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The Avatar amidst man!

Updated on December 12, 2012


The reactions of an Avatar!

Once, Saibaba has told a gathering that "you may all feel that it is great for an Avatar to be present on earth. But, it is not so. I know why people suffer, their past, present and future and hence my reactions will be different! You may feel "why Saibaba is not compassionate and pour his grace on the suffering. If only you know the background, your reactions too will differ.

With the above prelude, i would like to narrate an episode pertaining to the above reference. Once a family of four approached a retired officer who was close to Saibaba, to request for an audience with Saibaba. The retired military officer approached Saibaba and requested him to grant personal interview to the couple and added that all look beautiful. Saibaba retorted, 'you say that all of them are beautiful, but do you know that their children are blind? Aghast at the revelation, the officer approached the couple and enquired whether their children are blind? The couple told him that their children are born blind and that is the reason for a his intervention for personal talk with Saibaba.

The next day Saibaba came to the officer and asked him to read an article published in a newspaper. The news item pertaining to a step mother who blinded the eyes of the children in a cruel manner. Saibaba asked the man, "How you will react to this? To this the officer replied "I will blind the eyes of the step mother". Saibaba has said, "God never do like that but the children born to her are blind. In this way, retribution is done. God never intimate the reasons for man's grief and pain. He makes us to silently undergo the suffering which evokes our conscious to dwell on the reasons behind the sufferings. This episode was narrated by the officer in a pubic meeting and the audience were taken aback at the revelation how God reacts to our deeds!

The intention of an Avatar is to transform the wicked and evil. In ancient yugas(time cycles), the evil doers were few in numbers. Hence Rama and Krishna took birth as human beings and slain those demons and devils. By that act, they could restore peace in society. But to day in this dark "Kaliyuga", almost every one is a mixture of good and evil. If the Avatar choose to remove the evil doers, then none will be left. Hence Saibaba has openly declared that "In the present Avatar, evil doers will be transformed into good beings. Yes, the task is stupendous. During the Krishna Avatar, only one hill was lifted. But during the present time, an entire range of mountains have to be lifted. The Avatar won't force things to happen. By observing the life of the Avatar, people automatically follow his teachings and copy his conduct in day to day life. In course of time, the entire humanity will transform and live in peace and amity! Those who follow the life of the Avatar now starts believing that things will definitely change in due course. Already, the name "Sairam" is reverberating in many countries around the globe consequent to the 'all embracing love of Saibaba!


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