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The Alien Base in Lake Ontario

Updated on April 24, 2018
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Sara Blackwood is a lover of anything paranormal and weird, and spends too much time researching it all.


A Sighting

Have you ever been stargazing one night and noticed something unusual? A little light so far away that you mistake it for a star until it shifts across the sky in a sudden motion that you know it can’t be a star? It’s a satellite, your brain tells you, or a plane or helicopter. That’s logic speaking, and it’s usually right. But maybe it’s not. Maybe that little light is a UFO, and if you live in the Greater Toronto Area, maybe it’s heading back to it’s secret base beneath Lake Ontario.

There are reporting's all over the world of unusual lights in the sky; go ahead and check out some videos on Youtube, you won’t be disappointed by lack of material to watch. These orbs usually dart around in no discernible pattern, as if dancing across the sky in a display of superiority.

Let me add in here that UFO does not necessarily mean an alien from space. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. So that means it’s simply something we can’t identify, so a UFO could be secret military technology, or it could be the neighbor kids drone spying on you.

While the Scully in me is doubting the dancing lights are anything more than swamp gas, the Mulder in me will always believe. Partly because I’ve always been a believer in these kinds of things, and also because I saw something weird while driving to work one morning.

I was heading into work in Burlington, Ontario at 6:30am (late in the year 2015) when I noticed something in the darkened sky. Yup, that’s right, I saw a light. Normally I would have assumed it was an airplane, but this light was weird. It was orange, a colour I’d never seen in the sky before, and not only was it orange, it was quite large. It moved around in the distance, and while trying to navigate an empty back road and watch it at the same time, I caught it dart upwards and disappear. And guess where that was? Yup, right over Lake Ontario.

I only saw it for about two minutes, but it didn’t move like any plane or helicopter or satellite I’ve ever heard of. I can’t say for certain it was aliens, but it was certainly a UFO. I wish I had taken the time to stop my car and take a photo, though I know it would turn out like every other; blurry and grainy, and pretty much proving nothing other than there was a light in the sky!

This is from a sighting in BC, but the lights match what I saw here in Ontario!
This is from a sighting in BC, but the lights match what I saw here in Ontario! | Source

This led me to read up on the urban legend of the secret alien base under Lake Ontario. I’d never really thought much of it prior, even though I live near the lake, but upon doing further research I learned that it was a common occurrence to see orange coloured lights diving around Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario isn't the only place people claim there's an underwater alien base. Other locations include Malibu, with a flat-top structure 2000ft below the surface, Lake Titicaca with talk of an ancient alien civilization once residing there, and Puffin Island in Wales where solid objects were reportedly seen leaving the waters.

Now, the skeptics out there will claim things like these lights are simply reflections from a large body of water, or the effect of growing cities around the lake. And sure, some of the strange things people see could be their mind playing tricks, but I know for certain that I saw that orange light in the sky; it was no trick. There’s too much out there that we don’t know about, no matter how much we pretend we do. After all they did find a 200 year old ship down there not too long ago, and if we’re only just finding this now, what else could be down there?

Do you believe in a possible alien base in Lake Ontario?

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