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The Anointing

Updated on November 29, 2010

The Anointing


What is the anointing? How would you define the anointing? Some refer to the anointing as unction. The dictionary defines the anointing as “To put oil on, as in a religious consecration.”  Today some refer to this as feeling that comes over them. Sometime we here people say, I just felt the anointing.  It may be that it is an unseen spiritual presence has touched them. Sometime there is an outward movement or shaking but not always. Sometime there is a cry, a shout, laughter and moaning.  


The anointing is believed to have several affects on a person life. The first thing I will discuss is the changing power of the anointing. Many people say that the anointing has had a positive change effect.  For example, if someone is hooked on drugs this anointing can give them power to break that habit. Or, suppose someone has been an alcoholic years, the power of the anointing can allow them to break the cycle. There are men and women who have been hooked by the power of sex, immorality and other vices. Again, the power of the anointing can free them from all these vices. 


Another, benefit of the anointing is the ability to be a yoke bearer for others. There are several sides to being a yoke bearer. Sometime we can be a yoke bear for another. For example, we may have a friend, love one or assembly fellow member who is having a really hard time. By being a yoke bearing for them we assist them in whatever righteous need they may have be it money, prayer or just plain help.


Additionally, the anointing will help us to bear the yoke of own burdens.  Many times we may have to bear the results of our own past mistakes.  Not that we have not be forgiven, but we bear or endure the results of those bad choices.  Other times we may have family situations that we have to bear along with sometime for years.  In these circumstances the anointing will often give us the power to preserver.


Now we come to another powerful effect of the anointing, the praise. The anointing seems to work together with the praise.  Sometime during praise time the anointing happens. When the anointing happens, it is believed that things are being worked out for the good. This praise time is seen as a focus point leading the anointing for many. People often describe this anointing as sort of refreshing feeling, an awaking or an energizing of body and soul.    


Lastly, the anointing happens many times when the word of truth is going forth. There is a cord that is struck when the truth is spoken. Something inside us recognizes it and a quickening takes place. The anointing is felt when the inner man hears the truth. As a final note, it is believed that when the anointing is taking place that many unfavorable situations are being worked out. Some things in life are passed our understanding. Take Care.


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