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The Afterlife

Updated on July 5, 2015
Kasey Hill profile image

Occultic writer Ficton writer including romance, erotica romance, dark fantasy, drama Poetry all types of prose From Franklin County VA


Many people have their own opinions on the existence of heaven and hell. Some believe in the existence of both, some do not believe either exist, and some think there is a heaven but no hell. In the course of my research, I have found the latter to be more correct than the other two. In the afterlife, there is a common belief that it is what you manifest it to be and no two afterlives are the same. If you believe you will join all of your relatives in heaven, this is the afterlife you will more than likely have. However, there is no technical hell. Those who end up in “hell” manifested it out of their own delusions of what the afterlife would be once one dies after “sinning” in life. Until they come to the realization that they control what happens in their afterlife, they will continue to be in the barren wastelands they have manifested.


Every soul reincarnates. All souls do not immediately reincarnate because your soul has to rest in between incarnations. Your soul adjusts to a way of living each time it is on earth. Those who had a horrific life need a longer period of rest than those who fared better on earth. Once it gets to a certain point in your reincarnation cycle, you can choose whether to come back or not. You also have the choice of becoming someone’s spirit guide. After incarnating so many times, the spirit has a choice to reincarnate more or become a guide. By being a guide, you’re stuck in your ascension level UNLESS you help this person further ascension through your guidance. You can also reincarnate to help someone else in their lifetime and not for personal gain. You then ascend higher up through the cosmic planes, but no one really reaches the plane of god.

Along with the lesson of afterlife came the introduction of Spirit Guides. “What are Spirit Guides?” you might ask. For those of you not familiar with the term, Spirit Guides are guides that help you along your path during your lifetime. You have one that is with you from beginning to end and some that walk in and out of your life, all of which are planned before incarnation.

In most cases, these are the situations of spiritual ascension, however, when you commit suicide, you immediately reincarnate back into a body to complete the life you had initiated during your soul contract. Your soul contract is the contract made before your incarnation on Earth. You plan everything out down to what happens in your life, what souls you will meet in your life, and your death.

I was once asked “What happens to the evil pedophiles? Where do they go?” We all choose a path of life to incarnate into. Pedophiles choose to be pedophiles because it teaches them a lesson to achieve higher ascensions just as the child who got molested. We form a bond with souls to incarnate with in this world and we all share a purpose with each other. People are meant to walk in and out of your lives because it was chosen that way by you when you were planning your soul contract.

Your soul, each time it reincarnates and dies, is trying to move up levels of ascension. Pedophiles will resonate on a certain vibrational level. They may get “extra points” for deciding to do something that would test their will and own judgements because of a mental illness as opposed to someone who lives an ordinary life. They will ascend higher. All evil is perceived. What’s evil to us is not in the eyes of the divine. It’s just a test of our faithfulness to complete our tasks in life. The harder things we try for in these lifetimes raise our over soul higher in the ascension plane and closer to the plane that god exists on.


Those of us who live harder lives, choose lives that we will suffer or become monstrous during, will ascend higher and quicker than those who chose an easy living life, such as millionaires. The point of incarnation on Earth is to learn lessons that deepen the soul’s grasp of humanity. Some people always ask, if there is a God, why does he let me go through what I am? The answer is simple. (I am in no way, shape or form, a Christian church goer or believer in the Bible. The God I speak of is the supernal one.) We chose the life we are living. We chose to lose what we do and gain what we do. We planned this life out in detail and once we were born, our soul forgot what our over soul knows. God will not interfere because we signed the contract saying that no matter how much our earthly body begs, he will not interfere with the lesson we ascribed ourselves in the contract. That’s why suicides are immediate reincarnations. They broke the rules of the contract and didn’t learn the lesson needed to gain higher ascension.

God is not transcendent, he is eminent. Even though we think he abandoned us because of the failures of life, he didn’t. He exists all around us in every day miracles. When we’re going through a rough patch, we blame God. We need to blame ourselves because we chose this life to live, not God. God doesn’t have a grander purpose for us in life, we have our own purpose to fulfill. This is where predestination comes into play. In an aspect, this can be seen as predestination, but then again, it’s not. It’s not always our chosen fate because we are given free will to make decisions our over soul didn’t plan out for us.


Many ask the questions of, "Those who say they experience Near Death Experiences (NDE) are they telling the truth?" I can't account for the truth behind NDE's on a personal level. I have never experienced it personally, but have heard accounts on the claims. From the opinions and comments from those who have claims to NDE, it upholds the views of the afterlife being what was manifested in their minds while on Earth. Some say they have seen Shamballah, some say they went to hell, and some just remark of the beautiful place indescribable of words. However, what is failed to report is the actual belief on a subconscious level where you think you will end up at when you die. Some people have things they hide that make them believe, unconsciously, they will go to hell. So, if the experience of NDE was hell, that is why. It's all part of your manifestation and will. Power of the mind is what controls your final destination in the end. NDE's spark change in a lot of people who reach out for answers through spirituality. They have a deeper understanding of what the afterlife may be, and if a negative outcome, the time to change the persuasion of their mind.

One will never understand the true nature of their soul unless they stop fighting the path they are walking and embrace it. We chose our religious path that we are on before we were born. If you are on a path that doesn’t feel right, it’s because it’s not right for you. You still have a path unfulfilled that your soul wanted you to take. Take the road less traveled and explore all options of life and spirituality. You were meant to do this. One path is not always the right path. That’s why there are so many.

What is your opinion of the afterlife?

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    • Kasey Hill profile imageAUTHOR

      Kasey Hill 

      3 years ago from SANDY LEVEL, VA

      Thanks. Its quite fascinating what you can find research wise for the thoughts of the afterlife and what actually happens with the soul. Awesome reference to the movie! I loved that movie growing up.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      3 years ago

      Fascinating hub; reminds me of that Robin Williams movie 'What Dreams May Come'. Personally I'm completely open to the possibilities of what life after death might be; I don't think it's anything to fear (I don't want to die, but I don't fear what would come after it) but I wouldn't mind if we could mentally create our own reality in the afterlife. I'm sure I could come up with some interesting stuff to keep me busy until I was reborn, lol. Great hub.


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