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Be Careful What You Wish For

Updated on March 22, 2011

The BMW - Careful What You Wish For ...

We had been limping and coaxing our old car along for the past year or so and it had been breaking down time and time again, and most often in the most inconvenient of places ...

So I’d been busying myself earnestly manifesting for a new car to come into our lives ...  and preferably as soon as possible.

I’d been stating and putting out to the Universe that the 'new' car didn’t necessarily need to be too new or fancy  -   just reliable, solid, comfortable and easy to drive.   I’d also declared to the Universe that I was most happy and willing to put the 'hard work' in to achieve my goal.

In hindsight though, I realise now that I should have left that last part out and should have just stated that I wanted a solid, reliable and comfortable car in perfect working order and ready to go  -  rather than mention anything that in any way involved 'hard work' of any kind.

In short time, we were offered a car for free from a friend.  It was a mint/silver 1982 BMW.  All we needed to do was pick the car up.

We were well assured that the car was in great condition and all it needed was a new set of brakes and a battery to get it roadworthy, registered and up and running on the road.

BINGO! I thought.

But not for long ...

The car arrived on the back of a truck and as I watched it coming up the road and driveway the car looked great.

But by the time the old car was dragged from off the back of the truck, I could tell without a shadow of a doubt that we were in for a lot more ‘hard work’ than I’d ever bargained for.

Each and every panel had a dent on it.  A new bonnet and boot would most definitely be required and the poor old car would have to go to the panel beaters. The car needed a new windscreen and side windows, the paint is peeling off all over and there were even parts of the engine missing. The brakes and battery were the very least of our problems!

‘Hard work’ was an understatement  -  more like hardly worth it!

In reality, I couldn't complain too loudly because it was exactly what I’d asked for.

The moral of the story … careful what you wish for and be very specific!

Love and Light



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