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The Art of Becoming More by Doing Less

Updated on August 8, 2016

Every morning or most mornings I wake up and unconsciously compartmentalize each unit of myself or what I believe to be a part of myself into little boxes and go about my day believing that I am these things. Believing that if I say I am all of these things then I am supposed to do something or take some kind of physical action toward each box every day. In this day of multi tasking we are made to believe we are more important when we are busier. When our days are full and overflowing with to do lists or just doing doing doing, this feeds our self importance. This leaves us no time to tune into who we are as simple perfect human beings!

Letting Go

I started believing that I must answer to all compartments I mentioned above. Put a little bit of myself aside to drop into each of these boxes everyday. Is it any wonder that sometimes I feel drained and overwhelmed. These boxes weren't created by anyone else, they were and are created by me. They were created for me to understand that none of these things are only me. They are the creation of the persona or character that must exist in the movie---the movie of my life.

Once I really understood or had digested this metaphor, it was and is easier for me to continue moving through this life. I came to the conclusion that the lesser of those things is "ME" or the "I AM" that is before all of those things, the space and breath before the utterance of those boxed in labels.

Yes those little words represent some part of my journey but they don't define the greater and grander part of "ME", they don't unravel my true essence. The essence that can only be defined by coupling me with the one "SOURCE" that connects all of life.

I am who and what I am in the true moment. The moment of recognition and experience. The moment that I recognize myself as being.

Right now in this moment I am being a writer. I am writing and I am adding to the concept of being a writer in this moment. After this moment, I will be being something else. Something that I choose to be being in the next moment or hour or day. Whether it be being a poet writing a poem or a student learning from a teacher.

Each instance has its own life and its own story to tell. Each instance is me being...

I remind myself that when I do one thing or give to one title then the day is full, or the moment has been fulfilled. I will always be "ME" without effort or extraneous doing or becoming. I already "AM" all of those things that I put into those boxes, I already "AM" being those things without struggling to become them.

In the simplicity of being, the natural feeling thing in the moment, I shed and shake all fear of not accomplishing something or "BEING" someone great...'I ALREADY AM'

I do more on some days and less or nothing on others, guess what? I am still "ME"


We can actually become more in the moment we put down the desire to be more. When we spread our energies too thin through several different channels of action we drain our life force, our soul energy that flourishes in balance and understanding. Those boxes that we unconsciously empty our labels into wreck havoc on our sense of simplicity and peacefulness. We can become whole again and connect to 'SOURCE' when we attach ourselves to less in every moment. We can truly become more LOVING, more TRUTHFUL, more JOYOUS, more PRESENT to the whispers of the light, even more FAITHFUL to our inner paths if we let go and embrace less for more. By simplifying our boxes or getting rid of them altogether we can wrap ourselves around our true essence, the one that creates us whole.


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    • karengibsonroc profile image

      Karen Gibson Roc 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      @SilentReed !!! really great comment !! thank you for that !!

      and yes it is really a challenge to stay present !!! I embrace the moment as much as i possibly can !! peace and light..k

    • SilentReed profile image

      SilentReed 6 years ago from Philippines

      We are so use to compartmentalizing our time and actions that we simply go through the motions without benefit of the full experience. Is less better than more or vise versa, to judge success by quantity and not quality. Yet quality is still a form of measurement :) So is being detach better than being attach to the moment? It is not easy being in the instance and just "be". :)

    • karengibsonroc profile image

      Karen Gibson Roc 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      @rorshak !! Thanks for reading!! The feeling to write this piece came at me relentlessly in the morning and I really had no choice but to pen it before It followed me around through out the day!! Thanks for your positive comment!! Have a wonderful day!!!

    • profile image

      rorshak sobchak 6 years ago

      Interesting write up. I really enjoyed it. Voted up! :O

    • karengibsonroc profile image

      Karen Gibson Roc 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      @b.Malin !! Thanks u so much for your loving and kind message!! Your words of wisdom are truly welcomed this evening!!!!! Peace and light!! 2 u !!

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      And you are a Wonderful You...With maybe too much to do...But you are also so Talented, so say to yourself..."It is Great to be Me". Loved this Hub Karen, Woman, to Woman, I could feel this Hub, oh so well. Great Read!


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