder of these words that Yeshua spoke to me long ago with my spiritual eyes. Do I have all of the answers? No. But I know one day we WILL have all of the answers and that is fine by me! I find it awesome to keep thinking, wondering, seeking and desiring the truth. It is awesome to be here at this time period! "Such a time as this!"

    Do NOT let man make you be afraid of seeking the TRUE GOD. You may find it exciting and FREE to do so...and you just might find TRUTH! Praise God!

    May you all be blessed GREATLY for your friendship, contributions and comments!

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 17 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Hello DevorahK7, :)

    Thank you for stopping by. I have just read through your comment and I am reflecting on my video and what I had spoken. I had to read this twice to understand what you were saying...but I believe that I understood. If I have not, please let me know and correct me.

    Yes. I used the word "Begotten" purposely, because it DOES denote a blood relation to the "Begotten Daughter" of God. (4444)

    There is such thing as the Holy Grail, the 'womb' is the golden cup. The same golden cup that brought Yeshua into the world. This is the Royal blood line of Yeshua. The Vatican and the powers that be have removed many scriptures when the Holy Bible was being put together.Heavily manipulated. They purposely removed scrolls, scriptures to hide many things. The Holy Spirit (female part of God head-Hashem' counterpart) brings a person to ALL truths. Possibly you are being taken there and this is why you were moved to leave this. Let us make man in OUR image. Male and female.

    Now I am attempting to be tender with this information because I have found millions of people who are afraid of God's truth because they are so heavily indoctrinated by MAN'S word that they shut out the knowledge and wisdom as soon as they hear a tid-bit. DO NOT allow yourself to do this. It is not hurting the Lord to seek for Him and He tells us to seek. He wants us to SEEK for Him and His truth--NOT man's. This is why I don't feel bad seeking. I am always given nuggets of truth by doing so and having an open spirit to receive. Those of the pharisees freak out! The Lord doesn't freak out. He smiles when we seek Him and He does leave golden nuggets for us. It is AWESOME!

    This is the marriage and reunion of the Royal blood line. Begotten Son and Begotten Daughter of God-His Sister His Bride. Blood & Spirit of the Godhead. I don't go use the word 'godess' because it has very negative connotations, but I would say "High Priestess." Why do I say this? Because "The High Priestess lives down the road." Yeshua was there in my vision while I was living in Grand Haven Michigan in 2010(I have not put this on tape yet but it is in one of my journals) This was the 2nd time He had appeared and spoke, the first He only spoke. This is what He said to me.

    "The High Priestess lives down the road."

    Now at the time I had this vision, a pastor had told me this High Priestess was a name of the occult. I was new in my walk and I trusted him with his answer but he was coming from the mainstream churches. Though there is an occult High Priestess,this is true. (And this High Priestess, voodoo Haitian woman appeared in one of my visions many years later) the Lord revealed that there was a TWO FOLD meaning to this name "The High Priestess." Now all I can tell you is that I KNOW THIS WAS YESHUA. He was right there to my right and He was speaking to me. Unfortunately, I listened to 'man' until the Lord revealed the second fold meaning to His words. I will have to do a tape on this happening immediately.

    I went fishing around by this revelation of God and I found a man who had received it as well. I WAS SO RELIEVED WHEN I FOUND HIM!!! He is well studied, receives revelation from the Lord that is on the mark, though it will GREATLY deviate from the mainstream Church ideas and false twisted doctrine. What I can see from the revelation from many of the people who have left God's revelation here on my page, or private notes, they too are receiving the same revelations, and they surely go against the mainstream church twisted doctrine. His link to his videos is here. He has two videos on the "Begotten Daughter." They are right on the mark from my revelations from the Lord. Amazing! This is a RELIABLE teacher! He is a very anointed teacher and the Lord has revealed much to him. Anyone who is seeking MEAT and revelation, I suggest you watch his videos. His You-tube channel is called :The Seven Angels' Messages"

    The Only Begotten Daughter part 1 - May 10, 2014 - Trent Wilde

    The Only Begotten Daughter part 2 - The Bride of Christ - May 10, 2014 - Trent Wilde

    This is the Royal bloodline on earth right now!!!!

    Let me leave you a few things that He showed me and let you spiritually ponder them first. The "Begotten Daughter" is the ROYAL BLOOD LINE!

    Do you believe that Yeshua fulfilled ALL OF THE LAW when He walked on earth? I do.

    The Law back then was that Rabbi's be married, children! The Law back then was that NO WOMAN was to ever 'anoint' a man in public, especially a Rabbi. No woman would ever be able to retrieve a Rabbi's body for burial. This could ONLY happen if a woman was a man's WIFE. So now tell me ....

    Did Yeshua fulfill ALL OF THE LAW? Or did He not? If he let a woman touch Him, anoint Him, prepare his bloody body for burial without being His wife, then Yeshua did NOT fulfill the law.

    Remember Paul? In Revelation, Paul refused to take the Glory of God away and when he spoke, he spoke in 3rd party about being in heavenly places. Why then did he turn around and snatch God's glory so easy when he said to be celibate and unmarried like HIM? Just something to chew on.

    The High Priestess that the Lord spoke to me about is HER! People are calling themselves the "Bride" but there is ONLY one! His Mother's choice. It truly is amazing when you think about it, and more amazing is that man has attempted to hide truth but She, the Mother of us all has revealed it. Revelation says that knowledge will increase and people will run to and fro for knowledge. I believe that those golden nuggets are not "JUST" in a King James man-made bible. To and Fro is just that! Thank you for your comments and I pray that you run "To and Fro" for God's knowledge instead of man's. You may be clapping your hands in praise when He places that nugget inside your spirit. You will understand why I said "Begotten Daughter." Yes! Royal bloodline! It really is awesome! Shalom Sister!

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 17 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS


    Again WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. lol

    You may use my comment section for your link. It is fine by me. :)

    I am so glad that you let me know about the male being from the U.S. I have been wondering where he would come from. Yes, you understand what it is like to have the seers ability. It is wonderful once you understand it and can interpret! It is so mind blowing. seriously it is. I tell my husband that I can't wrap my pea brain around it. My mind does not have the capacity to hold on to it. Honestly, when I am not focusing on butt-heads for the devil, I seriously want to jump around and clap, laugh and worship Him it is that crazy amazing! I got to stay focused. You know what I mean.

    Yes! Funny! The seed and the acorns! This is the LATTER RAIN! When the 6th seal is opened those who are ready for the Harvest to begin will be equipped with all of the 7 spirits of God. "We will do more things than what Yeshua did." I can't wait. Many say that this is a rapture but it is not. It is a gathering. The Laborers are few because they believe a lie of the rapture bunny taking them away before they are refined by the FIRE BAPTISM. wink-wink

    Please do leave your revelations here, as well as your book. I know that many who are interested on the End Time Prophecies are here reading and they would love others revelations as well. Yes. Very comforting co and comforting.


