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The American Christian and Their High Horse.

Updated on September 22, 2010

I have noticed a trend in Christians, on hubpages and in public of late. Their "holier than thou" attitudes for one. They are the first people you see, claiming to be against the hate and death that 3% of Islam causes, by making all Muslims pay this debt. They are the same people that are the first ones to damn you for breathing if you are Muslim, and claim they understand because they have Muslim "friends". Saying high to the Arab man at your local gas station in the morning hardly constitutes having a friend guys. These are the people who yell to the world to follow Jesus and be like me, while they foaming with hate and discontent for you. They are the people who claim to understand Islam, then say they don't have to try to understand anything, except that they are Christian and you are not , so they don't have to show that love to you.

I find these people every where now. On hubpages they love for you to tell them they truth, they thank you by deleting your comments and saying you hate the US. These are the people that say, oh I know not all Muslims are bad, and I know it is not there fault the towers were attacked, but I know that they are going to pay for the mistakes of others. Most of these "holier than thou's" seem to forget how Christianity became such a popular religion. Unlike Islam, Christianity was spread by the sword and with the blood shed of billions. But let a couple wackos that claim to be in another religion and they are the devil on earth, every last one of them. But its okay, we Christians killed people in the past, no not any more. Well yeah, those Christians that still kill people today, they are crazy, they are not with us. Oh, but all Muslims are together the crazies and the sane ones they are all in cahoots. Well because I am afraid of them because I know nothing about Islam and I am too lazy to learn, because the T.V should tell me.

These are the same people who claim to know the media is corrupt except when it says something they agree with. They are the same people who when presented with the truth about this Ground Zero mosque they still deny the facts. They are the people who believe you can kill millions as long as you do it in the right name. You all know who you are, no one needs tell you, and don't look over your shoulder its you, there is no one standing behind you. That is you one the horse, and that is your image of Jesus on the bomb not the real Jesus.

Really people stop and think for a second, really. Okay, say your country is run by a dictator, bad dude needs to go, say his name is Hussein. And you are a normal guy, just trying to live the best way you know how. Provide for your wife and 3 children the best way you can. Then a great thing happens, here comes a powerful country gonna save us and show us the promised land because their President Prayed to Jesus and God and that is what They said do. Oh, whats that? There is a price to pay first, oh okay sounds worth it. Oh, wait that price is my wife and 3 kids, and my house. Hmm, sure thats worth it. Right.

And you can sit there honestly surprised that these people are upset with us. There is no doubt in anyones mind Saddam needed to go. 600,000 more Iraqis were killed by the U.S than Saddam, that is not the total, that is how many more we killed than Saddam, and you are actually surprised these people can't stand us. Come on. Some one comes and kills your family you will spit venom at them tell the day you die, and curse them more in death, and you know its the truth. And regardless what you might want to think, Bush the leader of this war said he did it at the behest of God and Jesus, so it was a religious war. Think of all his Jesus speeches.

total death toll in Iraq, "Estimates put the toll at between 100,000 and one million, and now a bitter war of numbers is raging"

Come on between 100 thousand and 1 million, lol talk about denial, that is way to huge of a gap to even be remotely close to true. The number by many sources is way closer to 1 million that 1 hundred thousand.

Be realistic, people the US, is a great country, but our government is just as F'ed as any other country, same with out media, culture, and most of our people. The US has the highest crime rate in the WORLD. We have the highest abortion rate in the WORLD. We claim home to the highest divorce rate in the WORLD. Our government unlawfully tested and sold drugs on US citizens to fund wars against drugs. Yeah we are a great example to set to the world. Our leaders and role models get busted for sex and drug crime almost every day it seems. But its okay for us to do, what have a high horse and we claim to follow Jesus, though secretly we do everything we can not to live the life he teaches us. Don't bother pointing that out to the "holier than thou's" they just label you and enemy of the state and delete your posts.

Those that know me, know I love this country, but they also know I am not afraid to admit to the bad and wrong I see here. I am not afraid to say, no we are not all that great. Surly not good enough to go around telling the rest of the people how to live.

Yes folks these are the same people who say, "we just want to see Muslims stand up to the terrorist." But the source they use to find that are the same ones that trash Muslims almost hourly. When you show them where to look, they either A) don't look and don't care or B) they don't believe it because it is not on the major media networks, those same people claim lie all the time. If you bash Islam and Muslims for lies you are a great American, but if you tell the honest to God truth about America and its acts, you are "bashing" America and you hate this country. Many will say I hate the US because of this Hub, that couldn't be farther from the truth. I love this country with all my heart, I am just ashamed of many of its citizens and the direction it is going in.

