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The Aura

Updated on September 6, 2011

Cleansing and Clearing the Aura


Every particle, atom and cell of our body is surrounded by an energy field known as the ‘Aura’. The aura extends approximately an arm’s length around the entire body and within it contains ‘meridians’ which are channels which convey energy around our body.

The aura has a series of layers - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. They have a huge impact on each other and need to be treated together.

Energy flows around our physical body via the ‘meridians’, which feel all of our major organs and body parts. This flow is to be kept strong and clear, otherwise we are likely to have problems which can manifest physically, mentally and/or emotionally. Our spiritual state affects our mental state, and our mental state affects our energetic state.


* Visualizing - using a pen, paper and coloured crayons or pencils.

This can be quite an uplifting and enlightening experience for all the senses.

* Use your intuition in order to imagine your aura and to sense any negativity that you may have picked up either from others or from your own thought-patterns and habits.

* Take your paper and pen and draw a simple outline of yourself.

* Draw another outline around the first, indicating what you imagine to be the shape and extent of your aura.

* Feel if there are any blocks and negative thought-forms or energies. If so, outline how you imagine their size and shape and where they appear in your aura.

* Using your coloured pencils or crayons, colour in your aura as you intuitively imagine it to look. (If you have difficulty imagining this, use the first colour that comes to mind. Do not consciously think about it, but rather, make your choice an automatic, instinctive one. Colour in any perceived blockages and thought-forms.

* Uses your mind and intentions to clear away blocks and negativity from your aura.

* Find a quiet place (or personal sacred space or altar). Sit comfortably and relax as much as possible.

* Close your eyes and breathe in deeply. Inhale and exhale slowly.

* Feel your feet becoming heavier and heavier. Imagine yourself completely magnetized and completely connected to the ground beneath you.

* Let your entire body relax and become ‘soft’.

* Visualize a vibrant violet flame surrounding you.

* Sit quietly for a moment, allowing the violet flame to burn away all the negativity from your own thoughts and from the thoughts and energies of others. All the violet flame to burn away all of your worries and concerns.

* Direct the flame to the blocks and negative thought-forms you identified in your aura.

* Take a few moments to ensure that your aura is now clear, bright and vibrant.

* Imagine a stream or beam of white light directed towards you and allow it to fill your aura and your entire body. Breathe this white light in deeply, allowing yourself to soak it in and absorb it fully into every cell of your being.

* Now envision this white light encompassing your entire body and aura, and feel yourself growing strong and confident.

* You are now completely protected from negativity.

* Breathe deeply for a few moments before slowly opening your eyes.

* Next, take another sheet of paper and draw how you now imagine your aura to look like. (It should now be free of negative spots and blockages)

* If you see any spots of blockages left, repeat the exercise over the next few days until your aura becomes clearer.

* Draw two bold outlines around your aura, showing the boundaries of your personal space.

* Enforce within yourself that these boundaries are to protect your from all forms of negativity, and also to ensure that you keep some space and energy for yourself at all times.




COLOURS - the energy and vibrations of colours


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    • Aware1 profile image

      Aware1 8 years ago

      Wonderful information. It is so important to keep our auras clear and protected. mindful of these practices. Thank you!