  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 17 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    No kidding shook my spirit to read Edwins's words. I thank God for the people like you, all of you who have come to my page to offer your words from God. It is so helpful to us all to have a place to go to and divide the word of God and love each other. I feel relieved when I see that others are having these same revelations because I KNOW I AM NOT CRAZY. LOL LOL LOL.

    Yes! The Great I Am is confirming it to the true followers of Yeshua! WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! I could type WOW forever and it wouldn't be enough times. It may be real difficult for people to understand, (I am speaking to so called believers) that I had no indoctrination and I had no real scripture knowledge. If you could only imagine yourself having these things happen spiritually EVIL vs GOOD, spiritual visions, Yeshua's presence, the Devil's presence, and you are not even thinking about God or following Him when the doors of Heaven and Hell open up on you. It is mind blowing awesome to know that we have a LIVING GOD!!! Makes me so happy!!! Better than any Hollywood movie I have ever seen. I can't wait to see what God is going to do next! You are so loved! I am getting my popcorn ready for the best show ever to come! THE RETURN OF YESHUA!!! So awesome!

  • profile image

    DeborahK7 17 months ago

    Hey, I saw your video you posted on youtube :The Wedding 113 *The 3rd Day *King & Bride *The Female Witness of Revelation.

    There was used a word "begotten", but not in the right context.

    The word "begotten" usually denotes that there is a blood relation, as in the family. Father-Son-Holy Spirit, but she is CREATED, not begotten, like YAHUSHA who is really BEGOTTEN-Holy Spirit begat YAHUSHA, but created us, people

    John 3:16

    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    The female witness is still a sinner as Elijah , man like us. The word begotten used in that context in relation to her would make it seem like she is a goddess or part of a Godhead

    James 5:17

    Elijah was a human being, even as we are. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years.

    It was something RUACH ha KODESH wanted me to tell you, be blessed in YAHUSHUA ´S NAME. I am grateful I ´ve found your page as I am blessed by your writings and youtube page

  • profile image

    preloma7 17 months ago


  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 17 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    God bless you Edwin. Your spiritual eyes astound me and you are gifted with words that shake a persons spirit. It is the spirit of TRUTH.

    Yes. It was written and posted TWO times. No accident there. I approved them both because of the awesomeness of that alone. God is amazing in how He speaks. Every bit of what you have said, and even 2x is truth. This week has been quite interesting and spiritually profound. I read your comment out loud to my husband and we both were astounded. (We both have recognized that each time others come to bash me-hang me-insult me-attempt to crush me-spit on my testimony of our Living God...The Lord is so good to me that he loves me, and He sends a TRUE servant of God to speak to me. It is as if He is saying, "There there Joy....there are others with your heart and eyes and ears and you are not alone. Be at peace in me and my love."

    I had just spoken to my husband last evening about the Latter Rain and WHO would receive this double portion. People as yourself, and Preloma7 who have spiritual wisdom and eyes that see, not peering though demonic filters, nor coming from impure spirits. These people you speak of are 'impure' spiritually and they have no understanding spiritually. Forgive them Father, they don't know what they do" comes to mind here. Yes it is pride and arrogance that keeps them from seeing and believing. They are from the "Law" and they are not willing, nor do they have spiritual wisdom to walk in the Spirit. They don't understand, just as they didn't understand back then. These are the children of the men who killed the prophets. Absolutely!

    History of the Bible is clearly repeating itself. It truly is amazing to watch.

    I have removed most of my writings due to the desecration, as well as the stealing of my writings and being placed elsewhere in a very impure way. It is to save THEM from themselves, than it is for me. I have been doing audio videos instead. On my wedding anniversary 1-13 I received GREAT gnashing of the teeth. I had happily just told my husband that I was so happy that people were hearing the wonderful story of how God spoke to me in regards to my yoga pants. It pleased me so much to speak about the wonderful message that the Lord had given me through something so mundane, small and insignificant and to see that others would gravitate to THIS instead of the testimony of the demons and the Devil. Should I have been surprised that "one of those" would peer through demonic lens of impurity to attack it? Yoga pants are of the devil! You are impure! You are ungodly! You are wearing sexy tight pants. You are of the devil. Headed to hell. You shouldn't be stretching because that is of the devil." WHAT? Something so pure and beautiful was then turned into something so wicked, sexually lewd and insulting. These type of things come from 'impure spirits' within another. They don't even see it. To those that are pure, all things are pure.

    Another one 'of those' showed up after I had watched a man on a video mourn that his wife had left him and his daughter was left motherless. He was crying from his spirit that he could not teach as a man the things that his daughter needed from a Godly woman. I left the comment that if he was in my area, I would be her big sister and spend time teaching her the "womanly things' and of etiquette, and of course of God and walking with God as a virtuous woman. It was such a pure comment and I was so happy to offer my hand. Earlier that afternoon, my husband and I had been out at Sam's club when a woman and man, (Foster parents) walked by with 3 small children. 1 newborn, and 1 boy 3, and one little girl possibly 3. The little boy had physical difficulties, and he clapped his hands and reached out to hug me more than once! I could have cried out of happiness! Then the little boy clapped his hands and reached to hug my husband. I honestly didn't want to leave them! haha. So beautiful are the Lord's little ones.

    When I saw this man's pain, I reached out my hand because I was understanding the very same pain. I as a woman had to raise twin identical boys by myself and how am I as a woman going to teach them what a Godly man should be teaching them? A dark, impure woman left a very dark comment about my name, J. Greenwood being of the occult and how strange that I would want to offer my help-as if it was I that was a pervert. She can not see her own reflection in the mirror. DISGUSTING DEVIANT IMPURE SPIRITS! When I looked through her pages she was glorifying tarot cards etc, but using the name of the God of Israel. Really? She was given pure prophecy of what would happen to her should he not repent in the things that she had just said against me, my husband, my purity as well as her sorcery. Do you know how many other IMPURE SPIRITS came to protect her, approve of her wickedness and they too claim to follow Yeshua? They will all lick the boots of the devil very shortly--This I know. Truly they don't even see that they are NOT following Yeshua. It is only history repeating itself. Nazi lynch mobs filled with impure spirits of hate, deviance, arrogance, ego and pride attempting to kill Yeshua and His servants again. No-brainer.

    I thank you for leaving this for me. It is a message from God, from one of His many scattered servants and it touched my spirit in a way I could never articulate. God bless you and again--thank you brother.

