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The Aries Child

Updated on April 30, 2011

The Aries child can be quite the handful. I should know, I used to be one! Of course, we're not all identical, so you would benefit greatly from knowing the child's entire astrological birth chart before lumping him or her into a broader grouping. But most of us do share a number of traits regardless, so we'll be touching on those in this article. So, to learn more about the Aries boy or Aries girl, please do continue reading!


Most Aries children are pretty cheerful, but they do possess a temper. How well that child can control their temper will depend on other astrological aspects, but believe me when I tell you they've all got one. What sort of temper? The sort that could make an adult's knees quake, and terrify other children. After all, Aries is the God of War, right? Fortunately, the Aries child's temper is almost as short-lived as it is explosive, and they will go right back to their cheerful selves once the outburst is finished. (Erm, unless the child excels at sulking, like I which case the temper tantrum might last 5 or 10 minutes, followed by a full day of pouting!)

What brings these temper tantrums out? To put in the simplest terms, anything that prevents the child from getting their own way. The Aries child is not patient and does not like to hear the word no. And if they are told such in a condescending way (and let's face it, this is the natural default mode when many adults are lecturing children) the outburst will be fast and furious. An Aries child knows when an adult is being unfair and they will not take kindly to it. If you must tell an Aries child no, it's really best to also tell them why, as "Because I said so!" is never going to go over well!

Easily Bored

The Aries child will have a million talents and they will have trouble deciding which of their many projects should be finished first. Which will result in numerous unfinished projects! Not to mention sports and hobbies... they may want to try soccer one week and then decide soccer is boring and want to switch to swimming the following week, with no care for your checkbook! In these situations it's best to fully explain to your Aries child that you are happy to indulge them their whims, but they must think carefully as to which they want to do most, because it simply isn't fair for you to shell out money for a hobby they will not want to participate in next week. Most Aries children will be quite reasonable when something is put to them in this way, so try to talk to your Aries child like you would another adult. And remember, the Aries child (and most Aries adults) are highly impulsive, and as a parent or role model, you should try to help them curb these impulses in a manner that doesn't seem overtly controlling, as any attempt to control an Aries child will likely result in direct rebellion!

Girls vs Boys

Boys always tend to be more aggressive than girls, but that's not always the case with an Aries child. You'll find numerous Aries girls who are more comfortable with boys, because they find other girls as annoying as boys do! Loads of tomboys are Aries and these girls may have difficulty adjusting to tween and teenage life because they may suddenly want to be more feminine but have no idea how to do it. If this sounds like your child, it would be good if you could make an effort to help her transition from tomboy to young lady, because she will likely be too self-conscious to jump in that pond head-first. Aries boys, on the other hand, will pretty much be exactly the same from childhood to adulthood, but hopefully with a bit more self-control!

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