You know these people I am talking about. They claim to follow Jesus with all their heart, and spit in the face of his teachings every time they even think the words Muslim or Islam. They refuse to admit this, and don't bother trying to talk to them about it, they will just label you a Jesus hater and America hater. Our Country was founded on noble great intentions, but anyone that can not see we have strayed so far from that is blind. They claim this is a country where every is suppose to get along no matter your religion, but these are the same people you hear screaming about a mosque that doesn't never will and never was going to exist. They are the people that hate all Muslim for the acts of the few, though they few Christians that do bad, and nuts and not related to them. Only Christianity can claim to have evil cults that do things in their name and can disown them. Only Christians are allowed to build new churches. Here in my home town they are protesting our new Mosque, some 1700 miles from Ground Zero, I guess that is too close too. If they had their way we would all die, but they tell us they have Muslim friends, and they understand Islam. They are the same people that quote scripture like its going out of style, quote back to them and all the sudden you are the enemy of God, and you do not understand the bible.

They Love, but hate, they understand but fear, they respect, but spit in your face. As long as they can live by the do as I say not as I do rule, they live long happy lives. Just don't you try it, Or they will damn you to Hell. Good luck my fellow non-Christian Americans, we need it.

Yet with big tall horse and though they are "holier than thou" they act surprised that Christianity in the US is dieing, Judaism is Dieing, yet Islam is the only religion with an upward trend in the US for 20 years now, yes 2 whole decades, and the majority of those numbers come from the last 9 years, WOW, but that on your high horse with you.

For the blind fools who say Islam does not speak out about terrorist, here I did your work for you.

Here is a good example of Muslims speaking out against Radical Islam. See they are just as much an enemy to us.

Wake up step down from your high horse, and join the rest of the world, maybe then you can actually help bring peace to the world instead of claiming you do, and still harboring so much hate for Innocent people. Unless you are unfortunate like this person on their high horse and your ladder already fell.

The t.v lovers bible.

"Ye though I walk through the valley of  T.V. Guide, I will fear no commercials, for thou art with me, thy antenna and thy remote protect me. Lay me down on soft couches, by flowing channels." Cruise 4:15-16


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    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN

      Jonesy I want to first thank you for your comment and your comment of truth. It amazes me also as a former Christian and now Muslim how Christians who have never read the Qur'an preach about how violent it is, when the bible is wrought with it also. But then this is my point. I do not hate Christians by any means, however I am disgusted by the holier than thou yuppies that litter and rot not just Christianity but all religion from its core. Whats more is these people know who they are, and have to know what they do is wrong, or they can not by definition be the faithful Christian they claim to be. Putting aside the argument of God being real or not, when you claim to have certain morals or beliefs and claim to live by a certain code of honor then openly spit in the face of this oath, what kind of person does that say you are? Not the kind of person I want to be acquainted with, and i'll tell you why, because if you can so easily throw away what is in your own heart and mind what will you do to the people around you? My guess is it would not be considered very Christian of you or even a decent person. You don't have to believe in God to be a good or even great person but it seems in America today those that do claim to hold God's favor are more savage than those who do not.

      again thank you for your time. You may not agree with all I say and I know I ramble but I liked what you had to say. And I am glad to see that the message here has not been twisted yet into more than it is. I have no hidden words or meanings what I say is what I mean and that is all there is to it. Thanks again and I wish the best for you and yours.

    • Jonesy0311 profile image

      Jonesy0311 6 years ago

      Great hub. However, I can't believe how many people are bashing Muslims for being "violent." Christians have killed more people than any nation on earth. Not to mention their holy scripture is wrought with mayhem and destruction and Jesus himself saying he did not bring peace. The only reason you even have a different religion is because you were born in a different country. It amazes me that anyone can be "holier than thou" when no one can prove that their religion is even remotely accurate. They are basically arguing about who has the best imaginary friend.

    • profile image

      Jeykishan 7 years ago

      God will reveal the truth....Don't worry people....It's good if you not blame each other. That's not the way of God I believe. If some one can bless some one without hurting, then he's the religious. Not the once who hurts people. Bless you people

    • Morson profile image

      Morson 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Pintails, your hub was one of the best I have read here on this site and you have done a great job dude. I really appreciate your hard work on this hub. The biggest waepo of West against islam even more dangerous than nuclear bombs is "Media" and we have to learn that very weapon against them. Most victims of Islamophobia are usually inspired by media.

