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The Advantage Of Being Psychic

Updated on August 4, 2017

Gifted since Childhood

 I asked my mother at a young age what was wrong with me. I would know things, see things before they would happen, and see things that I did not understand. My mother would say that it was okay because my grandmother and my mother all had the gift. I remember when I was in fifth grade watching my brother fully dressed, he had a room in the attic, come up the steps pass me, he had a trance look on his face, and his body went right through the attic door. I said to myself I'll wait and see if he comes down with the same clothes on. Later, he did and he was awake and regular. My mother explained what I had seen as "astral projection". The soul leaves the body while it is asleep, and walks around and does things. There are hundreds of things I have seen and done over the years. I know that dreaming in number 5 rem sleep, is not really dreaming. The soul is out experiencing activities. I have proof of that occurrence. I had a dream that I was in this new house, I was standing at the top of the stairs, looking down. There was a man standing at the bottom, a farmer type, wearing jean overalls. I looked to the left side out the window, and could see a parked black pick up truck. i said to this man, "Why are you in my father's house"? His answer was, "You are not going to leave this house" I answered "How are you going to stop me'? He said, "I will not, but he will" and he pointed to his right and there was a black doberman dog, sitting showing his teeth. I woke up and did not pay any attention to it. My parent's were living in  a rented condo, so who cared. Months later I took a trip to see my parent's, and I am sitting at the table talking to my mother about the dream. My mother did not say anything, and my father rushes in, when he hears me, and he is surprised. My father tells me they built a house but did not tell anyone yet. My response was, yeah, the farmer lives there with his black pick up truck, and my father says he does. Then I said, with his doberman. My father says, yes he has a doberman. My father says the doberman has never left the farmers property. Them my parents suggest driving to the house so i could see it. I told my parents that I would not have one leg out of the car before the doberman tries to bite me. Well, we drove there, and sure enough, we park, as soon as I open the door, and put one foot outside, here comes the black doberman. The house, the farmer, his truck and dog were exactly what I had seen in my dream.  The advantage of having this gift, which I have never used to make money, is that it forewarns me of any danger. For instance, the last job I just had, is a business that handles large amounts of money. I started in January of 2009, and I was very uneasy. I did not feel safe and secure, but felt threatened. Three months later, I was told that my job was being eliminated. I already knew that the whole office space was going to be gone by August of 2009. I said nothing. I was being transferred to another department and I knew that I was going there to be terminated. I was going to be set up with missing money. I said nothing. I knew that I would be given the hardest job standing, and wished for it to change, to give me some time to find another job. When I started, the job changed to a sitting job, that I knew would not last long. It lasted 9 days. One of the managers that just got promoted wanted me to take a different job that he knew would be gone by August of 2009. He did not know that I knew, he was a liar and could not be trusted. There was only one person that could be trusted and I knew they would use her later. I went out to the other job for 4 hours and changed it back to a job that was not going to end. I had a very difficult time standing for 8-11 hours, and I knew what was coming next. They had me watch a nice lady for 1 day. The next day another supervisor, put me out on my own. Since I learn quick, I did the job by myself, and when the Manager found out she was quite angry. I did a good job. Then they were going to train me with the only lady they pay extra to train, if I did not train in 1 week I would be fired. I spent 1 day with her, and because of a prior injury, stayed off because I could not stand the 8-10 hours. Now, when I come back, they assign me to the window that is so busy, they think i will fail. I do a great job. They pulled this a couple of times but I already knew ahead of time. I also knew that I would be set up to loose money. I had a big problem standing, and they knew that. The last night, I was working alone, it was very busy, and they sent the only nice supervisor to tell me to close and that she would take part of my bank, and help me count out. She returned quickly and said that she had to go on the floor and was sorry she couldn't finish helping me. I already knew I would be short money. Before that a person that I was friendly with, had passed by my window and all she told me was that she had found something valued as money on the floor. I am inside the secure area she is outside. I balance and I am short $ 108.25. No one tried to  look for it and I already knew how it was taken and who they used to get the money. My psychic feeling told me that I needed to resign, because the next day and the day after, larger sums of money would vanish. I listened and the next day resigned. I felt so much relief, even in a bad economy. The end of the week comes and the HR Director emails me to tell me that I do not owe any outstanding debt , pertaining to the $ 108.25.   What a big surprise. For months all I felt was evil all around me. I know what you are thinking, if you are really Psychic, why wouldn't I know the lotto numbers? It does not work that way. I always get what I need to the exact amount, never over. I just feel that there is another job for me with nice and honest and fun people. I am not afraid this time. I live to do good for people, to live an honest life, I do not need much. I detest evil, liars and thieves. The business I walked into was in the category of evil. Good would never survive there. The job was for one purpose and one purpose only to move me back to where I should have been. It cost me more to get there, than what I earned.   I know that I will find my direction, and I already have felt such feelings of relief. There are true Psychics, with good intent and clean souls.



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