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The Awesome Aries Man

Updated on December 16, 2016

Robert Downey Jr. ~ April 4, 1965

Marlon Brando ~ April 3, 1924

Steven Tyler ~ March 26, 1948

Alec Baldwin ~ April 3, 1958


Excitement and chaos seem to go hand in hand when dealing with an Aries Man. Living life on the wild side seems a prerequisite to gaining his ardor and attention. The Aries Man must live big, you see, it's in his nature. He simply does not understand the concept of stability or planning for the future. Every moment spent in this Aries Man's arms will leave you gasping to catch your breath. His energy is boundless, his temper will flare, and his passion will ignite. Once you've learned to prepare for the flying sparks, that no doubt will occur often, the sooner you will get into his glorious mind. A place few will ever get to witness, but well worth the mild sedatives it may take to get you there.

The Aries Man is incredibly talented in the art of speech. A born salesman, a clever politician or an enormously creative lawyer, any and all of these positions would suite him effortlessly. Effervescent charm and a huge generosity will assist him on his ladder to success. Stay close behind him in step, the Aries Man sometimes forgets he has those willing to follow. Patience is not one of this strong suites, it's not his fault, perhaps because his mind travels faster than the speed of light. The Aries Man must complete his journey at a swift pace, in order to achieve all that his dreams have promised. His happiness relies on their fruition. Prestige and fame are non-negotiable.

The Aries Man falls in love on a daily basis. Infatuated and lustful may be more accurate terms. Deeply romantic, his head is filled with exotic scenes and old world classic movies. These images shape and play on his idealistic dreams. Reciting a hand-written poem or creating a musical masterpiece for your ears only, is his sentiment come to life. He will gaze deep into your eyes and behold your beauty as if for the first time, every time. The Aries Man is proficient in magnetism 101, prepare yourself to grow accustomed to a fluttering heartbeat and sweaty palms.

When the Aries Man finds himself in a deep and head over heels kind of love, there will be no turning back. His desire will be evident and clear. His honesty will blaze like a beacon of light. Once you have returned his passion and honored his devotion, you will never fear a wandering eye. Keep in mind, however, that this promise of undying loyalty, only holds it's weight, when your role in the affair is kept alive and well. You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you? Fool yourself not, it takes reassurance, attention paid and frequent candlelight dinners to keep the magical aura breathing. Learn the special details and nuances he craves, and the allure will be much easier to hold on to.

It's a rare Aries Man that does not wear his possessiveness and jealousy on his sleeve. Something that he's made perfectly clear in the very beginning of the fairy tale you agreed to share. It will become a painfully awkward experience if you somehow misread this Aries Man's tolerance level. Bat an eyelash, giggle a little too long or hold your gaze longer than allowed, and be sure to take immediate and secure cover. It will result in an explosion that can be heard from miles away. A horrible site to have to witness, and an even more devastating position to have to repair. Faith is something not easily restored for the Aries Man. Once hurt, will be hurt always remembered. You may as well cut your ties as painlessly and as quickly as possible, if this unfortunate circumstance becomes a reality. From the dust, only tragic memories will arise.

The rules to engagement may sound complex and not worth the trouble to play on the side of the Aries Man. You will get no argument here. Know this though, if you abide by the rules, leave the games at home, and always respect his pride, the rewards will be immense, pure and will lead to a magical fantasy come alive.

T.R. Knight ~ March 26, 1973

Vince Gill ~April 12, 1957

Eric Clapton ~ March 30, 1945

Christopher Walken ~ March 31, 1943

Eddie Murphy ~ April 3, 1961

Elton John ~ March 25, 1947


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      Aries Man 7 years ago

      Great post on aries people... keep it up....