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      Hey Vietnamvet68 and thanks for the comment. I am glad that you saw the real point of this hub as have the others that have commented here. I know the title of this hub is blunt and probably offensive to those that fall into this category, however I know it is the few and not the many that do. I must say I agree with you 100% Religion has been an excuse for war, since well Religion began I'm sure, but like you said, it may be nothing more than an excuse or a cover for other motives.

      I think you got the fear part right, but perhaps fear is more than just listening to what they are told, fear is a factor if not a cause for much hate and misunderstanding. Like with many animals throughout history that have been destroyed, fear was the motive, so then would it make sense for us to kill other men out of fear? Sure it would and ironically fear comes from lack of knowledge and understanding. LOL its a perfect paradox, I know I laughed but really it is not funny at all but quite sad, especially when you factor in how many people think we are these evolved smart understanding creatures. Mayhap we in America are living in a modern world, but that only goes as far as our technology and not our brains or our spirituality.

    • vietnamvet68 profile image

      vietnamvet68 7 years ago from New York State

      pintails - It's just that everyone anymore has been blinded and fed all this crap so long that they can't see the truth. They tend to blame a whole religion for a few, none of us on this planet are perfect we laost perfection 1000 of years ago and have been killing each other since for what? In the name of religion, BS, I don't buy that one. People believe what they are told and are afarid to seek out the truth. Great hub pintails, you said it all.

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      You are absolutely right Bobbi, and thank you for seeing the real point hub. As I have said many times we are all different.

    • BobbiRant profile image

      BobbiRant 7 years ago from New York

      Everyone has to follow their own calling, no matter what others say. Be true to yourself is all we can be. Good hub.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 7 years ago from West By God

      My above statement about Israel being Islamic is wrong. When I am wrong I say that I am wrong. So now someone pointed me in the right direction only I find it hard to summarize it. They gave me a website with the information:

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      Immartin, sorry I forgot to say, it is not meant to be private, and if we made it that way, then we need to get back onto focus. It is meant to be for everyone, though me and Lady G have been doing the most conversing. Please join us in our fight to Unity, and if this hub is not a good example to get that started, please feel free to write a better one, and we will unite there. I don't care where or who does it, but some one needs to. We desperately need another MLK or JFK, or anyone with that kind of power and honor, to snap us into shape and unite the many under one cause no matter our differences.

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      Thank you Faybe, it is so nice to meet someone with similar beliefs. When I am feeling the most lost Allah has found the kindness to send me so many that share my thoughts hopes and dreams, and it is plain to see we are from many walks of life.

      As I said in another comment, God allowed all of these religions because he made us all different, and he knew that it would take something a little different get appeal to as many as possible. God is Oft forgiving and Most Merciful, and Just who the hell are we to presume the WILL of God and say who He will allow into HIS KINGDOM. I don't believe the evil of the world will come in, but surely if He is Oft Forgiving the pure and loving will. And I know this is true, because My God, the True God is no Lier and he keeps his promises made to us, and he is Oft forgiving and Most Merciful.

      Islam is not this monster the media has turned us into. It is always the few who give us our opinions of the many. Sad as it is, people will not change with out enough people taking a stand and saying in unity "i have had enough". The same things are not going to make everyone happy, but we can have enough respect to allow others to have their happiness and us ours. If you don't like them then avoid them. There is plenty of Earth for us all.

      Thank you again for stopping by.

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      You are exactly right Immartin. That actually is the main point of the hub. I wrote it originally just to blow off some steam. I was a Christian for much longer than Muslim. I was a Christian for 26 or 27 years and a Muslim for just over one, 13 months actually. So I am a young Christian. If you read the comments, It is more of a discussion about unity and why some seek to harm others who are different.

      I know the hub it self is kind of brash, and many could get the wrong impression about it. But really this is not the main point. The main point is to A)blow off steam B)discuss why some would feel "holier than thou" C) To hopefully get a person or two to rethink their actions.

      As it is stated here many times, all major religions revolve around the "golden rule" do unto others. The prophets in these religions like Gandhi taught to love all people no matter what, and many that claim to love Jesus, or God or who ever often do not act or even try to live in the fashion handed down to us by Jesus, Muhammad, and All the other Prophets (sallie allahu allahe wa salam.)

      I think one of the problems is we too often focus on our differences, and completely forget our similarities because we have much much more in common than not. Regardless of what Christians say, we do indeed worship the same God.

