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The Arrogance of Mankind

Updated on May 31, 2012

I am writing this tiny little rant mostly because of little tidbits from others; people praising all their luck in the name of a god who, more than likely, really had nothing to do with their change in fortune, whether for the good or the bad. For you see, if you could not tell from my Borrowed Traditions hub, I am rather cynical when it comes to many religions out there (including my own to some extents). I am against organized religion; it is something that comes from your heart, not from a book. Nor is it something that should be pressed upon children. I am not against teachers of faith, but if a student differs in opinion from what is being taught, that difference should not be shunned, but nurtured.

Pride and Foolishness

It does amaze me sometimes how mankind can be so arrogant in their religious views. That Christians and Jews and many others, even some Pagans, think themselves so important that the tiniest, most trivial of events are "God smiling down at me," or "rewarding me," or even "punishing me." As if any single god, especially when thinking about monotheistic beliefs, has the interest in the life and personal matters of any single person. Often, the most well known tales of the gods of old tell mostly of the matters and relations of those gods; with few references to humanity, save for the legends of Greece and Rome. These tales were often of gods warring with each other, using humanity as outlets and puppets. Though they often tell wondrous tales of humans who become unnaturally favored by the gods, these tales are of ancient heroes and great deeds- certainly nothing which is found in today's world.

The gods gave us the ability to do and think for ourselves so that we could learn and become self-sufficient. They gave us willpower to take this ability and use it. We have outgrown the gods, for better or for worse, and I imagine they would have placed trust in us to keep them alive in our hearts. But direct interference with a human whose lifespan is nothing compared to the immortality of the Earth and the spirituality of any gods that exist. They are the Source, whether they created us or we created them, it is the chicken and the egg existence.

To honor them, simply seek their wisdom and advice; it is available to all the world if one chooses to hear it, and I am sure it is all they would ask of us if they could communicate with us. One must first overcome the arrogance that they are important in the grand scheme of the universe, however, in order to do so. We were given will and magic, we must control our own lives and future as much as we can, for the gods have no desire to watch us every step we take- we are grown now. Act like it.


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