  • EdwinSaintJean profile image

    Edwin Saint Jean 17 months ago

    We pride ourselves of being followers and to represent the Son of the Lord of Glory, Ruler Of Heaven , YAHVEH. But still we fight over meaningless things. This article and post was suppose to be one's attempt at sharing with the world in pure innocence what the Holy Spirit (RUACH HAKODESH) had shared with her. I'm not seeing any attempt from her to attract attention for herself nor for a ministry but still you people are devouring her like she was claiming to be what she isn't. You people aren't sharing or bringing anything fruitful instead, you're destroying the few of what is left in this world of Spirit Of Prophecy.

    I don't know how nor why you sons of man never learn. You people are still at the end of the ages behaving just as in the early days where they would stone to death YAHVEH's prophets for delivering messages that were against what people wanted to hear.

    People we're not at some type of election where we have to decide who is and isn't one of the Two Witnesses. This decision not being ours, why are we fighting over it?

    How can you people claim to be a servant of the Lord Of Ages ( YAHVEH ) and His Son ( YAHUSHUA ) but reject what this same GOD as provided for His true people to hear.

    If the so called people of The ONE who is sending or more like has sent (for I believe that they've been here hidden for a while) the Two Witnesses, His Two Witnesses are rejecting something as simple as a description of their characteristic (not even identity); then what will it be of the time of their revealing.

    Every so called Christian (Zombies I call them) are behaving like they will be receiving the two witnesses with much joy and they will accept them with open heart. While the scriptures tells us that just about everyone including you Amazing Beings will reject them, for each one of you has made of his or her mind the idea or concept of what they wish the two witnesses to be like. Each one of you have modeled yourselves in your mind an image of the two witnesses that would fit you and your unscrutinized life as if you're the one who sent them or are leading their path.

    This story is not going to end well. The Pride of the sons of man will just keep on digging them down the same road of rage and anger when they see that two abnormal people come and preach against everything that are the foundations of your broken mentality.

    Your houses have been built on made up lies and the notes you took at church by these wolves dressed in sheep clothes. Now you're bringing these same lies as basis for your arguments against what was never addressed as an attack but only designed to educate those who seek to know what hasn't yet been told.

    The Son Of Glory ( YAHUSHUA HA MASHIAC ) said more than once that He has much secrets that He but He only will reveal with His Holy Spirit to His true servants. But not once did He claim that people would receive what he has given.

    People are still behaving as if prophets like in the old days are no more. You amazing species are deaf and blind.

    In truth but in truth I tell you, the two witnesses would be in front of you yet you wouldn't recognize them.

    Inspired by the Son Of Prophecy ( YAHUSHUA )

    Preloma7 you speak like a warrior. Any contact method?

  • EdwinSaintJean profile image

    Edwin Saint Jean 17 months ago

    We pride ourselves of being followers and to represent the Son of the Lord of Glory, Ruler Of Heaven , YAHVEH. But still we fight over meaningless things. This article and post was suppose to be one's attempt at sharing with the world in pure innocence what the Holy Spirit (RUACH HAKODESH) had shared with her. I'm not seeing any attempt from her to attract attention for herself nor for a ministry but still you people are devouring her like she was claiming to be what she isn't. You people aren't sharing or bringing anything fruitful instead, you're destroying the few of what is left in this world of Spirit Of Prophecy.

    I don't know how nor why you sons of man never learn. You people are still at the end of the ages behaving just as in the early days where they would stone to death YAHVEH's prophets for delivering messages that were against what people wanted to hear.

    People we're not at some type of election where we have to decide who is and isn't one of the Two Witnesses. This decision not being ours, why are we fighting over it?

    How can you people claim to be a servant of the Lord Of Ages ( YAHVEH ) and His Son ( YAHUSHUA ) but reject what this same GOD as provided for His true people to hear.

    If the so called people of The ONE who is sending or more like has sent (for I believe that they've been here hidden for a while) the Two Witnesses, His Two Witnesses are rejecting something as simple as a description of their characteristic (not even identity); then what will it be of the time of their revealing.

    Every so called Christian (Zombies I call them) are behaving like they will be receiving the two witnesses with much joy and they will accept them with open heart. While the scriptures tells us that just about everyone including you Amazing Beings will reject them, for each one of you has made of his or her mind the idea or concept of what they wish the two witnesses to be like. Each one of you have modeled yourselves in your mind an image of the two witnesses that would fit you and your unscrutinized life as if you're the one who sent them or are leading their path.

    This story is not going to end well. The Pride of the sons of man will just keep on digging them down the same road of rage and anger when they see that two abnormal people come and preach against everything that are the foundations of your broken mentality.

    Your houses have been built on made up lies and the notes you took at church by these wolves dressed in sheep clothes. Now you're bringing these same lies as basis for your arguments against what was never addressed as an attack but only designed to educate those who seek to know what hasn't yet been told.

    The Son Of Glory ( YAHUSHUA HA MASHIAC ) said more than once that He has much secrets that He but He only will reveal with His Holy Spirit to His true servants. But not once did He claim that people would receive what he has given.

    People are still behaving as if prophets like in the old days are no more. You amazing species are deaf and blind.

    In truth but in truth I tell you, the two witnesses would be in front of you yet you wouldn't recognize them.

    Inspired by the Son Of Prophecy ( YAHUSHUA )

    Preloma7 you speak like a warrior. Any contact method?

  • profile image

    preloma7 17 months ago

    when it comes to GOD and revealing to HIS servants, what my FATHER one's told me is that it doesn't mean when HE shows me HIS RIGHT HAND it means I know HIM no I only know HIS right hand. I can say GOD never reveals all, and when HE REVEALS we start to have pictures in our mind of how things will happen. The Jew and Pharisees knew that the MESSIAH was coming coming, how , when or where it was not made known unto them. Like the book of revelations 13 it happened somewhere, in South Africa the most loved and known iconic figure nelson Mandela who was held in prison cell 46664. who is idolised many even kings and queens of england, across the world the are statues of him made. His the only one who came out of the see, he is the one bearing the mark "666" he was arrested for 27 years in prison. Some this is not shown to them, if I being a woman of GOD get upset about something that wasn't predestined for me I am not normal. I would not be showing the full measure of HIS Majesty CHRIST, IF GOD WENT THROUGH SUCH TURMOIL THAT WHEN HE PRAYED IN Gethsemane and HIS tears turned to wine. People should be glad that they get to be part of CHRIST , cause even being the hair on CHRIST JESUS HEAD IS SUCH AN HONOUR. PEOPLE WANT TO BE GLORIFIED AND MADE TO BE SPECIAL MORE THAN THE OTHERS, SO THEY MAYBE SEEN BUT WHAT ABOUT THE RESPONSIBILITY NOT THE TITLE BUT THE CONTENTS OF THE TITLE. WE SHOULD JUST PRAY THAT GOD GLORIFY'S HIMSELF IN US THEN THE REST IS UP TO HIM. GLORY BE TO GOD

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 17 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    My apologies for not returning replies and questions. Busy and at times overwhelmed with life and exasperating people and situations...just as everyone else is time to time.