      If you read some of my comments here, and other hubs, you will see how I feel about the other religions and my own. there are going to be a lot of surprised looks on peoples faces when they get to heaven and there is Muslims, Christians and Jews all around them. I only wish some of these people on earth could see that. Hell is a very real place and that is where we are going if we continue to harbor these feelings of discontent. I fear for these people, and as you can see from my hub and many of my comments, this frustrates me to no end.

      I know the hub can be harsh for some to read, but as I said, I needed to blow some steam, and it is but a small part of the reason this hub is written. I almost wish there was some way to make people read all the comments before they can comment. I try to read as many comments as possible when time allows, to get the entire discussion, to minimize my taking things out of context or misunderstanding. As I'm sure you well know, a hub can sound like it is saying one thing, yet the author intended something totally different which is one of the main reasons I needed to blow steam off in the first place.

      Thank you for stopping by, and really I am a reasonable guy, and I take strong stances when i believe I am right, but I have a very broad and open mind.

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      I made my way here via Freya Cesare's latest hub. I love hers and yours. I am a Christian who has read Buddhist and Jewish teachings, and even in the Kabbalah have learned that there should be no division in our various religions. The Dalai Lama said (paraphrasing here) "Not everyone can be Buddhist, nor can everybody in the world be Christian, but all religious teaching is good for enlightenment" His reasoning is that all religious teaching has produced good enlightened people. I read up on a certain Imam who was "killed" while in prayer. The perpetrator of the crime snuck up on him while he was in prayer and smote him, but the Imam did not die immediately from the injury. So he prayed about it, as his family wanted to kill the whole tribe of his attacker. He said no, do not punish the tribe for the act of one. Then he went on to say that even if he died, the tribe should not be punished for the act of one. Then the question as of the family of the attacker, he said no, even if he died, not to punish the family. Now the question of the attacker himself, and here he said No, even the attacker should not be punished, because if he died it was only the will of Allah, and the attacker was the instrument of Allah... How can anyone think this religion, one that produced such a "Saint" were he a Catholic, is a bad religion? I wish I knew all of the names, but I remember the story... Islam is not bad, being a Muslim is probably one of the purest goals any human could hope to achieve. Remember that our one true God has not aligned himself with any religion except in our particular Holy Books, and no one can actually know which of these books is the one true word of God. What if they all are? Wouldn't everyone look foolish at judgment day to find that all God wanted us to do was stop fighting?

    • lmmartin profile image

      lmmartin 7 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      I almost hesitate to leave a comment here, as it seems to have degenerated to a personal tete-a-tete -- not quite a disagreement, but close. And it appears to be private.

      Islam is a much younger religion than Judaism, younger than Christianity and growing. My own limited understanding through Muslim friends, invitations to mosque, weddings I have witnessed and my own daughter's in laws would suggest Islam is another gentle, loving and forgiving religion, not one of force or violence.

      Was it not Mohandas Gandhi who said, "Do not threaten your brothers, for I am a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew, and whatever violence is done is done to me?"

      Why do we forever seek to divide ourselves into tribes -- Christian, Jew, Muslim or Republican, Democrat or liberal, conservative. Instead of uniting to ensure our future, we continue to segregate to ensure our demise. Blessings to all, Lynda

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 7 years ago from West By God

      Did you also know that Israel was once Islamic? That puts a whole new spin on things doesn't it? Americans hate Islam but they want Israel to come back for the prophesy---hmmmm just how do they want it to come back as--American or the original Islamic?

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 7 years ago from West By God

      Did you know that Arabic is an old Egyptian language? I didn't know this until I saw a program on Planet Green. The more that I learn about Egypt and the reason why they are so despised by the Abrahamic Christianity is becoming clearer to me everyday. I read once, somewhere, that Moses is not even listed in the ranks of Egyptian history. I also read that Moses killed a person and that was the reason why he was banished--and then it so happens that he got those Ten Commandments--which if you read the laws of Egyptians they are almost identical. I say almost becasue there are a bit of changes being as Moses was angry at someone enough to kill him which he then got his just desserts by getting excommunicated. Although his reasons were good because it is said that he killed a slave owner who he thought was mistreating the slave. Killing is still killing but Christianity has shown that it doesn't matter as long as they pretend that God Told them to do it.....Against God's rules even. Some justification huh?

