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The Advocate of Questioning

Updated on April 18, 2016

Criminal Law

As an advocate of the questioning for meaning, I would argue that the physical matter was as the energy as important, being that light was energy once in the molecular structures of nature.

Argument 1: I spoke to a tree today and told of how the faiths slaughtered the innocent in nature, the trees. Conifers, deciduous and the rest of the forest like poplar trees for educating all. It was the curse once that they in innocence Crucified Christ to a tree cross and nature fall then in paper and scripts. Nature warned man and nature many times throughout the centuries, some listened. Nature not a mother either, that was man's word. It was their home once, their silence felled by education. Poetic justice then that that branch wrote of all the religions and potentials even the internet, which would have saved trees. There was draw backs, children would not hold books in their hands yet they would have forests to run in. Some wrote spirit and others countered with lust. Some wrote fiction and then history of lies. It was a gift to the children of God once, that they would be given language, education and songs to write music on. I had spoke of suffering once, in humanity and animals for they tortured them all in print. I would speak in suffering on the internet and share and they damned my words and stole many of my thoughts. It was a tool to save the homes of the planet, the spirit, animal homes and church houses. I think they could have used the churches for museums, and worshiped as they spoke with family around. Children would n time find nature to be needed. Trees really were the armpit, ancillary branch that brought life and it was not a choice in their fall. Clear cut and deforested. Balance then in hemp and other products. It was a trade off. To think they clean the air, speak of faith, fiction, scripts, medicine and then family. To be cut down without thanks and have the lives of saints written on them is innocence, that birds lived in them and worshiped creation was another home. They there, and here, damned my life for the internet and this temple should stand for the freedom they damned in censorship, no freedom then in choices when the education was all lies to begin with. Nature was damned anyways by all in that they taught humanity and animal a like to sing. Judgment fall in trees to or in the seeds they planted in the minds of ugliness. Many saw the beauty and were silenced. Having said that they are trapped in the cycle of chemistry and math in the reincarnated matter of the world. Good luck with the lies, if all you knew was choices based on lies. Irony that nature in explosion would be saved despite the hands of ugly judges.

Argument 2: Nature needed a way to be aware and to give life to the story of creation. It was rarely thanked, and free forests were sold by man to paper the Hell's they worshiped in judgment. I support the equal balance of foresting and reforesting, for they would lay down their lives for their stories. Nature needed it. Creating forests i n children's minds of many cultures and beliefs was needed in education and discovery. That they judged a branch of my life, their right and innocence as well.

Argument 3: The internet in the paperless words would have helped nature, and it of nature too. Organic materials used to produce it. I think that they were Hell bent on the paper word yet I destroyed my dreams of publishing because the trees would be slaughtered in mass, without thanks. Many books of lies were published, for many had not seen the untold cost of religion in life. It was epic. Internet was lies as well, tailor made for certain sites, and that was lies to hurt a truth that they feared. I now will never use certain sites for they were censored, and that damned freedom for money. Spirit, being the judged was in nature that it could stand judgment and I have no children in this for I am not of it. I liked the tree fells of spirit and magic the most, for that was religion once and then spirit left it. Never that learned in book smarts on religion though since I had imaginary children once that were returned to nature. As was the belief.

Argument 4: Try to live without the tree? Or the education, the air you breath, the life it brings in fruit and bees. Try to see your homes with no wood or symbols in nature? You would be in nature then, dead. It is the mind field that trees seed, the thinking of creation and then the meaning of cursing the Gods of your belief to search for ever. I found mine, your worlds are different and not welcome in my Heart for you all were unwelcoming here and I would see it stand forever, for the lost that need it. You damned my life, and damned in double jeopardy any chances of a new trial. Be well to know that the quiet library was the planet Earth and like dolphin echoes, someone heard in the light of the fluid nature of space. Space not in the machine of the computer, but in the greater meaning of the womb. The solar systems were nurseries once, to fledgling children of light, the planets. That they damned was their innocence, that they judged, was their fault. I lived in choice and was damned ever time for my choices, that they live in choice is the forgiveness of creation and life.

Conclusion: It was them that knew the pen that felled nature and belief, many created Hell right away to damn life, in truth God needed creation and searching for meaning not eternal Hell in judgment. That is evolution of knowledge and species. That I stood in contempt of their judged life through their learning was their innocence of freedom, and my right to forgive creation for they were on the Lamb of God, creation. Be a judge in the lives you choose, choose or not it is freedom of creation that died in one life. Think about what the Cross really meant, from not the religious view but from Nature and the meaning of paper on the belief. They crucified my belief enough. I believed in all their lies, and in love that they took was them to be their truth as well. My children would have died, gone into nature and been in nature of the chemistry we all share in one time, before man created time there was none. Just is nature in it's design and humbled are the hands that touch the branches of the living and the fallen. Bee blessed, the fruit of many colors, shapes, sizes, and fragrances. It laid down it's life for creation without so much as a thanks for being in churches, as song books and hymnals, in hotel whore rooms, and in the minds of future creators. Terre firma, that she as mother, kicked creation out of the womb, the loves, the arts, the hopes, the dreams, and children. A father would due, leave the mother in man as well. See, if my history was damned, you never were in the history you live here in.

Question your judgment and see your never ending quest as the gift God cursed humanity to once and I cursed God to her, never to return to my heart until his lust for life and creation is spent. I saw that once we were all of the same cast and in that meaning, in the body of creation their are trees like bridges in the synaptic meeting of energy storms. Be well to know what education brings to return the nature to it's glory and spare the trees with technologies that tell it's own story. Censor what you will, then you damn creation for it was lust of life that made it all potentials, energy potentials. You damned spirit as well. That was your walk daughters, in innocence. I know it is you three anyways, that I already had spirit was your view, and I was fair in my forgiveness. You shamed creation and you know, you deserve the everlasting damnation of finding spirit in something. That is the gift of discovery, and heart. I had too, and I already had it in my life, you keep the physical. I knew that the seeds were there, not that they will never fall in a womb other than the mind of thought is my punishment. I was innocent in believing in all their beliefs, that I walked it was yours to see, in my sorrow.

sub section a: You hurt more than all you know, my Heaven was to be inclusive and you all shamed me here for it would work, that we always were in chaos of creation in chemical bonds and nature. Never fix it, you broke it. Now live with your choices, the righteous damned forever in thought. You were forgiven when he fell in nature, it was the trees that damned all for their arrogance and a kindred spirit, so was it in all faiths once. How dare they make Hell for Heaven was the Earth once for spirit and nature to share. Sister, be well in your made Heaven, you deserve the best in Heaven, to sore like nature in your song as well. I will look to you once and a while and speak, then we see that the trees taught more than education they seeded dreams, imagination and the life of magic. Silly creation to think it so conscious of it all.

Steven Philip Lindquist, disgraced Father and more than what that means for nature was made once by a meaning, then they had no idea of creation. We were all one in the light once. They never killed my family in nature nor in spirit. They are constant like the time that never was before man. Find my Heart there, if you look then you know god was sent there on its quest more than once. Blessed was suffering once for it bred music, love, lust, and creation until they killed in in damning my life.


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