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The Basic Purpose of Life

Updated on February 6, 2015

The Creation of Adam

The Beginning of Life
The Beginning of Life | Source

The Beginning of Life

The beginning of life started out of something and somewhere. On this planet. A primordial soup; from dust; extraterrestrials planted us here; God´s creation. For any of this events to have occurred, there must have been a purpose, or so, most of us prefer to think. From a religious standpoint, we know that we all share a common ancestry, and that is Adam and Eve, who were the first humans on the planet and were created by the almighty God.

We as humans, generally reach a stage in life, when a question about our existence arises, filling our head with more questions, which usually don´t find the correct answers in our ordinary world, but necessitate to be searched in the realm of religión and phylosophy. In our heads, the idea of eternity and infinite does not find a relationship with the fact that flesh lasts just a human lifetime, decomposes and returns to being dust again.

Stages of Life

Stages of Life
Stages of Life | Source

Human Life Span

We are aware that we as humans form part of the planet and once we complete a cycle of life, the flesh returns to the soil, but a lot of questions arise when we think about our soul, or the self within us that we don´t see. In school we learn that we carry within us traces of our ancestors in our genes; however, they don´t teach us anything about our soul, consequently, there is a question that needs to be answered.

If we were placed on this planet, either by the almighty or by another means, then half of us (flesh) belongs to this planet and the other half (soul) belongs to somewhere else. A human life span ranges from 70 to 100 years in the present, and during this span of time, we acquire the earthly wisdom that characterizes our own personality. Once we die, all that wisdom vanishes, but we sense that the other half remains somewhere; however, we don´t know exactly where.

Purposes in LIfe

There is purpose for everything and everyday we as humans are subjected to fulfill our most basic needs, implying the making of decisions. Those can be called purposes in life and we can not avoid them because they form part of our daily survival. Other purposes in life could be acquiring a car, a house, a wife or husband. They´re also purposes in llfe and form part of the era that we happen to be living.

The good part of all this is that when we place our efforts at achieving some type of purpose in life, we can succeed at it, given we understand the means and project ourselves to it. The hidden treasure lies within us and the capabilities to achieve it lie in the longing for acquiring what we once had and was given for us as a gift.

Kingdom of God

Kingdom of God
Kingdom of God | Source

Purpose in Life

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God´s Original Plan

According to religion, God created the world and everything on it, including man. Adam was given a wife, Eve. They were supposed to live in the garden of Eden, reproduce and eat from every fruit and tree. They would always be in grace (total communication and understanding) with God. God wanted us to enjoy life on earth and reproduce as humans, always maintaining our perfect image and semblance with him., then, God would come with his heavenly hosts to take us to his kingdom in perfection. That was God´s original plan. Unfortunatelly, something occurred and the whole plan failed.

Once in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were instructed not to eat from the forbidden tree, for if doing so, they were going to die. Eve was tempted by Satan and ate from the tree of knowledge, after which, she gave Adan of the same fruit and both of them acquired the human virtues and weaknesses that we are acquainted with today, (hatred, lust, love, benevolence, choice, freedom, etc.). Through their disobedience, they were denied the grace of God. They could no longer communicate nor understand God´s plans. It´s like being lost in a strange land with no guidance at all.

Understanding God

Grace of God
Grace of God | Source

The Grace of God

As a consequence of Adan and Eve´s disobedience, good and evil permeate on earth, man is free to chose between doing good or bad, but without a purpose in life, they incline more for the negative side. Humanity continued reproducing, but without the grace (communication and understanding) of God within them, they could no longer comprehend God´s designs; consequently, most of them got corrupted and did all sorts of evil on earth. For this reason. God destroyed humanity, except a righteous man, his family and animals, male and female. They were chosen to fulfill God´s next plan of salvation.

Because of our first parent´s actions, all humanity could no longer return in perfection to the kingdom of God. Since we as humans were not longer in grace with God, and had acquired human virtues and imperfections, we would have to go through life cycles, each time making spiritual progress. The original plan could no longer be achieved; however, God deviced another plan for our salvation.

Plan of Salvation

Plan of Salvation
Plan of Salvation | Source

The Kingdom of God

The plan of salvation implies acquiring God´s grace in the same way that Adam and Eve had in the garden of Eden. That is to say, be aware of our mighty father´s designs, but how can this be achieved if humanity has deviated 180° from the grace of God. In order to acquire the grace of God, we have to think spiritually and not from an earthly point of view.

To prepare us to acquire the grace of god again, God chose a special people, in which a special child would be born, with human physical characteristics, but God´s qualities. God instructed this chosen people on how to keep his designs and he gave them also a set of rules (the ten commandments), which would make them righteous and apt for the plan of salvation.

As imperfect humans, they deviated from God´s pathways and various times chose evil ways. Because of this, the fulfillment of the plan of salvation extended for 2000 years. Finally, Jesus Christ, the son of God, was born, and with him, new hopes of salvation and a great purpose in life for all humanity; A search for the kingdom of God in this earthly world.

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