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      Oh you dont have to convince me Lady G. That is why I have 6 different copies here at my house, and that is why when I debate a Christian I like to know what version they use. Some are roughly the same but others are very different. It is amazing to me how some one confronted with this can still say that the bible is in its original condition. This is the exact reason you should learn to read the Qur'an in Arabic, to do away with these translation. It doesn't matter what it is, when you translate it, you take meaning away from it. Us Americans like to think we are superior in everything, however we are not and our language is a good example of that, not every other language can translate into English and keep its full meaning and feelings. This is also why Jews read the Torah in Hebrew, it makes perfect sense. If you love God as much as you claim then you can learn to read his words in the Original text so you can get the true message he is sending to you. When you read a translation you read what it means to that person, and it varies from person to person, hence all the different versions that are not the same.

      Try to tell a Christan that and they will damn you to hell.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 7 years ago from West By God

      There are many version of the Bible. Take a look at this search site and click on versions and see how many there are:

      I use it to compare verses in the different versions. There are differences. You will see.

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      I think it is standard English. I will check and let you know.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 7 years ago from West By God

      Interesting. Now what version is that wonder bible from? There are many you know.

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      Its funny you mention that actually. As I had an experince with that at school yesterday. I carry a bible and Qur'an with me everywhere I go, in case I find a couple minutes to read. I often cross reference between the two (I bet the holier than thou's love that). Anyways, in my education class a girl was quoting scripture until I pulled out my bible and asked her to explain the context of those verses, when she could not, I took the task upon myself to do that.

      And here it is we have a potential future educator that we know will teach her class those same false principals. It's and endless cycle unless we stand up as a whole no matter what book you read and say enough is enough.

      Like that bible I told you I read most of the time that does not have verses marked, all should be made that way. You have no choice but to mention the context and there is no way to break them down and connect them to other verses. All bibles should be written in that fashion if You ask me. And I know you feel the same way.

      For those of you who are interested in that kind of bible it is called the wonder bible. Look it up it is the best edition I have ever owned, it was the only thing in my bed room that survived my house burning down. And not a single page is singed.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 7 years ago from West By God

      Yep, I agree with you on that one about driving us away. They cannot read the Bible as a whole and they just love to use certain verses taken out of context to stab others with. It's a durned bloody mess they are creating.

      I went to your other hubs and did post comments on them.

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      Lady G if you want to see how I feel about women, then you should read my two hubs below;

      The only reason men and women separate in prayer is so there is no sexual desire while worshiping God. And women at mosque do not dress like they are going to a night club to go out drinking like they do in the vast majority of Christian churches, why do you need to show cleavage and legs at church? Except to make men look at you, that is the only need to dress that way. There is no valid excuse at church. But read these hub, and see how I view women, please.

      Christians also turned me away from Christianity. And to be honest I think that is why Christianity in the US has had a steady decline over the last 20 years. The only religion in the US that is growing is Islam, all others are actually loosing members, and not just that but even these people stop calling them self Christian. read this

      And every former Christian I know, said other Christian make them Hate the Church and Christianity. Go figure, the "holier than thou's" on their high horse are running all level minded Chirsitan away

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      "how Men are superior to anything else and women are nothing and are only good for slavery and being hostages to their whims and his religion"? That is crazy super bold!

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 7 years ago from West By God

      I am not holier than thou and see that all paths do lead to the lessons in which we have to learn from. Everyone on this earth has a lesson to learn. If we all had all the answers we wouldn't be here in th first place. God is an essence, not a person. It is everything and in everything that lives--even the minutest amoba and in the wood and oceans and sky and in all humans, animals insects and even in the kindoms that we don't see with our blind eyes. Love is everything and everything is LOVE and edifies everything and everyone. Those wo think differently just haven't had the right circumstance to know it yet. They may have to do something or experience something else before knowing this.

      Jack's email was about how Men are superior to anything else and women are nothing and are only good for slavery and being hostages to their whims and his religion. Oh I wrote a hub about Does It Make Them Feel Superior

      and one about Women In The Bible That held High Offices and Gender Equality.

      Now if you beleive the same things about women then you be holier than thou too my friend.

      I also wrote a hub that told how Christian turned me away from Christianity. That's an old one that you will have to search on my profile page for. If you don't mind just let me know and I can find it for you and post the links to the other hubs I just mentioned.

