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The Basics of Astrological Compatibility: Part 3

Updated on May 31, 2013
Intertwined Hearts
Intertwined Hearts | Source

The first two articles of the series were solely based on comparing the zodiac sun signs and the factors and considerations of the sun sign in compatibility. The sun represents someone’s basic personality. As we know there is much more to someone’s personality in compatibility. In general we are much more than how we represent ourselves in public. There is so much more to compatibility beyond the sun signs. We have to consider other factors and motivations that can play a role in Compatibility.

Astrological Chart Example
Astrological Chart Example | Source

Comparing Charts as a Whole

Synastry is a branch of astrology that studies relationships based on comparing the astrological charts and data of couples and potential mates. By analyzing and collecting data from two different charts an astrologer can compare the different planet positions, placements and other factors

Luna Moon by Guido Bonatti
Luna Moon by Guido Bonatti | Source

Moon Sign

The moon sign governs emotions and emotional style and temperament. Similar to sun signs compatibility, the element, quality and types of energy are taken into consideration.

Venus and Mars Intertwining Hearts
Venus and Mars Intertwining Hearts | Source

Romantic Attraction vs. Sexual Attraction

Love connections are often based on both romantic and sexual attraction. In our natal charts we both have a Venus and Mars. Venus governs romantic love. It’s supposed to be nice, sweet, pleasant, pleasure-seeking approach to love and relationships. Mars are the other hand governs sexual attraction. Mars as a planet is based on how and what we use our energy for, including sex. Mars is about sexual expression, desire, primal instinct, sex drive, and physical attraction.

Venus and Mars (Vulcan) by Boucher
Venus and Mars (Vulcan) by Boucher | Source
Venus and Mars by Richard Cosway
Venus and Mars by Richard Cosway | Source

Venus and Mars Compatibility

In compatibility men tend to look at a woman’s Venus sign that is the same as his Venus sign, which in his mind represents and is supposed to be the embodiment of feminine energy. Women look to a man’s mars sign, that is the same as her Mars sign… which in her mind represents and is the embodiment of masculine energy.

An example would be this: A man with a Venus in Scorpio seeks out and is attracted to women who exhibit traits of Venus in Scorpio. While a woman with a Mars in Leo, seeks out and is attracted to a man who represents and has traits of Mars in Leo. In both cases this doesn’t mean that the objects of both of their desires has to be the sun sign of Leo or Scorpio or even share the same Venus or Mars as them. This just means they are instinctively attracted to these traits.


In a natal chart the twelve houses represent different areas of life which include career, possessions/money, family, and travel to name a few. The houses can also refer to relationships and attraction. The first house (or the rising or ascendant, which ever you want to call it) represents the self and image, how others see you and now you represent yourself. It also shows what people you attract. Houses can deal with romantic relationships are the Fifth, Seventh, and Eighth. The Fifth house concerns children, romance, fun, pleasure and creativity. The Seventh house is all about partnerships and committed, long term relationships. Its also about the type of people who we seem to attract. The Eighth house focuses on death and regeneration but also birth, sex and sexuality.

All of which relates to astrological compatibility, these houses relate to some aspect of a romantic relationship. The First house has to do with how you see yourself and the people you attract. The Fifth house can be related to how you flirt, your romantic side, how you choose to have fun and experience pleasure. The Seventh House is about long committed partnerships which can be defined as marriage and how you share resources with your partner. Its also who and types of people you seem to attract. While the Eighth house is about, among other things how you express your sexuality.


Other considerations with Houses:

Other considerations with Astrological Houses are the planets in your House. So how do planets in the houses relate to compatibility? It all depends on the planets in your house. Mars in your First House may make you sexuality attractive to the opposite sex. Sun in the Fifth House make you confident with romance. Pluto in the Seventh house may make you a magnet to dark, intense people. Compatibility also depends on your placements.

Lastly stay tuned for other considerations of astrological compatibility and conclusions to this series. I hope you enjoy this article. If you have any questions or opinions comment below.

Mars & Venus: "Allegory of Peace" by Louis Jean Francois Lagrenee
Mars & Venus: "Allegory of Peace" by Louis Jean Francois Lagrenee | Source


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