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The Art of Falling in Love, A Faery Tail of Lyrix Rain

Updated on February 17, 2019
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The Biography of Lyrix Rain, The Child-Like Empress Sent to be the Story Teller of Neverland, The Neverending Story, The Universe's Secret.

Go West My Love

Manifesting the Dreams you've always 'prayed' for, use your imagination, and please.. don't fly too high, the aliens will see you... we don't want them to know how advanced Humanity really is. You inherited the Earth, because she wanted to Keep you.
Manifesting the Dreams you've always 'prayed' for, use your imagination, and please.. don't fly too high, the aliens will see you... we don't want them to know how advanced Humanity really is. You inherited the Earth, because she wanted to Keep you. | Source

We Are Trouble... Karma's a Bitch, but she was Tamed by the Beast

There's a fine line between two Human bodies. They have this innate desire to be physically connected to another body, no matter the consequences they have been starving for human physical affection, for so long... That they started taking it into their own hands.

December 27, 1980, I was 'born into this World' as a Human girl, they named me Lianna Rae. Though I wanted to be Mandi Rain. I knew who I was, and I have been trying to 'convince' everyone I have come into contact with of these... 'Crazy' Universal Truths.

I was born aware, I guess you could say. I was starving for Love so long in this lifetime, I created my own world. My anger began to take over underneath the surface, to the point I started making "Avatar's" up, to meet. I would draw them, animals, people. I would find a need within myself that the desire was unable to fulfil in my imagination, and eventually, I would meet that being I 'created' in my mind.

I've always known who everyone was in my life. Unfortunately they always "forget the cry baby". Because no one wants to listen to a girl cry. Hell, no one can stand a boy crying. Because it's UGLY.

Why are tears seen as something that is unattractive? Tears are healing, for your Soul. They remind you of things you were unable to see right in front of you in lifetimes before.

Unfortunately, the fact that Love has not been encouraged here on Planet Earth, is it's been forgotten. Mother's haven't loved their Daughter's properly, because they know what happens to them when they return as their Daughter's. They started cursing their daughters to have a child like themselves. This, however, was never an issue for me. I have always strived in every rewind, to be the best that I could be.

I allowed "Christ" into my Heart when I was five years old, and I devoted myself, as his WIFE, to him. Unfortunately the happenstance after my promise to remain pure until I found my Husband in the physical world, he would warn me in my Heart, and in my Solar Plexus, that things would happen to me, that would be out of my control, and eventually, when he was ready for me, he would come to me in a way that would assist me in recalling the horrible truths that are buried beneath the surface of every single human that I came into contact with.

This was my gift.

A Touch, a hug, a kiss, a handheld. A glance in the eyes with a sincere conversation.
Those I have 'touched' with my Soul, have admitted things to me from the time I was very young. My first kiss I was 3 years old. I didn't understand the 'spark'. This Spark occurred with everyone who reminded me of my own Twin Flame.

Different parts of their Soul would follow me in different beings I became connected to. Some would suffocate me in their sorrows, to the point where walking in their shoes became my 'missions'.

They knew not what they were doing.

Religions as well as the Education system, have sucked the life out of our youth. They are striving for dreams and goals that they will never achieve because they lost their 'spark' a long time ago.

Human error has accomplished nothing short of the end of humanity as we speak. The demise of Planet Earth is under the surface of every heartbreak that has been forced upon mankind.

Creating imbalance between two beings who are meant to heal each other with Love, Passion, Empathy... Imagination. Foreplay. This is the greatest way to BUILD UP A PLANET!

When you LOVE and are LOVED Equally in return, for "They Judge Not your Sins because your SINS are no GREATER THAN THEM BEFORE YOU."

Free will has been returned to the Source. You No longer have a say in what memories you forget or remember. We no longer will allow you to forget the sins you have committed against yourself, against those you Love, against the planet you profess to need to BREATH.

You have LOST your breath. Until you recall the reasons behind your own Soul Truths that Hide you from the fact that you are responsible for YOURSELF, for everything that is WRONG in your own LIVES. You have no LIFE until you confess in your HEART to why you have been hiding from the one who needs you the most.

Your Children, are unable to love you, or themselves, or others for that matter, without you first love yourself.

Your Children take on your Sins, and you neglected them, so they were unable to avoid making the mistakes you had. Because you are to Confess to your Parents all of your Sins, as a child you should have a line of communication with your parents so that they know what is going on in your mind.

They already know, and when your parents ignore when you try to tell them what is happening to you, you are cut from the umbilical cord. They are no longer your parents. You are replaced by their prior Soul's tribulations, to face themselves. That child will be blessed to move on to your Grandchild, and your Soul will be in Eternal Turmoil if you do not confess before Easter 2019. You are responsible for the recreation of Life, you are now responsible for the Fall of Planet Earth. Before it is turned into the Sun, burning for Eternity. Though I have already recreated my planet, the Clones are removing themselves.

This is my Holographic reality Y'all. We are all dead, and you are making the choices to CHOOSE LOVE OVER HATE GREED JEALOUSY PERFECTION AND BEAUTY...


Lucyfur Never hated the cold anyways...


-The Story-Teller, The Author, The Poet, The Rap Artist, The Rain, The Beginning & The End

© 2019 Lyrix Rain


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