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      Hey Lady G. On this hub if you against me you are a "holier than thou". My turn to be the hypocrite, lol. I think Jack (i dont want to speak for him) is against all religion. That is just what I gather from the posts of his I read. Maybe I am wrong, sorry if I am jack. It is human nature to form opinions of others based on experience. However I do not allow the opinions that I make of others to be made in stone. People can change no matter what they may be like when you form that opinion. Lady G, I think your pedestal and my High horse are the same. Pay attention to that pic. The person is holding on for dear life, and their ladder has fallen, so they can't get down. Think about the symbolism and what that really means? It will blow your mind and really make you piety these people, and its why I chose that pic.

      Micky, I am sick my friend. So sick. I really didn't realize just how sick I was until I wrote this hub, and every time I think about it I get sicker. Maybe you are right, maybe me being sick is a good thing. But sometimes, maybe its the solider in me, I really have this deep desire to take action. Even if its just smacking someone. LOL. I wouldn't do that but that pull is so hard it needs a release of some kind.

      Its like I told Lady G in an email. The reason I think God allowed his religion to go off into 3 main branches and many many more sub branches in each of those respectively, is that God understands we are all different, and that different things appeal to us all. He knew that not all of us would be saved if we have to follow one tiny narrow path in the same direction. I mean if that was the case then why do us humans have the burning desire to strike out on our own and discover new paths. I'm not saying all paths to God are the right one, I think you know what I am saying. Those lovers of Truth, Jesus, God, Peace. And who follow the Golden Rule and not the Platinum one, Do as I say not as I do. Those who love Jesus and show it by accepting everyone as Jesus taught us. To love even our enemy. I am not a man that holds a grudge. I think I carry more guilt with me than any person I know. I can hurt my self all day, but when I cause pain to another it truly eats me up, no matter who that person is. Maybe those of us who are aware of these things do carry more sadness, because we see the errors that everyone else ignores, and it hurts. Maybe my brother that is our calling. What ever the reason it will never change just sitting here thinking about it.

      Reading those words from you put a new perspective in my mind. I hope we are both right my brother, truth and light always prevail in the end. The problem is the end is too late for some, not soon enough. We need to put truth in the middle or even bolder up front. That is what this hub is about. And I think this is the most truthful hub I have ever written. And I hope it offends the hell out of people who live this way, no matter their religion. I know how many people have read this hub, and how many who have commented. I know its pissed someone off. But I can only hope it has opened some eyes. MY original intent was to get back at these people, but truly I piety them more than I dislike them. If it opens one eye it was worth the time and effort.

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      I am with you, Micky Dee! 100%. I do believe when we did good to others it will back to us 100 times better, and because only love can achieve that, I will stick to it. :)

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 7 years ago from West By God

      Wow!! Apostle Jack is one of the holier than thou's. He wrote me e-mail and it was the nastiest e-mail that I have had in a long time. Others have done the same things. They can't read their own Bibles because Jesus never said to condemn anyone for who they are or what they believe--yet they will spout that out in a heart beat. Keep hubbing. These people are not only on a high horse but a high pedestal. Hey, Watch out that you aren't under that when they fall! LOL

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      pintails, Brother Man, are these people real? Do they really believe the evil they bark? Is it an illusion? My Lord Son!

      I believe these "confusions" come from Satan, evil, the really negative powers, etc. I've said it. I may as well let the words stand. If it's about Jesus- it should be about the Golden Rule. That is the law.

      It's been cut and dry with me (too much?) lately. If people are against helping their fellowman- I don't care if it's George Washington or George Washington Carver, I'll be against whoever is not for God's law. People can make serving God as complicated as they want to. Jesus laid it out for a fool like Micky Dee. He said to love one another. And the evils of this world are keeping God's people confused. People who want to do the right thing are confused by these political, business, and religious shenanigans.

      The REAL God's people MUST be from ALL the religions across this this planet. We all did not grow up in Indonesia. We all didn't grow up in Africa or America or Australia. We are all over.

      We, TRUE BELIEVERS, who are seeking the light, the truth, fairness...we must come together- at least on truth. True history is part of America as anywhere and we need to embrace the truth. So he didn't cut down a cherry tree and say, "I cannot tell a lie. I chopped down that cherry tree." Well the Father of our country had a thing for his best friend's wife. The worst about this undoubtedly brave man was that the Father of America owned other people. The Father of America, evidently, didn't want women to vote. The Father of our country didn't want the common man to vote.

      Let's stay tight pintails and just treat our people right because like it or not we are related. Though there seems to be some Aliens from other planets mixed in with us. God bless you pintails. You're feeling what I feel. We jut want the truth. For me- I have to have it. The Vietnam War was escalated by the Gulf of Tonkin lie. The people in charge lie. Sure ONLY 2 or 3 million people died in Vietnam but after a while we're talking 2 or 3 MILLION PEOPLE! Where is the conscience?

