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The Applegate Lake Big Foot Trap Southern Oregon

Updated on March 28, 2012

The Applegate Lake Big Foot Trap

The Applegate Lake Big Foot Trap

Story By: Cow Flipper

In 1974 the (now closed) Eugene Oregon based North American Wildlife Research Team acquired a special permit from the National Wildlife Foundation to build a Big Foot Trap along the half mile hiking trail of Collings Mountain in the forested area near the Applegate Lake in Southern Oregon.

The idea was to make a shack in the forest with a spring activated heavy steel door, inside the structure the carcass of a dead deer would be hung as to attract the biped into the structure and when it grabbed the bait the door would slam shut humanly trapping the Big Foot inside unharmed and send an alarm to a nearby cabin the home-base for the research team. The theory was sound enough but in the six years the trap was in operation no Big Foot was ever captured. In the late 70's they did manage to accidentally capture a hunter who stumbled upon the trap by accident and of course a few bears. In 1980 the Big Foot Trap was bolted in place never to be activated again and in the 90's a grant was made to restore the structure for hikers to see as a local landmark. If you are an avid hiker the area to find the trap is at N 42°03.073' W 123° 07.903', GPS = 42.056567, -123.137233. The location is .56 miles NW of the lake, or .45 miles NW of Applegate Road.

Why Didn't It Work?

This could lend to the idea that Big Foot does not exist for if it did this trap would have surely lured the creature. But then again it could be said that perhaps these Sasquatch, Yeti, Big Foot creatures are smarter than we believe they are. Seeing an artificial structure may have deterred the creature from taking the bait. If their allusiveness shows us anything it is that they prefer not to be bothered by human beings or their trappings.

Other Information on the Big Foot Trap:

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    • Crazy Mags profile image

      Crazy Mags 5 years ago

      I remember when I was a kid LOVING the whole Big Foot infatuation! Remember the Six Million Dollar Man episode with the Sasquatch? That was great! :-)

    • profile image

      alastar packer 5 years ago

      Uh, yeah...smarter than somebody thought they were. This bigfoot shack trap would be hilarious if it wasn't so indicative of the mentally challenged mind-set concerning these cryptids back then. Maybe it is funny at that.

    • Cat R profile image

      Cat R 5 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      Wow! grin