    God is Gracious;

    I have been receiving revelation on the Two Witnesses since 2009, through real life revelation, visions, and scripture interpretation. I attempted my very best to put everything that I am allowed to share into one written prophetic writing. Thanks for stopping by. Yeshua bless you!


    Do you know when all of this began back in 2009...I sat for years wondering and asking the Lord in my spirit if I was called to be a prophet. I felt bad for even asking Him this. This is the only explanation I have for all of these things happening to me. This is not pills, alcohol, insanity, or pizza before going to bed. Makes me clap and praise God because I know the truth of God's existence! Awesome! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your blessed footprints on my page. Blessings to you! I as well believe and KNOW that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of God, that come in the flesh!


    Thank you for commenting and adding your part. Though I have termed them the "Adam and Eve dream team fire breathing last call callers" I have received revelation that they are not married. She is the "Begotten Daughter-the Lord's Bride-His sister and bride-Only One with doves eyes-the Lily among the thorns-Daughter Zion-the Elect Lady-The Woman of the Apocalypse-the apostle of the apostles-the New Jerusalem. She is the woman who will encompass a man at the time of transfiguration. He is the New Adam-New man to bring in the restoration and she will be the 'birthing of the sons of God.'

    It is very difficult to explain in words but no...they will not be married because she is the true Bride of Christ and this will be Yeshua's Bride only.


    It is you that must test the spirits that speak to you telling you false things about the Messiah. I KNOW my Shepard's voice and there is none other that can duplicate it. Why is it that you can not discern the lying spirits? I will pray for you. God bless you.


    My thoughts EXACTLY. There has been great verbal assaults, slander, hate to me, my writings, my journals and the revelations that God has spoken to me, especially in the past few months. Many infiltrators--spies and pharisees as of this time. I am just repeating the revelation that I have received.

    Many do not understand the simplicity of the Lord--Yes these two are hidden in Christ and none of us know who they are. Those out there proclaiming are not the two witnesses and THAT I know. Neither are those people who try to fit the scriptures to their own "agenda" of being one of the two witnesses. I have actually backed off from anymore private speaking to anyone in regards to the two anointed any longer because it is truly madness and insanity that I see. They befriend-they are treated kind-they are respected and then when I can not verify that they are one of the anointed (the reason they bother me undercover), they become rude, hateful, insulting, angry, belligerent and mean spirited. It is quite insanity to watch and I won't play in the devil's playground of illusion and delusion with them all. They have ZERO oil because they believed the lies that the devil keeps speaking to them. Not a good place to be standing nor is it spiritually healthy to obsess about these things. It truly does drive people to insanity and I have seen it over and over and over. FRIGHTENING!

    We will ALL know who they are when they begin their Testimony of the Living God. As far as I have is still raining...there is nobody who has shut the heavens, nobody to smite the earth with plaques, or turn the water blood red, nor fire coming from their mouths that terminate the oppressorS. Until one of them out of the thousands can show me this....well....sorry....I can not be tricked into believing anyone's delusion of grandeur and lies from the devil.

    God bless you and thank you for addressing what I just don't have the energy to do at this time.

  • profile image

    preloma7 17 months ago

    blasphemous, I spit on the very words you spoke. your not a confused somebody but a rock solid agent of darkness. blasphemy, you have been weight and measured and shall be dealt with. Go and tell your god that you failed on your mission, get behind us Satan. you are operating and greater is HE THAT IS IN US THAN he that is in this world, all you speak is death and back to the ground you shall go. you queen of darkness I rebuke you, and your evil. this confusion your father the devil is spreading all over for the son of maturity to fall has come to an end. yours is a last kick of a dying horse , your so stupid devil we can see you your exposed. You know she is hidden in CHRIST, your asking for permission to see her in the spirit. You want to do what, you can succeed. You even want to usher her into your realm by instructing her in which manner she must pray, you fool. DANIEL 5: 25-26.

  • rockaroundclock profile image

    deborah 17 months ago from USA

    Hello my name is

    Deborah. The person who wrote this article on the two witnesses please say a prayer for me that I may see where you are in the heavenly realm through the true Spirit of God. You must believe and confess Jesus came according to the flesh. You must test this spirit that comes in the image of Jesus speaking word of God and showing these visions.

    Jesus came according to the flesh. This means Joseph and Mary were married and intimate. At the appointed time the Spirit of God open the womb of Mary who was barren to receive the seed of Joseph, "son of David" through "natural conception"!

    1Chron17:11, And it will come to pass when your days are finished to go with your forefathers, then I shall raise up your seed after you, who will be of your sons, and I shall establish his kingdom.

    The Spirit of God only opens and closes the womb!

    Ruth4:13, And Boaz took Ruth, and she became his wife, and he was intimate with her, and the Lord gave her conception, and she bore a son.

    The man Jesus son of David was approved and anointed by the true Spirit of God witness and testified by John the prophet declaring the man Jesus is the son of God.

    That anointing is the authority of the Father and God of the Lord Jesus .

    God is not a man!

    Many church leaders and their followers know Satan is a liar and deceiver but what they do not know Satan is an engraver of images!

    We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against wickedness in heavenly places Eph6:12.

    We will not find "engraver of images in the Holy Bible because it was taken out of the original scripture of prophecy and another word was added in its place to hide the truth in the Old Testament Holy Bible.

    So where does it show Satan is an engraver of images?

    Here are the two versions of Ezekiel 28:12-13 from the same prophet.

    KJV Holy Bible

    Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord God; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God.

    Original Torah

    "Son of man, raise a lamentation over the king of Tyre and say to him, So said the Lord God: You are the one who "engraves images", full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. In Eden, the garden of God you were.

    When studying original Torah on with Holy Bible we find two versions of prophecies from the same prophet(s).

    Theses prophecies in Holy Bible are counterfeits. The originals are in the Torah on

    Churches do not know prophecies of Messiah were counterfeited 2000 years ago by certain men who establish the mother church and all her churches spread out on the earth proclaiming the virgin birth and Jesus is both God and man. God of the Hebrews is a Spirit and Jesus is the son of David through the seed of Joseph one of the sons of David 1Chron17:11. This is Luke1:69.

    John the prophet witness and testified the Spirit of God ascending upon the man Jesus anointing him with authority from the Father declaring the man Jesus is His only begotten son.