      The day before 9-11 Rumsfeld said the Pentagon was missing 2.3 trillion dollars. The accounting office is hit by a plane. Incredible amounts of data was destroyed on that day. Two world records occurred, and the drone goes on- but this Vietnam Vet cannot question. I'm supposed to take a shoddy or nonexistent investigation about it all. Dick Nixon lied to the country. These crooks go way back. Ollie North trades weapons with our enemies and gets invited to churches- OH MY LORD! Can anyone not imagine where Micky Dee would be if Micky Dee traded arms with the enemy? I don't have any idea but I would not be invited to speak at churches. You have every right to be mad pintails. So do I. WE love this country- truly! These other religious clowns are pretending to love Jesus and make so complicated and false they cannot truly follow God. I'm glad you're mad pintails. It may just make us sick in the long run but the lies have already got us pretty ill! We will wash the feet of the meek. We will wash the feet of the sweet. We will love our fellow man. Maybe sometimes we have to say this is BS to some folk too. Everytime I write one of these I must lose 20 followers. I don't need followers. I'm the follower. God bless you Brother Man!

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      “It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it!”

      - George Carlin

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      It has eilander. I can't wait to see the looks on everyones face when they are in heaven and have a Jew on their left and a Muslim on their right. I hope God lets me have a camera so I can have a "told you so" picture.

      That is why I call these people "fake a$$ people"

      because all there poop won't come out the right end so they spew it from their mouth, and we all have to put up with it. So obviously their rear doesn't work so it must be fake, hence the name for them "fake a$$ people".

      They must be dieing to say something to me, but fear exposure. Come on I invite your anger, let it all out on me get it out of your system so you can get over it, so the rest of the world can get on with their lives.

      Freya, I'm gonna try to create a more complete T.V. Lovers bible over a couple weeks see what I come up with.Like maybe:

      Into your hands I commit my remote; redeem me, O CNN and FOX, the fruad of truth. Clooney 12:3


      A truthful T.V channel does not commercial, but a false channel does; know thy difference, I tell you. Pit 22:5-6

    • eilander1542011 profile image

      eilander1542011 7 years ago from Everywhere

      I agree with Freya Cesare, I couldn't stop laughing. It is so true, people think they know what's going on but they are so blinded that they preach out of their asses and and all that comes form their mouths is shit as well. We are in fact in a sad state, but I hope your search has led you to discover that it matters not whether we are Muslim or Christian, Jewish or Hindu. All that matters is the Love. If you have it than you are right, if you don't than you are wrong.

      I'm curious as to the reasons for your conversion. If you would care to share, I would love to listen.

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      Micky, as you can see I'm very mad. And if you have been wondering why lately my comments to people have been getting meaner and meaner that is why. But to my knowledge i have only used the truth, but the truth often hurts worse. When the truth doesn't hurt that is when people lie. As you can see in the US media. I'm stepping out now. I am about to get back to ranting.

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      Thanks Micky for your comment. I always value your opinion. I wrote this hub, because a "holier than thou" wrote a hub, in which he said he liked Muslims and didn't blame them for 9/11, then when asked the truth came out. He said he hated me because of my Issa Hub. And that I was not allowed to bash America, never mind I just told him the truth about the CIA selling crack in Boston to fund the drug war and kidnapings Americans to test LSD. The truth hurts. He took this as I hated America and that my service to this country meant nothing, Because I am a Muslim.

      You know I was ranting too, but the more I think about it, the more it is the truth. And not dang person in this country has earned the right to piss and moan more than a Veteran. These other twits, sit on their high horse and cry about freedoms they have no idea about, they cry about a religion they that they only know from the media, and they cry that this same media does not show them that Muslims do speak out about terrorists. Its insanity, and they sit there and actually believe that crap. that to me is just AMAZING, DUMBFOUNDING. I really can not explain it.

      From one vet to another Micky, I love this country that is why I served, but this place is F'ed man, I mean really F'ed with a capitol F. And these people I described are the ones to blame.

      No matter what they say, they lump every one that isn't them into categories that fit their closed minds best, and blame us for the world problem, when who is that is actually spreading the hate? Who is it that is really spitting on Jesus's legacy here. I don't think I lumped all Christians into one category in this hub. And guess what if it offends you that is because I just described you. If your not a "holier than thou" riding your high horse this hub wont bother you. And you know who you are, because I am confronting you with the truth.

