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The Army of God

Updated on January 24, 2016
Jerry Hulse profile image

Jerry started in the trucking industry in 1978 and has spent most of his life on the open road as a Trucker Evangelist and Christian Author.

Dress Up For Battle

I believe that the living God is getting an army together that have braved the storms of life and have been conditioned to meet the enemy on every front.

You will be surprised to find that many of these powerful soldiers of the cross are not known by the religious hierarchy of our day.

These men and women have had to fight for every inch of ground gained because of their past mistakes.

These men and women have been through God’s school of grace and have their degree.

They have not had anything given to them but they have qualified for it through their training in the field.

Yes, our undesirables who make up the forgotten church of the hedge will be the worship leaders and the leaders of clergy in this last push by the Spirit of God to rescue as many as possible from Satan’s rebellion.

God is building a church that has the mindset of an Army and not the mindset of a Hospital.

Let’s take God at his word, believe his report and remember, "When the people of God begin to pray, the power of God will be on display"?

There are times when the church forgets why it exists.

Even Christians seem to forget what Jesus saved them for.

They tend to think that church is all about them. They think that their relationship with Jesus is totally focused on their agenda and needs.

I want you to know it is not about us but about Him and there is a lost and hungry world out there that is looking for answers and we have them.

We have been through the tests of life and gained strength from our battles.

Strength is what is on the inside of us not what is on the out side.

We can use a good illustration by going to our bathroom and looking at a tube of toothpaste. When you squeeze it, what is on the inside will come out unless it is near empty then you may have to roll it.

If we as Christians turn everything over to God, He promises to be our strength.

We do not have to be strong in the physical to be strong in the spiritual.

When we have Jesus on the inside, we have all the strength we need in any given situation.

Dear God, my prayer is, bring us back to humility and cause us to not glory in any of our achievements as one that is proud but help us keep our eyes on you the author and finisher of our faith.

Help us to be like Daniel and pray a prayer that will shake a whole empire to its knees. Help us not to glory in anything save the cross of Jesus Christ.

The day is approaching when the army of God is soon to march into the face of the enemy and take back what the enemy crept in and stole from God’s people. A-Men

We each have a lot to fill in God’s eternal plan and purpose. Nobody else can do what we were chosen to do so there is no place for jealousy to be in our ranks.

God needs all kinds of people to reach all the different cultures and ethnic groups in our world.

We need to start caring for one another and quit being selfish and isolated.

We must have the right attitude toward God and our fellow men.

We are bound by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and not doctrines or denominations. We are blood bought brothers and sisters in Christ.

We need to realize that we are in a fight.

The enemy loves for us to fight among our selves.

The only time you will notice the enemy come and unite together is when they are coming against the work of God.

Why cannot we the church unite for the cause of Christ?

If we are in a fight, and we are not fighting each other then we must realize that we need to fight together as one colossal body. When we do this, we will experience a spiritual strength and become a powerful force as we flow together in unity.

There is a powerful strength and force in unity.

We are here to be a light to bring hope, meaning and purpose in a life that is searching for the truth and be released from the enemy’s hold on their life.

Let us labor together for the common cause of souls. As we flow together in unity, we will see the power and love of God begin to spread all around us.

The enemy knows this and that is why he tries to bring division.

I have always said that if a brother or sister draws a circle and leaves you out, swallow your pride and draw a bigger circle bringing them in.

God wants us to prosper and flow in the body as children of faith and power.

He wants us to live circumspectly in this cruel world making the most out of every opportunity.

When we miss an opportunity, it cannot be reclaimed.

We complain about giving a little time to God’s work and evangelism.

Every moment is a precious gift from God.

God wants us to manage our time and invest it in something worth while.

Did you know that there is strength in working together?

In Ephesians 5th chapter, Paul speaks of redeeming our time and managing it wisely.

Too many have the mistaken idea that the building is the church.

God’s son Jesus is not coming back for buildings but a bride that hath made herself ready. We are not here to fill up space, nor are we here to build our own kingdom.

The church that will bring down the gates of hell was borne in unity and it is time for that church to stand up and take action.

We each are chosen to fill the right place in the body. God wants us to flow in the body that his call may be fulfilled upon our life.

We have come to a climax (contest) of the church age. In order to have a firm base and foundation for the work of the Holy Spirit, we must have unity and love.

These are the two foundation stones that must be in place for the gifts of the Spirit to operate.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit will not function without unity and love in the body of Christ.

Again let me emphasize that we need to start caring for one another and quit being selfish and isolated.


God came to set us free from the fear bondage of the devil that we may live in the liberty and freedom purchased for us through the cross of Jesus Christ.

Church we need to realize that Jesus has already defeated Satan. That means = Jesus has all the authority over Satan and his kingdom.

We as God’s people share the same authority that was delegated by the Father to Jesus.

We the church are the body of Christ and we follow the head.

The body cannot go in one direction, and the head in another direction.

Matthew 16:18 “And I say also unto thee, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

According to Matthew, the church should be breaking down the gates of hell and Invading the territory of the devil.

Wake up church and let us be on the Offensive and not the defensive and we like Paul can say “I fought a good fight and finished my course”; then we can hear the Lord say “well done my good and faithful servant, you have been faithful over a few things; enter in to the joy of the Lord and I will make you ruler over many”!


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    • Jerry Hulse profile image

      Jerry W Hulse 5 years ago from Kingsport, Tennessee

      God is gathering an army.

      He is reinstating the five fold ministry back in operation for we are headed for a climax with the kingdom of darkness and the back of the books declares us a winner.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Jerry: Thank you! As one of God's Children, though still a child in God's eyes, Jesus sees me as a brother and a commrad and welcomes me at his side in the battle he will fight to destroy satan and his followers, but first I, we must all don the Holy Armour provided by God to enter without fear into such a battle.

    • shamela profile image

      Shamela 6 years ago

      Hi Jerry Hulse,

      I believe God could be gathering an army.

      I enjoyed reading your hub.

      I voted your hub interesting

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 6 years ago

      This is a sermon for the church today and you preach it as if to the troops who are equipped to carry out the mission. Your statement that the church is made up of diverse people with unique talents is what we need to remember. Yes, there is no room for jealousy when we realize this truth. Unity is key to our path going forward; unless we support each other we will fall to the enemy. Thanks for the encouragement. Voted up!