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The Art of Praise

Updated on June 2, 2009

The Art of Praise!

    There is a difference between positive thinking and praise. Even though positive thinking is looking at the world through a different lense it is different from praise. Praise does not mean difficulties are overlooked. It does not mean there are no speed bumps on the road of life. It does mean, however, that one determines to praise God versus dwell on the trouble.

    The book of Job tells the story of a man who in a day loses everything of value. He loses his home, children, business and many friends too. He never ignores his trouble. He never denies the pain. In fact he recognizes his hurt yet decides to seek God and stand on his faith. It is in the book of Job that the words, "I know my redeemer lives." Job was a man of faith. He struggled with his loss. He was broken yet he was more certain that God was on the throne and in control.

     Praising God when good comes our way is easy. We are quick to recognize His blessings.  When we raise our hands and life our voices in praise in the midst of adversity we take the focus off our situation and refocus on God. There is a story in the New Testament to look at as well. The disciples rowed across the stormy lake. As the waves crashed and boat rocked they struggled. However while they were rowing through the storm Jesus was praying them through the storm. Just as God placed Elijah in the cleft of the rock and covered Him with Hs hand we can be certain that in the midst of our darkness He is there.  

   Praise comes in many forms. Music, Prayer, reading of His word. Yet it is most evident in our life when we, like Job, remember and know, "My redeemer lives" and then decide to press into God trusting His will. Ephesians chapter 6 address spiritual warfare. That is where the armor of God can be found. Toward the end of the chapter the verses simply says, "having done all stand." There comes a point and time when there is nothing more we can do to change the situation or news. When we've done all it is time to stand. Stand firm! 

He is the way the truth and the light!

Here I Am to Worship


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