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The Anima Christi : A Prayer for Every

Updated on August 3, 2011

The Anima Christi is an ancient prayer to Our Lord Jesus in the Catholic tradition. In my parish where I attend daily Mass as often as I am able, the Anima Christi is recited at the conclusion of Mass as the priest is leaving the sanctuary. My love for this prayer is such that I decided to break it down line by line and add my own personal reflection, in order to deepen my own walk with Christ…

Soul of Christ, sanctify me…

Lord, empty myself of me and fill me with you. Come into my heart, come into my soul. Come into every fiber of my being, each and every day. Help me in all areas of my life to become a better person. Help me to grow in holiness, “To be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:48

Body of Christ, save me…

Lord, I’m not always a good person. I do a lot of things that are not pleasing to you. Save me, Lord, from the temptations of the world. Save me from myself and my own sinful inclinations. Draw me always closer to you.

Blood of Christ, inebriate me…

Lord, in the shedding of your most precious blood, you redeemed us and you gave us life. Fill me with your life, Lord. Help me to love you more and more. May my heart always be eternally grateful for what you did for me.

Water from the side of Christ, wash me...

Lord, wash me clean of my sins. A clean heart create for me, O God; and a steadfast spirit renew within me as the psalmist says in Psalm 51:10. Make me new. Wash away all in me that is not pleasing to you, Lord, and purify my heart.

Passion of Christ, strengthen me

Lord, life isn’t always easy. Strengthen me as I go out into the world. Help me to help others. May all of my sufferings, big and small, be joined to yours on the cross for the salvation of souls.

O Good Jesus, hear me

Lord, hear my prayers. Hear the pleadings of my heart. May I accept whatever your answer is according to your will and not my own.

Within your wounds, hide me

Lord, you hung there on the cross and you thought about me. You thought about me and every person who has ever existed, and you bore the weight of all of our sins. You didn’t have to do it this way, but you did, for love of us. “But he was wounded for our iniquities; he was bruised for our sins: the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and by his bruises we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

Separated from you, let me never be

Lord, I love you though I very often don’t act like it. Keep me close to you, please, and don’t let me go. You are the good shepherd who watches over his sheep. Thank you for finding me when I was so very lost and in the darkness. May I always listen for your voice.

From the evil one, protect me

Lord, Satan and his evil spirits are active in the world today, trying always to tempt me into sin and destroy my relationship with you. Protect me, Lord, from the father of lies. Guard me against his empty promises. Help me to resist all that he offers because my real treasure, Lord is when my heart rests in you and you alone.

At the hour of my death, call me

Lord, whenever you call me, whether it be today, tomorrow or 50 years from now, may I hear your voice. I pray for a happy death and for the intercession of your Blessed Mother and all of the saints in Heaven at that moment.

And close to you bid me that with your saints, I may be praising you forever and ever, amen.


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    • Marciav72 profile image

      Marciav72 6 years ago from Lincoln, NE

      Thank you bethperry, thats nice of you!

    • bethperry profile image

      Beth Perry 6 years ago from Tennesee

      I'm not Christian, but this is beautiful.