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The Angel And The Lovers

Updated on December 17, 2010

The Angel and the Lovers

Around 2001, Kim told me the below story. As I typed this story for you, I recapped it the best I can remember. I have changed the names to protect her and her privacy.


Kim relayed this event to me several years ago and has contemplated the “what if” outcome since then.


I had been single for several years and when I met Rick, I completely fell for him.

Yes, we had differences, but we each felt we were a good matched and ready for the next step. That is I thought so. As the discussion of commitment came up, it was clear that I was ready and he was not.

I became short-tempered and found myself not wanting to continue the relationship and waste no more time with him.

One of Rich’s favorite pastimes was to attend off-road vehicle races. One particular weekend we went to Plymouth California for an event. Hot, dry and noisy the crowds were mulling about between the big race events.

I was trying to be attentive to him, but found myself holding his hand and just looking around while he talked to his friends.

I had my left shoulder to his right shoulder and turned to look around. I am looking down at the dirt ground and noticed a man standing a little too close facing me. I look up quickly and a very tall man in a dark suit is looking directly at me!

I am 6’ tall with the boots I was wearing; this man was at least 6’2” and I looked directly into his eyes and gasped. He was very good looking, long blond-white semi-straight hair with blue as the sky eyes. He was young looking probably around my age (30ish), yet he so stood out in this crowd with a dark blue suit on.

I probably stood there with my mouth open, and all I could say was, “Hello?” As though I did not know what I should say next. I thought to myself, “This man is really handsome!” Yet here I stood holding Richard’s hand, I felt guilty.

He spoke, “Do you love him? You need to tell him.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears. I turned quickly around to get Richard’s attention, pulling on his arm to get him to face me.

As he did, I said, “This man here…” Turning around to look at him again, he was gone. I franticly looked around, he was really gone! 10 seconds and he is not within visual? With hair like that and a blue suit, he would really be seen easily.

Richard tugged on my arm again and asked, “What did you want?”

Looking back at Richard I said, “There was a tall blond man there! Now he is gone!”

He turned back and continued his conversation with his friends. I stood there dumbfounded and misbelieving my eyes. Now what do I make of this?

I should mention here that I am a policewoman, and not prone to missing details.

I did not tell Richard I loved him. I had been backing off and so did he, within a month we stopped seeing each other.

I believe that this was an Angel visitation, telling me I’d lose him if I did not speak up. In my mind, we were on two different paths and I had been in similar situations before that led nowhere.

Did I miss my chance with the man I was meant to be with? To the unborn children that were never conceived?

Several years later I met someone new. We dated three years, and then got married.

I’ve always wondered what role that “Angel” was meant to have in my life. I wonder how my life would have been if I had told Richard I loved him. I take it that the “Angel” implied our relationship would have had a different outcome. Would that “Angel” come back into my life again, I guess I’ll never know.


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    • efeyas profile image

      efeyas 6 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

      Interesting story. Although I believe that she ended up exactly where she was meant to be. There should be no "what ifs" in life (big believer in fate) although I am not as nieve to believe that many people have them. If it were an angel or guardian the message could have possiblly meant to wake her up to the fact that she didnt truly love him and that she should go with her gut instincts and break it off. A sort of way of speading the process up and having her realize to waste no more time in this relationship because another one awaits. and Even if she had told him "i love you" it didnt guarantee that she would have ended up with him in the the long run....fate had different plans. Hopefully what I am trying to say comes across the way I intend as my words seem to be jumbled today :)