    Meaning the true testimony of Jesus is that Joseph and Mary were married and intimate and when the appointed time came Joseph son of David came together with his wife Mary

    came the Spirit of God open Mary's barren womb to receive the seed

  • profile image

    Westeast 18 months ago

    May the peace of our dear Lord be with you!

    Hi, I have been reading your articles and it makes sense that the two witnesses are a man and a woman, I have received some revelations about apocalypse too and it confirmes what God had already told me. I was studying and in the original greek in apocalypse 11, the words mouth and body are used in singular to describe the two in some of the occasions, and I have read that probably the two will be married, because in marriage as Jesus said the man and woman are one flesh. I wanted to know your view about it if it's not a problem.


  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 18 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    December 3, 2016

    a.m. vision of the number 77. Huge! :) love this vision! Gladness and happiness surrounding this 77.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 18 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    I have began to give my Living Testimony by audio on You-Tube. I have discontinued writing at this time. It is much easier to speak then to write! God bless you all!

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 19 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS


    It is incredible to. watch from the side-lines. They say that everybody has a price. I don't. No amount of money in the world would move me to sway away from truth and become what I have seen from self professed Christians. They are not followers of Christ. They are posers for Christ. The true followers of Yeshua will not exalt them and that is why they are not desired inside their churches. God will not be mocked, and the trampoline is getting pulled away from them very VERY SOON! I will not weep for any of them. I will praise God when I watch their tall houses crumble at their feet! The time to act is the time that GOD MOVES...and He will. Expect it. We will only watch what happens to the wicked and we will thank GOD for His JUSTICE! He will be the one to direct His angels, and it will be the hand of the Great I Am that is removed at that appointed time. When it arrives...they will see why God should not be mocked. "Wait for it. The vision will come and it will NOT tarry!" This I know.

    He is not a theoretical concept, nor is the devil. The divisiveness has begun, the sheep from the goats and the tares are getting ready to be pulled up and bundled. Why do people who say they know Yeshua believe that they are going to be removed from this is beyond me. They are going nowhere. Those who follow the true God of Israel know this already, and they will be the ones who watch the wicked being punished. The rest that you speak of? They will perish regardless of what their lips proclaim. The darkness and fire will sweep over them quickly and suddenly. They will have already received the reasons why, prior to this event. They rejected and ignored and did not repent. Whose fault is that? Free choice is playing out, as well as prophecy. The sheep are being separated from the goats. This is what we are seeing. Have nothing to do with them and move your tents away because God is getting ready to do a GREAT THING. I am waiting, as you are. Many of his followers are waiting. "Be still and know that I Am God." Yes. I understand this now.

    Shalom and big hugs to you.

  • profile image

    preloma7 19 months ago



  • profile image

    Fire Lotus 19 months ago

    Dear Sister Joy,

    I wanted to share with you one insight that Holy Spirit has shared with me regarding the Spirit of Elijah. As I have been fasting, praying and watching the SW night sky these last few months, it was revealed to me that fiery Mars represents Elijah, locked in a life or death struggle/conjunction with Saturn/satan and Antares/spirit of AC around March 2016, then retrograding and ascending higher and higher in an Easterly direction. All taking place where anyone can see if they know where to look...

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 19 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Of course he did but it does not matter in the spiritual. You are indeed correct on that.

  • profile image

    preloma7 19 months ago

    MS JOY, i had writen a message fro the lord to you but it disappeared before i could send it to you. i laugh at the devils face, because in the spirit he won't interfer.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 19 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    November 5, 2016 - Vision this morning

    A second vision. AGAIN re: HC. I am watching her up close in the vision.She is the trigger person w/gun/shooting many, many bullets! Interpreted as more than one event, more than one death arriving to the news headlines with the originators name on it. (but hidden from the outside world who has no Light)There is no honor among thieves and murderers. The righteous who walk w/God are protected. Those who do not are 'fair game' to those many bullets that will go out quickly.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 20 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Vision on 10/28/16

    I am placed into the body of a person who has just been shot. I have labored breath, struggling to breath as I lay inside a room. I am ready to leave, my spirit is ready to leave my body. The wisdom is given to me in just that moment of who is behind the order of these bullets that have killed this person. HC!

    End of Vision.

    The interpretation is quite clear. Another death arriving, and it is caused by wickedness attempting to hide truth. There is no hiding from God, and all is revealed to those who know God. Expect a death of a 'truth speaker' in the news headlines very soon.

  • profile image

    TheTruth77 20 months ago

    You speak like a true prophet. This word is from God.

    I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of God, that come in the flesh!

  • profile image

    God is Gracious 20 months ago

    Blessings... May I ask when you first began receiving this revelation? ( I apologize if you stated this in the article and I missed it. )

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 20 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Send me a private email datepalm and what your need of prayer is. If I do not hear from you, I will pray anyways tonight and leave you a message here. (if it is not too personal.) God knows you. :) I can only pray and ask the Lord to speak to me in regards to your struggle. He does what He pleases, He often answer my prayers and other times.... very quiet. Strangely, it has been very quiet. Other than a few visions/warnings, it has been very, very quiet for months I had an angel speaking scripture to me months ago and I woke up to only one, "Be still and know that I am God." I have been attempting to be still, and it has been very, very quiet. Last night throughout my entire sleep, everywhere I went in my dream, continual dreams, over and over, I was seeking Yeshua but I could not find Him. I was speaking to people about Him and inquiring of Him and asking for Him and wanting to know where He was. I was so tired when I woke up from my seeking Him. This by far has been the strangest dream I have ever had. The struggle of dark and Light is very real, agreed.

  • profile image

    datepalm 20 months ago

    It would be gratefully appreciated if you could pray for input regarding this servant. You clearly speak truth to the point of a burning heart. The struggle of dark and light is very real and His input through another could sooth a bit (validate understanding as well as boot any confusion).

    May extra blessings fall upon you. ♡

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 21 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    You sure have said a mouthful of TRUTH Edwin. I could care less if they reject me. They are in essence rejecting the truth of God and you have eloquently explained the shutting of the Kingdom's doors on them. I was warned many years ago of the pharisees so I have expected it. Yes Edwin, you are correct that they choose to ignore. Agreed that it is right at the door. You as well were born with "God's eyes" to see as a child. I have been seeing since childhood but it is much stronger now.

