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The Angel of Extinction holds a press conference

Updated on November 15, 2012

Realiel, he was called this time. The humans wouldn’t have liked his actual name at all. It meant “One who kills”. According to the linguists the “Real” syllable in this name would be effective, referring to reality. He wasn’t so sure. As the Angel of Extinction, he was only called in when things were serious. He was slightly surprised Earth was the mission. He was far less surprised when the stunned howls of seven billion minds screamed at him with their questions.

It was an interesting and much debated problem- Humanity. Humans weren’t what he’d call spectacularly interesting in their current form, but they had come a long way in a very short time. The real issue was the psychic pollution they were creating. This could easily have been classified as a planet full of absolute raving psychotics, he considered. Infinity had better things to do with itself than accommodate psychic stenches.

Realiel had been to Earth, frequently. He’d wandered the planet for a few thousand years, getting to know it. He’d actually been a human a few times. He wasn’t, therefore, entirely unsympathetic but his human experience also made him a lot more realistic. Humans tended to be self-centred, naturally enough at this stage of their development. The trouble was that they were usually self-centred at the expense of others, whatever the situation. They really were their own worst enemies, so often.

They also hadn’t had an official visit for some time. That complicated matters considerably, particularly for this mission. Apparently everybody was now an expert on God, the universe and everything else. That wasn’t a good sign. The first proof of true ignorance is believing in one’s own omniscience.

They were also in a state of decay. The rapid progress had reduced them to a sorry-looking collection of flightless birds, wallowing in their own filth.

Exactly how to explain his presence was, as he expected, the first issue. The disbelief was predictable so he took a few basic steps to counteract it. He simply took over all broadcasting, the internet and every other form of communication including phones.

He also shone brightly in the sky, not quite a second sun. He decided to look like an ethnicity-neutral human with wings. He also just happened to be several hundred miles high. He made a point of showing up on radar and other detection devices. They could only get a picture of a very large object, no actual data.

The silence was welcome, after the blast of mental energies during his appearance. He didn’t move his mouth, to indicate that he was speaking telepathically.

Realiel didn’t descend to niceties. He went to work. His mental broadcast was so powerful it even silenced the truly insane. The various wars and crimes also stopped.

“People of Earth. I am Realiel, the Angel of Extinction. I am here to tell you your fate as it may be. You have become lost in mediocrity. You have retreated from your great achievements. Your lives have become ugly and deformed. You are on the verge of failure as a species.

The cries of misery from this world are hideous. They speak of a species so lost in its own perversity as to deserve annihilation. Even the natural world condemns you. The land, the skies and the oceans are sick with your carelessness and stupidity. A living world has been poisoned, and for that also you deserve to die. You merely pass through this world, and you maim it and injure others.

You turn your lives into excuses for your weaknesses. You teach hypocrisy, dishonesty and greed. By any standards ever set by man or by scripture, you are too false to claim the right to survive.

You enforce poverty on whole generations with no remorse. You make money from sickness. You ignore disease and the pain of the innocent. You permit your children to come to harm. You deny reality in the face of suffering. You pretend ignorance in the face of the obvious. Again, you deserve to die.

You hide behind your beliefs while never practicing them except as empty words. You enthrone insanity while claiming to believe in the values taught you by decent people. For this alone you deserve extinction.

Be advised now- The time is long gone in which you can claim to know not what you do. You are responsible, and you will be held responsible.

The decision has been made that humanity will have one and only one more chance. A few individuals have earned you this chance.

If you fail, you will die without knowing how you die, nor will you be able to prevent it. No more humans will be born at this time. Humanity and its crimes will cease to exist. You will have received your due from your own foolishness.

There will be no appeal to God nor any other should you fail. Your sweetly phrased scriptures may speak of mercy, but you will note they do not speak of any tolerance of falsehood. Prove your right to exist, humanity, or suffer the consequences."

Realiel vanished. He listened in. He sighed as he heard one comment:

“Now what was that all about?”


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