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The After Life a Look into What Happens After Death

Updated on October 19, 2010

The After Life a Look into What Happens After Death

What is it that happens to us after we die? Are we all headed to some heavenly place up above in what would seem to be the ultimate paradise? Or do we just cease to exist as ourselves or as we were in life and return to the earth as decaying matter? What happens to our consciousness when we finally do expire? The question has been with humanity all along. What happens to us after we die?

The religious and science communities have struggled with this question for thousands of years. Medical scientists believe that death is a finality that is inescapable. They measure the functions of the body at the time of death through respiration (breathing and the intake of oxygen that without the cells in our bodies die), electrochemical activity in the brain, and the functioning of the heart that pumps our oxygenated blood to our cells so that they can function. Doctors call the moment of these functions ceasing clinical death. But what happens to our consciousness? Without oxygenated blood flow, respiration, and brain activity all the physical aspects of our body for all intents and purposes are dead. So is this the end of you and your consciousness?

Neural scientists have studied the brain at the time of death. For them death occurs when the electrical impulses of the brain shut down. Studies have been done by the military in centrifuges where test pilots experience massive G-forces on the body inducing stress on the blood flow to the brain. Pilots undertake this training in order to better counteract the force known to them as G-Lock, the point at which the body no longer is carrying enough blood to the brain to maintain consciousness. Many of the near death experiences reported by people who have been declared clinically dead but then were revived are reported near the moment of G-Lock. Feelings of being above your body or out of the body, tunnel vision and bright lights have all been reported by pilots after centrifugal testing. Scientists have also studied the effects of certain drugs that affect the brain and also induce these types of experiences. Other experiments using electromagnetic fields in apparatus attached to the head can induce many strange feelings and experiences that mimic near death or out of body experiences. So are these people experiencing nothing more then chemical electrical shutdown do to the lack of oxygen to the brain and environmental influences that cause the brain to function differently inducing these experiences? Or is there something more happening at the time of death?

To know more we must turn to our spiritual teachers and philosophers to answer these questions… and the answers we get are so varied that a clear picture never seems to form to give a concise answer as to what happens to our consciousness after we die. It seems that there is a belief among most of the worlds populations and religious beliefs that there is something beyond death, some call it heaven, others believe we are reincarnated, and others believe we become spiritual beings or bodiless consciousness. But how can we know? Perhaps the answer does not lay in either field of study but a meshing of many aspects of science and religion. Could it be that neither side is right or wrong?

Quantum physicists now know that all matter is entangled. Particles created together are linked in what are known as pairings. A pairing occurs when one particle spins up + and its paired particle spins down -, this indicates that these particles are connected and are sharing information via a means of connectedness. What is even more amazing is that the quantum particles have no time dilation when it comes to this communication. The fastest known speed at which information can travel is the speed of light or 186k miles per second, now that is fast… but quantum pairings do not share this speed limit. If particle A is on one side of the universe separated by billions of light years particle B on the other side of universe will still react if A’s spin is interrupted at the exact same instant. Every piece of matter from the smallest particle to the largest was created at the time of the creation of the universe. So all matter in the universe is connected just like all the parts of a spiders web are connected, if you shake even a small part of the web the entire web shakes. Matter behaves in much the same way, yes even the matter in your body.

If our bodies and our consciousness are connected to this quantum phenomena is it possible that what happens after death is not so much a physical death and then a trip to nirvana but perhaps it is an uploading into what I can only call a universal consciousness? If the brain is conscious because of it’s experiences in life where all the neuron connections are storing information like the information being set down by me on this computer as I write this, is it not possible that the universe at a quantum level is also conscious but perhaps in a way not understood by us? And if this is true could it not be that the universe itself is full of information uploaded to it by those that were self-conscious and once living? It would mean that all consciousness is connected at a quantum level and that after we die we don’t cease to exist but that we are uploaded into the universal consciousness where our experiences in life are shared with the greater universal consciousness.

Now I am not saying that you cease to be you after death. Perhaps what happens is we still hold onto our individuality for a time. But that our perceptions are changed. Not being bound to the physical world through our individual experience and perceptions could lead to a much broader spectrum of information and experience. Our perceptual experience itself could be akin to what we often call heaven in that we are able to experience the idea of heaven by this universal shared experience. So in a sense yes we go to heaven but it is a heaven that we ourselves have created and share with those other consciousnesses that are there. Their experience of this heaven may be slightly different then our own. But I digress; the experience itself is only part of the equation. The fact remains that there is a connection at the most minute level of reality that shares information and that perhaps individual death is only a stepping stone to a much broader experience beyond this life.

What ever the case may be I raise the argument to try and propose a different scenario than the ones offered to us by those institutions that have been trying to figure out what happens to us after death for so many centuries. I do not claim that this idea is correct because there is no verifiable way to prove that is what happens but then again no explanation will ever be correct because the only way to know what happens after death is to die and then we have no way to tell those that are still living what has happened. But this idea proposes that we do know what happens at a level embedded in the very matter that we are made up of. That perhaps the reason we believe in life after death is that this connectivity is constantly talking to us through the very matter of which we are created and connected to. Thanks for reading this article.


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    • Cow Flipper profile imageAUTHOR

      Sean Jankowski 

      8 years ago from Southern Oregon

      I love you wife. You are the reason for everything that I love about myself and my life. Forever and Longer my love.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love the way you write Sean. I love how beautifully it flows out of you. I feel drawn into everything you say and can feel you in the words you write. I love you. In this life and after. Forever & Longer.


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