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Armor of God, What Is This?? (8/19/2016, Message#47)

Updated on July 30, 2019

Just As The Bible Says!!

The Whole Armor of God!
The Whole Armor of God! | Source

The Armor of Father God!

As the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) states, the whole Armor of God is used to fight a spiritual battle, not a carnal one. Like the Bible also says: “no weapon formed against me shall proper.” This is where the whole Armor of God is very useful. The devil love to throw old sins back at you, one to tempt you back into your old self and two, to also make you feel you aren’t worthy to belong to the Lord Jesus. This is why Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), Adonai (Lord), El Shaddai (God Almighty) gives us resources to exercise our Faith in Him! Which is what our existence is really all about, so what is the Whole Armor of God?

The Full Armor of God!

Protect Your Salvation in Jesus!

Don't Let It Get Knocked Off!
Don't Let It Get Knocked Off! | Source

The Helmet of Salvation.

The Helmet of Salvation has some major purposes, one to protect your mind and help you hold onto your salvation in Jesus! The mind is where the battlefield of Good versus evil is fought. With your faith in Jesus Christ and holding onto the promises or blessing of Father God, the Helmet helps to build and keep your faith. For it is by faith the Helmet of Salvation is applied! It helps to protect the mind of your faith. This is just one piece of the whole Armor of God, there are more pieces and they all work together for your Good!

Keep His Righteousness Close At Heart!

Protect What's Vital!
Protect What's Vital! | Source

The Breastplate of Righteousness.

The Breastplate of Righteousness protects your heart; again, this is also applied in faith. The heart is where your trust in the things of the Lord God usually comes from and protecting this area is vital! In the Spirit, the Breastplate protects His Righteousness given to “Us” and that’s also vital. Why is this vital? Just like in real armor, this same area protects your vital organs. If any one of them are damaged, punctured or removed forcibly, death is certain. The same can be said with your heart, if the devil can get to your heart, he can control or destroy you! Father God will not allow this, which is why we have the Breastplate of Righteousness!

Stand Firm on the Word of God!

Always Keep The Truth!

There Are No Lies in Jesus!!
There Are No Lies in Jesus!! | Source

The Gird About of Truth.

The Gird About of Truth protect the lower body or the groin area. Most of our thoughts are usually centered on our groin area and the carnal desires of the flesh. This is another area of great importance! If the devil can make you desire someone or something sexually, he’s got you. This is why Father God gives these tools to stand up against the wiles of the devil! Without them, we have nothing but our carnal or natural strength or our natural will power and even that will fail at some point. We really do need all of the resources and protections Father God has for “Us!”

Shields Up!!

The Same Principle, Our Faith in Jesus!
The Same Principle, Our Faith in Jesus! | Source

The Shield of Faith.

The Shield of Faith is really very cool, unlike the others thus far, this resource can increase in size! It Can Do What? As your Knowledge and Faith in the Lord Jesus grows, you’re reading and studying of the Bible increases. So does your Faith and the Shield of Faith is connected to your Faith in the Lord Jesus!! This is why Taking Authority in Jesus Christ is so important! The Shield is usually your first line of defense from an onslaught the devil usually throws at the Believers in Christ Jesus! When the Bible says: “study the Word of God to show yourself approved.” This is also telling you to build your Faith and establish the next piece of the Armor of God!

Using The Sword of the Spirit!

The Sharp Two Edge Sword!

The Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit!
The Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit! | Source

The Sword of the Spirit.

The Sword of the Spirit represents the Word of God and the Bible is the Sword! Also like the Shield, the Sword can increase in size and effectiveness as well. The Sword had two edges or is a two edge Sword and it is very sharp! When the devil or his demons come in for close combat, you can cut them with the Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit! “Greater is He that is in me, than that which is in the world.” Or my favorite, “Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess Jesus is Lord!” Knowing the Bible is very useful in keeping the Sword sharp and ready for battle! The Helmet is great for protecting your salvation; the Sword keeps the enemy from being able to knock the Helmet off!

Stand Firm in Peace!

Plant Strong in the Lord Jesus!!
Plant Strong in the Lord Jesus!! | Source

The Shod of the Gospel of the Preparation of Peace.

The Shod of the Gospel of the Preparation of Peace protect your feet, this is the foundation on which you stand firm on the Word of God (What Is Your Foundation Upon). It is also by faith in which the Shod is applied and used. If the devil or his demons can knock you off of your foundation in your Faith, he can do with you what he wants. This is more than likely how the Lukewarm believers are established. They were knocked off of their foundation in the Lord Christ Jesus and didn’t realize it. Good footing is a key to making moves in the right direction. Why do you think Father God gave “Us” the Shod?

The Sword and the Word of God!

Lean On Jesus!

He Still Has Your Answer!
He Still Has Your Answer! | Source

Even Still, The Lord Jesus is the Answer!!

The Helmet of Salvation is a key to protecting the Mind, the battlefield of Good versus evil. We only have Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you ready to establish your Salvation? If So, Let’s Pray: Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

By doing this, you have established your Salvation in Jesus Christ and He is your personal Lord and Savior! Jesus has just now written your name into the Lamb’s Book of Life and made Heaven your Home for all Eternity! Now you have a friend who will never leave you nor forsake you! Call upon Him and spent time with Him, either in prayer and reading His Word, the Bible! Grow as close to Him as possible. This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

In The Latter Days, The Full Armor of God Is Extremely Needed!!