    As for Florida, back in 2004 ? I had a vision of Florida and it was quite detailed. A Tsunami and the water was rushing over the roads. What I know is that God warns us of where and when by season and He will move us around like a chess piece to remove us, or He will keep us protected. I no longer worry about these things as I had many years ago. I trust Him. I am not afraid to die because I know where I am going. :) I smiled when I saw you say "Hollywood movie" because I often say this. "These visions and dreams are better than any Hollywood movie! :)

    Since you have been having these visions since early age, I would say that you have been prepared early for what is to come. Every one has a mission from God. You will have a great part in the Harvest. Sounds to me as if you sleep in your Warrior boots as well. I think it is absolutely absolutely amazing and exciting to be 'born for such a time' of restoration and to see the return of Yeshua. Keep looking up brother because the best show on earth is getting ready to begin. Get your popcorn with extra extra butter ready and have a seat near me. :)

  • Edwin St Jean profile image

    Edwin Saint Jean 21 months ago

    All the negative and harsh replies that you’re getting on your post are the least to expect for someone who’s trying to bring vital truth in a world controlled by evil. The sad part is that when the enemy who’s spent thousands of years brainwashing people and preparing the small minds sees that you’re trying to break his lies and deceptions, the enemy is not going to stand watching you without trying to stop you or at least make you regret for doing so. We’re talking serious business here, we’re talking about the salvation of billions of souls who for ages have been compromised into misconception of what the truth.

    These people who are giving you hardship are not rejecting you, but they’re rejecting the truth itself. Believe it or not, most people have an idea or have been majorly warned concerning what is about to imminently (Look I mean so soon that’s it keeps me awake) about to fall on the wicked of this world. These people choose to reject the truth because it’s easier for them to dismiss it and live in a bubble then to face it and accept that they have to change else they can shout YAHUSHUA as loud as they want but won’t ever step in His Kingdom.

    Here’s the play of this world. If one is wrong and have everyone tell that person is wrong then they will have to fight their consciousness more, but if everyone (most people) despite knowing that they’re wrong choose to say that they’re right, turning the truth upside down, then nobody will have to fight with their consciousness because the truth is at this point what people choose to make of it or more like what they choose it to be. This being said in this land of madness the deal isn’t about what the truth is but about a group of people saying that they’re right and you’re wrong not based on facts but because they say so.

    The sons of man aren’t blind, they’re choosing to doom themselves. The truth and warnings have been given to them. One could have used the term innocent if they were not warned or shared what is to be and to come but such has never been the case. We’re not even talking about assisted suicide anymore. I’m not negative I’m realistic. I know It’s hard to accept the fact that they’re aren’t going to change for the most people even with all that GOD Almighty , Our Father YAH Is about to send to this world. People from the day I’ve set foot in this world, I’ve been having visions of things that words can’t even describe. I’m talking the type of events that even Hollywood can’t CGI. Since very child I’ve known lived seen the Goodness of our great KING but have always lived with the fear of what would happen if this Mighty ONE was to be angry at this world.

    The Sunshine State can’t have me as it’s about to be a plate sinking under the water of dishes...

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 21 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    A very interesting response Edwin St John, I would say that you are not living a cursed existence....but one that is of goodness and power. Proclaim blessings over your life! Never curses. There is power in the tongue of life or death. I am sorry that things have collapsed on you. When everything collapses, and everything is taken away....this is when God can do the greatest work in a person! God will take everything that was meant to take you down, and keep you down from the evil one and turn it into a masterpiece for you if you follow Him. You are not failing at life...quite the opposite. Be encouraged and be empowered....Keep watching for Yeshua and watch for His power to move over you. Keep watching and you will see it. Expect it! :)

    ....and it wouldn't hurt to have a trip to Disney and some Florida sun on your face. Be at peace Edwin....things in the world are getting ready to change drastically. You will be empowered with a mission at that time...until then...hold on and hold fast to goodness and love. Much love to you!

  • Edwin St Jean profile image

    Edwin Saint Jean 21 months ago

    I worry about her almost like a mother would worry about her own child. I hate this feeling of powerlessness that fills in when you can't help someone that is sinking in pain. For I know what it's like to be living with the most cursed existence where things that would work for the average person for no reason whatsoever simply don't for you. I know what it's like to have everything you build collapse on itself like someone is playing game with your life. I have an idea what she might be facing. Living under people's judgement, failing at life while she's trying harder than anyone has before...

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 22 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    I have read many things by him but much of his teachings are false. He still celebrates Horus's birthday and Ishtar,(christmas & Easter) and that is always a dead giveaway that people are not walking in the spirit of God. He believes that the bride of Christ is the church which it is not, the witnesses come at the midpoint, not true. They come on the scene the first half of Daniel's 70th week....I could go on but it would be redundant. He is a very nice man but He is 'churched and indoctrinated' with man's teachings and much of it is incorrect. I stay away from false doctrine and teachings. :)

  • profile image

    Fire Lotus 22 months ago

    Hey, check out the other articles here on hubpages regarding the TW by David Campbell. Very excellent.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 23 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Denden, this is the prophecy that I received from God.

    They are the Law (Moses) and the Prophets (Elijah)...the Staff and the Cloak 0:) They will be two literal humans in flesh who are anointed with the power of God, having the spirits of Moses and Elijah rest on them. They are still hidden and nobody knows who they are yet....exciting because they are arriving on the scene soon! The Two Witnesses will NOT be associated with ANY religious label, especially Catholic. They will be VIRGINS to any denomination and they will follow only the Lamb. They will not be following any false doctrine, the pope is a Jesuit and the majority of Jews do not believe that Yeshua was the Messiah...yet. ;) Thanks for stopping bye and leaving your footprints on my page. Shalom to you in Philippines.

  • denden mangubat profile image

    denden mangubat 23 months ago from liloan, cebu, philippines

    The two witnesses are Elijah and Enoch but not in human form because they are the Catholics[those who don't follow the Mason Pope Francis] and the Jews.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 23 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Hey fire....

    I am just a lowly student studying as well. :) Seriously. God uses the babies more often because they are hungry to learn and they are not puffed up with ego, pride and man made icky stuff. You may get some awesome revelation so please do share and teach me what He teaches you. :)

  • profile image

    Fire Lotus 23 months ago

    Oh no, just a lowly student trying to get the basics down here. If I ever do post something, I will notify you, okay?

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 23 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Yes. Time is very short. I like what you have just written. Do you have a website or any private readings I may see of yours?

  • profile image

    Fire Lotus 23 months ago

    Thank you for your responses. I use the term "rapture" because it is a generally understood concept. One thing I have come to realize is that our Lord will have three major appearings, once as Prophet to redeem us (mortal being here on Earth), once as Priest to rescue, and finally, as King and Ruler to reign! I sense time is short! Praying for all!

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 23 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Hey Fire....