      I'm so sick of these people I am thinking about leaving hubpages. I honestly thought this was a place different than most. I thought I could and would always find truth here with other intellectuals. Don't get me wrong I have found a couple people here I really admire and look up to. But they are few and far between. Mostly all I have found here are lieing "holier than thou's" and idiots. There I said it. These people sit there and preach from the computer like they are king of the CHRISTIANS, and forget all about Jesus, the name they throw around like free money. Better not say anything about it though they will delete your statement call you a Muslim and America hater, damn you to hell, then where will you be? Stuck with the same idiots you were 5 minutes ago just a lot madder. I better leave too and go watch something read a book, cause I'm about to use some nasty words to these twits.

      Thanks Micky for your comment, but maybe I should leave my own hub, I get madder and more ashamed to call my self American every time I read it, because its the damned truth.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Yo Pintails Dude! I am Christlike. I cannot always fully call myself a "Christian" as I'm not sure what it means. Does it mean we vote like Jerry Falwell who is not at all well? I have seen Billy Graham hugging Tricky Dick who NEVER knew how to take place in a Christian Communion.

      I am Christlike because I have no idea what Christians are doing as a whole. They have falsely imprisoned me, they start wars for "the economy" - sorry Christians but you voted for GW, his daddy. and a bunch of murderers. George Herbert Walker was head of the CIA. Of course he killed. But they usually "have it done". They have Geronimo's head for heaven's sake. They have Zapata's head? For crying out loud! My father would NEVER EVER join a stupid club satisfied with rumors of having "heads" in the club house. They don't? Squash the rumor! Put the cards ion the table.

      I was raised Christian. Children are taught correctly as a child. "Jesus loves the little children of the world"- I have sung that! Jesus says to love your enemy. Jesus said "worship the true God and love your neighbor as yourself". Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

      I've been hit by auto drivers that lie about the events. I've been run off the road by folks going to church like God isn't everywhere. I've been denied jobs for which I was over-qualified, because of my appearance.

      I have suffered all kinds of indignities at the hands of "so-called" Christians.

      So far- I've not had one Muslim to bother me at all.

      Now someone will say what about 911. Of the 19 hijackers 17 came from Saudi Arabia. Not Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia is the home of that other dynasty like the Bush dynasty. The prince and his folk who were on the board of the Carlisle Group (defense contractor) up to the week after 911. I wasn't there. I know the investigation into murders has been attrocious. I expect nothing else. The ONLY COURT SYSTEM TO WORK IN AMERICA IS THE PERRY MASON SHOW IN RERUNS! This whole country of 70% Christians looks away at a court system that says bring money, say nothing, hire multiple lawyers - -what it is saying is- pump money into "us" if you want a verdict. Sure- occasionally you have an idiot like OJ that get's his the second time around, but even that was a fluke. Sorry Pintails. I'm getting carried away. Hypocrisy is what America does best. I need no one to tell this ex-Marine to go somewhere else- two reasons- not one blade of grass is safe from the onslaught of business- anywhere- nothing is safe on the entire planet from business and it's been that way since 1776. Manifest Destiny is still in phase I. Phase II is taking over the galaxy to sell something. Sorry Pintails. I'd better go outside and look at the birds and squirrels a while.

      "WE", US, WE want fairness. We want to serve the true God, WE want to serve our fellow man. That is being a true American and that is being a true Christian.

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      I read this three times now and can't stop laughing. Sorry, my dear, I know you are angry about this, but you are so sarcastic and that tv lovers bible you had been created, so funny but really true! Some people indeed only believe what they seen on TV and never care to seek more truth. I hope those people who's caused this Hub came out read this. Don't give up on HubPages yet, please! It will be not fun without you.

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 7 years ago from Memphis TN

      Sure Apostle, you know you are talking to a Muslim who was a former Christian right? I was in no way forced to Islam, and the Qur'an directly speaks about that being sinful and wrong, try again my friend.

      If you can get off your high horse, and really love the truth like you say read this, because this is the truth about Islam straight from the Qur'an no ones opinion straight from the Book its self.

      Your "holier than thou" rhetoric may work with your friends Jack, but not here where truth out rules all else.

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      I tried being a Muslim when I was in my teens and first hand I know that they are forceful and violent people.They strive on causing fear and death to those that oppose them; and they are more absent of the truth than the ones that they speak against.


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