Indeed, More Than Ever!
Indeed, More Than Ever! | Source

Why the Whole Armor of God is So Important!

In these very last moments of The Age of Grace, the Lifting of The Veil of Protection, and all of the vile and unnatural things going on, we need to stay close to Lord Jesus!! The “Signs” clearly show we are about to Raptured (The Pre-Tribulation Rapture), those who are looking and watching for His Appearance in the Clouds! The Full Armor of God, from head to toe will be a useful tool in keeping our mind and hearts where they need to be, especially when the devil and his demons attempt to pull us away from Our Eternal Destiny. Like the Bible says: “without faith, it is impossible to please Father God.” It takes Faith to put on the Armor of God and it also takes Faith to make it work! In this crucial hour, the Armor of God is extremely needed!! This is still Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

The Awesome Love of the Lord Jesus!!!

More Than Conquerors Through Christ!

God Be For Me, Who Can Be Against Me!!
God Be For Me, Who Can Be Against Me!! | Source

Having Jesus and the Whole Armor, Working Together!!

To come to the Lord Jesus for the first time in your life took faith and it is by faith you received your salvation. Therefore it should fairly reasonable; it will still take faith to have the Lord Jesus and the whole Armor of God to work. This should not be a new concept, your faith has already helped you get this far and it should help you finish!

Basically, you have everything you need to defeat the plans of the enemy, keep your salvation and bring others to their salvation in Jesus! It takes prayer to put on the whole Armor of God, it takes prayer to lean on the Lord Jesus and it takes prayer to help others come to know Jesus Christ for their salvation. So there is no reason why anyone should feel alone, like they have no help or any options. Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), Adonai (Lord), El Shaddai (God Almighty) has given us some awesome resources to use!

We have His Word, the Bible, which also represents the Sword of the Spirit! The more you spent time in it, the stronger, sharper and more powerful your Sword becomes! This will also increase your faith, which will also increase your usefulness and effectiveness of the Shield of Faith. It is also by faith, by which the Whole Armor of God is applied! I really hope you see everything is connected and build upon each other; this is how Father God set it up for all who call upon the name of Jesus!! Isn’t Father God Awesome, He gives the tools and resources we need, long before we knew we needed them! Give Him Praise, Glory, Honor and Worship, for He is more than Worthy!!

Jesus is Why You Can't Fail!

He Is With You!!
He Is With You!! | Source

With Jesus Christ on Your Side or You Being on His, You Can’t Fail and He Won’t Fail You!!

Your faith in Jesus Christ and Father God brought you to salvation in the Lord Jesus. As long as you keep King Jesus in the forefront of your thinking, spent time with Him in Prayer and the Study of His Word, you honestly can’t fail. Your minds and hearts are already in the right place, they are not on the things of this "World" or this "World" either. This Life means nothing to you; your minds and hearts are ready to meet Jesus when He Appears in the Clouds (The Pre-Tribulation Rapture), and will do so very soon!

For those of “Us” who are ready, we face each new day looking and watching for His arrival. For those who are Lukewarm, they may be able to ascertain some signs, but they still think they have some time. Their worldliness will not allow them to fully grasp the suddenness of the Appearing of the Lord Jesus in the Clouds, which is about to take place! For the lost, they can’t see or hear much right now, in their minds, there’s too much confusion and technobabble going on in their minds and hearts. This "World" actually feels great to them and this is sad. To the Lukewarm and the Lost or the Cold, they will be the ones to experience the “thief in the night” moment the Bible clearly talks about. Since they were not watching nor did they ascertain the “Signs” of His Coming, they clearly missed Him when the Lord Jesus came to get His Bride!

Don’t get me wrong now, there are many who were Lukewarm are now coming back to the Lord Jesus and there are many lost or Cold who are coming to Jesus in these final hours. This is all is indeed great news, overall there are still so many more who will not receive the good news of the Lord Jesus. These are the ones, along with the Lukewarm who don’t wake up in time, will have to go through the Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period.

Stand Up For Jesus!

The Finish Line Is In View!

Can You See It?!?
Can You See It?!? | Source

Let’s Finish This Race Together Strong!!

Now we know who will go where when the time comes, as it has been stated by a good friend of mine, “we have been separated.” This has been and still is becoming more so obvious every new day. In any rate, we still need to whole Armor of God and all of the Lord God given resources to finish this race! “We” are too close to finish on a weak note, so let’s cross the finish line of “Our” Faith Strong and bring other people along!

Even for those who have to go through the Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period, they will still have to endure and finish their race during this fast approaching timeframe. It makes no difference if you are Raptured (The Pre-Tribulation Rapture) when Jesus Appears or lose your head or life during the Tribulation. The point is this, We Didn’t Deny His Name, the Name Above All Names, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Jesus Christ, Our Only Hope!!

Stand Firm With the Full Armor of God!

Jesus Christ is the Word!!
Jesus Christ is the Word!! | Source

Need Somethig to Increase Your Faith, Trust and Stance on Jesus? Then You Just Found the Right Resource Just In Time!

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