    I am not meaning you when I say this. Many say that they have the Holy Spirit indwelling but they do not. It is a counterfeit. Many say that they hear the Holy Spirit but they are hearing familiar spirits and I know this because they lie and they are way off from the truth. I can only speak from my personal experiences and it is Yeshua who is in my visions. I come from no indoctrination, no religion and I was certainly not interested in following God when the doors of Heaven and Hell opened. That being said.....about what you heard as masculine voice.

    I have heard the voice of Yeshua many times, it can not be duplicated by familiar spirits or anybody on earth. I know the Sheppard's voice. I have also heard the voices of Angels when they come to me and give me a message, most all sound very firm, powerful and masculine. God's angels have personalities, strengths, and powers of different hierarchy as well. In fact a few weeks ago I had an angel speaking scripture to me in a vision, very firm and teaching me. When I left the vision I was only allowed to remember one verse, though I clearly remember many verses being spoken to me. "Be still and know that I am God." I am just waiting and being still right now.

    When I saw the original scrolls they were speaking of the Holy Spirit as 'she' and revelation was given to me in regards to this...after all these years. Let us make man in OUR image is not just males. Of course in an era that women are told to shut up, they can not preach but they are not rightfully dividing the word with that either. There are too many translations, and way too many misinterpreted scriptures for us to study and lean from. They have been tainted by man. I learn from the Master and what He has shown me. Very little do I receive from man. I have been given lessons. :) Not on everything, but the things that He shows me and teaches me no man can change my mind. ALL the things He has shown me go clearly against man's doctrine and false teachings. I believe Yeshua.

    And you said something about transfigured? In what way, glowing or something?

    I am speaking of the Latter Rain. The anointing which will pour down upon the people of God's. The changing, the spiritual tools for the Harvest. The 3 Harvests are gatherings, not a rapture. I suppose it would be easier for me to re- publish some of my writings and visions then to try to explain too much in a tiny comment box. I will re-publish some of my writings. It is just easier that way.

  • profile image

    Fire Lotus 23 months ago

    Nope, not planning on being duped. Only trying to rightly divide the word and show myself approved. Just that everything you had written resonated as gospel truth, based on my research, until I read your comment. I believe I have actually heard Holy Spirit speaking actual words and the voice sounded authoritative, kind, humorous, very masculine and very competent? I will continue to study and pray. If I may ask, you do believe that the rapture will take place before the witnesses begin their ministry? And you said something about transfigured? In what way, glowing or something? One site stayed they would attend the marriage supper of the Lamb, then return to Earth for their ministry? What are your thoughts, please?

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 23 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Thank you for leaving your footprints about this "Fiery Twosome." May Yeshua bless you as well. You may want to go back to Genesis, as well as seeking the original scrolls to see the truth of "OUR image." Male and Female. These are not my assertions regarding the Ruach HaKodesh but the perfect words of God. It is the Heavenly family. Don't let the devil dupe you. :)

  • profile image

    Fire Lotus 23 months ago

    Thank you for a very interesting article about a very interesting topic! I have recently been making a study of end time events and also praying for all involved. Also, I am certain that the enemy has his sights on this pair and oppresses both unmercifully. Not so sure about your assertions regarding Ruach HaKodesh. Blessings, and all praise to Yeshua!

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 23 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    TK, sorry I had been gone out of state for awhile and I had turned off the comments while away. My personal email address is and you may contact me through there. Please put in the header JOY JOY JOY! So that I know it is you. *I get a lot of email and often delete hundreds in bulk after scanning. I would surely love to hear what you have to say to me...interesting. I also added my books which are full of prophecy (two are second editions here on this writing at the end of the hub as well as a new book which was just written.)

  • profile image

    TK Woman 24 months ago

    Thank you JG, Praise GOD I am so excited too. See u in the wedding feast. I want to tell you something, but I cant , coz it public but I know and I feel that GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT can tell you, what I want to tell you.GOD is so GOOD

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 24 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    I will absolutely pray that you have strength! :) I just did! God is awesome and amazing!

    Yeshua reveals many mysteries to me and I get so happy and excited when I hear Him! Many do not believe because they have a 'counterfeit Holy Spirit' that is not of God so sadly they do not get the scriptures revealed to them. Those who have the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT know that this is true because their spirit feels it as well. Strangely many of them don't even realize that the Holy Spirit Greek, "Sophia" the Heavenly mother is a SHE. Man changed "SHE" to "HE" in the original scrolls. All the apostles called her a "SHE." The Heavenly family!!! Hashem and His wife, Sophia and Yeshua their Son! The Son is getting ready to be reunited to his SOLO Bride and get married in the spiritual soon! Amazing! I will see you at the wedding feast! :) God bless you TK.

  • profile image

    TK Woman 24 months ago

    Thanks JG God is awesome.

    JG I need your prayer please pray for me, and I want the Lord to give me strength,God told you about everything, yes that's true about the two witnesses.GOD BLESS

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 24 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Oh Yes TK....The Time IS coming. Praise God! His TRUE people have eyes to see...the others...not so much. I am hearing right now...."Go away.....I never knew you." Yup. That's THEM.

  • profile image

    TK Woman 24 months ago

    My God is so BIG, and the time is coming, Praise the most high true GOD, it is GOD will....... Not My will Lord........Hallelujah.... hallelujah,

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Well it sounds to me as if you are a Pharisee to calls the truth of God "Worthless." Yup. Another Pharisee! They sure do love to come to my page! Maybe God wants you to open your eyes? You are unteachable and spiritually haughty. Your words prove that to be true.

    Seems as if you have it all figured out and you lack true belief in I will say my 'Adieu' to you...have fun with that! :)

    The Kingdom come ain't coming for you until you stop being a Pharisees.

  • profile image

    KingdomCome 2 years ago from those of the Ecclesia

    One another point, Adam and Eve were refered by God as Man (Mankind) not "men" as you have used.

  • profile image

    KingdomCome 2 years ago from those of the Ecclesia

    If that is the case then why did you bring up the subject of a woman to begin with. And for the record. I do not believe you or your worthless article.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    The Two Witnesses are one MAN and one wo-MAN.

    I typed it this way for a purpose. We are all men. People believe that because they see the word MEN or MAN that it is ONLY referring to a MALE and no female is allowed in the boy's club of that word.

    When it comes to the Two Witnesses the scriptures say 'men' but that is not meaning only males.

    The New Adam and the New Eve are men. (people)

    Can we talk about the 'hearts of men?' Do you have concern over this as phrase as well? Is this phrase only talking about males and not females because this phrase said 'men?' Absolutely not - in fact it is clearly stating otherwise.

    That should clear up your confusion of why I used the word 'men'. Shalom, JG

  • profile image

    KingdomCome 2 years ago from those of the Ecclesia

    I have a concern with regards to this article. First you say the two witnesses are a woman and a man , then you turn around and explain they are two men. So which is it?

  • profile image

    Rev Dr. Jstark 2 years ago

    Your blog or booklet is quite long but not short on "me", "I", "my" identities. The two witnesses are fully disclosed and in Jerusalem. If the world will know who they are, they can only be hidden until they begin proclaiming Christ for 1,260 days...ALL WILL SEE AND KNOW. The beast from the abyss makes war with them. They are killed but 3 1/2 days later AL:L SEE THEM RISE.

    Am I missing your point?

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS


    The Lord is amazing in how He speaks to us, as well as Him speaking very loudly to me when I read your comment. I was overpowered with prophecy! It was so loud that I was in awe and mentioned it to my husband as I read your comment out loud to him! Oh yes! You are correct that the time is arriving very soon mc for the Two Witnesses to step out. I wait with anticipation to see it! It will be fabulous to see. I just keep watching for them to take the world by storm.

    It is always good to pray for everyone, especially the Two Witnesses. Satan has no power to keep them from each other and when the Lord thrusts them out into the spotlight Satan can do nothing to stop them. I agree that they have had a life-long attempts by Satan yet still they are here and strong in the power of Jesus Christ. It is a very exciting time!

    Satan is powerless over God and he can not thwart their appearance. Remember that they will be protected for 1260 days regardless of the attempted attacks. Please give God more credit than the devil because he can only torment the Two Witnesses until the anointing comes over them. He can do no more than taunt and torment them and I am sure by now they have overcome with victory in Christ, regardless of the attacks on their lives.

    Because I know that it is very late in the hour for their arrivals, I can be assured that the true Two Witnesses are patiently waiting, still hidden from the world in Christ and in the safe care of the Lord. Neither are in any trouble and they are at peace at this time. They can not be 'in a lot of trouble' because they have the Lord protecting them, even now before the anointing. These two are very strong in the Lord more so now then ever before. Prayers are always good for everyone.

    Thank you for stopping by and reading. JG

  • profile image

    Jade 2 years ago

    I think these two really need prayers. If Satan is trying to stop them so badly, they need more prayers, especially now that the time is arriving soon. I get the sense that the woman is in a lot of trouble and desperately needs prayers. Satan has been after her her entire life, and Satan is trying to keep the two separated by all kinds of deceptions. I'm afraid she's in a lot of trouble. Your article is good. I just thought I'd post this.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    :) glad to see you here!

  • profile image

    Kenneth mcneir 2 years ago

    Awsome stuff srry if u read my last comment with my question u not have to respond forgive me for asking . I think u r wonderful u r a blessing.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    David, I know that I had written you a return comment but I am not sure how it disappeared? It says it has been deleted by user? Thank you for commenting and it was not an 'ignore' to you! I just noticed that my comment was gone now. The Holy Spirit had told me that you believe that you are one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation. As I had originally typed...nobody knows who they are and they are still hidden. Could it possibly be you? Only God knows but we will all know when it is revealed!

    When the The Two Witnesses arrive on the scene, I can guarantee you that we will never hear hear those words of proclamation from their lips. They will only be about the Father's business. God bless you David!

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    :) Awesome! God bless you!

  • David33 profile image

    Brian David Mattson 2 years ago from Boise, ID

    Something I would ad is that the Prince of Ezekiel is a Prince under Jesus Christ and the King of Israel under Jesus Christ who will have sons that will be princes of Israel. This Prince to come is called David in many places throughout the Bible and is from the lineage of King David, this David to come is one of the two witnesses and his wife will be the other. King David the son of David will come first and is already here in JerUSAlem preparing and being raised up by the Most High God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

    He will later receive his wife and she will receive a portion of the spirit of Elijah from her Husband David the Prince and King of Israel who already has several portions of the spirit of Elijah. This King David will build the temple in the Millennium and will bare the glory of Jesus Christ who is the Glory of the Most High God of Hosts. He is also described as a leader and a commander and will definitely know the Laws, Commandments, Ordinances, Statutes and Judgments of the Most High God of Hosts. So yes he will be like Moses with a Heart after the Most High God of Hosts.

    These two, man and woman will both be examples of not only Jesus Christ but of Godly men and women for those to learn from. At last we will see example of real men and women again that will truly serve and worship the Most High God of Hosts in this last day. Now is the time to come out of Babylon called the United States which is a corporation and has enslaved JerUSAlem called the United States of America. Prepare to come out of her my people and give up all of Babylons commercial property like surnames, birth certificates, social security, identification, etc. The great following away is a divorce from the state and its property, legal fiction of persons or personas. JerUSAlem is preparing to marry her maker a bride that will be adorned for a husband that will bless her and keep her.

    Jeremiah 30:7-9 Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob's trouble; but he shall be saved out of it. 8 For it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD of hosts, that I will break his yoke from off thy neck, and will burst thy bonds, and strangers shall no more serve themselves of him: 9 But they shall serve the LORD their God, and David their king, whom I will raise up unto them.

    Zechariah 12:5-9 And the governors of Judah shall say in their heart, The inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength in the LORD of hosts their God. 6 In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem. 7 The LORD also shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves against Judah. 8 In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them. 9 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

  • jeannefentress profile image

    Jeanne 2 years ago from Washington State

    JG...all I can say is PRAISE THE LORD! :)

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Yes! Thank God for our Jesus!

    E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G is possible with God!

    All who love Jesus will continue to see Him in the storm and this will keep us encouraged and strong to persevere. You will stand strong because He is strong! God bless you Jeanne! Jesus just said that you are beautiful and that you are in his hands-he knows you-and you will be made strong! :) Awesome!

  • jeannefentress profile image

    Jeanne 2 years ago from Washington State

    JG this glorious prophesy of the Two Witnesses gladdens my soul. I am so grateful for Jesus dying for our sins, so that we DO get a "last call". I will keep you and our two Warriors for God in my prayers. And I pray that I will have the courage to prove my love for Him when needed.. everything is possible with God. Many blessings to you for sharing His words.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    I find very interesting that you saw it as a "Main" road busy with traffic now still, desolate-destruction! The 2 on the bike...2 witnesses? What is your gathering from this prophetic dream?

  • profile image

    Co 2 years ago

    I had a dream a couple nights ago that reminded me of this. It was the middle of the night on a main street in town. Usually it would have been brimming with traffic, but now all was still. There was not a car on the road, only a bike with two people on it. It wasn't running. It just sat there. The last vehicle on the road.

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    "His lord said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. 'Enter into the joy of your lord.’

    :) May the Lord rain many blessings upon you and your wife!

  • profile image

    Garry Umphress 2 years ago

    Well Done.

    Thank you


    Mt 25:23


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