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The Battle Everywhere that Isn't

Updated on January 11, 2012

The Battle for your Mind

I haven't written much lately due to the enforced stability I've attained through the use of various medications. It's been what feels like "normal life" before the advent of Electrical Harassment/Mind Control.........but if I should ever begin to doubt sanity in the least, the heated battle for "my soul" could all begin again. I ask myself: "What is this all for?", what is the bigger picture behind this techno-psychic war for our allegiance?

There is a "oneness" which I can become part of that is in harmony with everyone else. Simply by believing in this collective consciousness I can have entire days filled with peace. If I do not see it as evil, it has no problem with me. I've surpassed my previous fears of being "absorbed" or "possessed". With the death of fear, you get to make your choices more rationally.........but in my experience, one who is at odds with society in general leads a dangerous existence, replete with punishment and even attempts to directly control that person's thinking. So, I guess lesson #1 is: no fear, no paranoia, no judging. #2: when in trouble - become the best person you possibly can be!

I did something the other night which produced: body trembling and the feeling that something was fighting for direct control of my body. I beat it fairly ASSERTING NORMAL REALITY ABOVE ALL ELSE. It felt good to win, but less experienced souls could easily panic and fall into the trap of "being possessed", so to speak. I thusly advise that we do nothing to invite this sort of thing. It is "fun" only to those who live to fight.

And even if you must always remember that times do exist when you should be as inherently good as you can. Inherent goodness is like a Life Insurance policy on your sanity when things get "too hot". For me, becoming as good as I can be thwarts unwanted, exogenously-based "sick thoughts". I despise thinking such things so much that I will go to any length to become more righteous internally when I'm under psychotronic attack. So, I find myself much closer to being a better person whenever I'm "in the hot seat".

Perhaps this is what it's all about: Do you want to be good/better/nicer or do you want to end up being psychotronically "possessed"? Who is and who isn't "possessed" can only be known when you are weak mentally/psychologically speaking. Even now I look back at these "possession-attempts" and cannot truly believe that the people who seemed to be trying to "get inside of me" actually were doing that. Nonetheless, I am much more careful when I'm around people who seemed for all the world like they were trying to "invade my soul".

Did it really happen or was I just psychologically-compromised? I'm going to tell you this much: once you find the solid ground of sanity, STAY THERE. This world is not a safe place for the just isn't. The battle for your mind can become a very real problem if you are: without medication, afraid, emotionally out-of-control. I will say this: as long as you are strong, you are safe. Should you wind up in trouble, strive with every neuron you have to be "the nicest person around". Whatever-this-is cannot "eat" you if you are thinking righteously enough.

I DO believe that our internal thoughts can be "seen". That is why "being good" (especially if you have just done something "bad") can literally save you from being controlled from an outside source. It is as viable a fact as any other proven scientific theorem in my experience. I'm sort of a freak because I know that I've escaped things that few others have. This brings us back to the WHY of the whole situation.

I personally believe that through the use of technology, we've created what you could call an "Electronic Devil". It's job is to gain access to you if you are not righteous. Never ever swear your allegiance to any form of "darkness". I did this one night and the next day I came closer than I ever have to "losing my soul". The experience left me very weak and the psychological attacks during this period are the closest thing to "Hell" that I could imagine. The "Devil" is most definitely not your friend in an age where society has built one.

On the other end of the spectrum is a POSITIVE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. I am part of it now and will do my best to get closer to this "light". I've been sitting on the fence because I like my mundane, physical experiences that I've gotten "burned" on MANY OCCASIONS. Understanding the plight of the average soul in a world such as this now motivates me to save as many as I can from this "techno-evil". I do not advise "hit and run sin" because the consequences are simply too dangerous. I don't want to be the reason more people got "trapped" as opposed to ESCAPING THIS.

What of the future? Well, if we have created an "Electronic Devil" to consume the un-righteous..........why would our society stop there. We are fulfilling Biblical Prophecy at every turn and have been for a very long time. This would make it very logical for us to "seek the light". I myself have not found a Church to go to.........but I really ought to be. With the advent of techno-psychic phenomenon, know that each and every good thought you have is are your prayers. So there is a positive side to all this. The nicer/more compassionate/selfless your thoughts are, the better things will work out for you. And when you are in trouble: work on becoming the best person you can be to thwart the sickening/dangerous hold of "The Electronic Satan".


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    • LoveChanges profile image

      LoveChanges 6 years ago

      Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2 It is a battle and I'll be lifting you up in prayer. There's a reason why we've been instructed to love the LORD with all our heart, soul, strength and MIND. We've been given a Spirit of power and of a sound mind. (This is a promise, claim it for yourself and keep it for dear life!) And remember Philippians 2:5. God bless you and lead you by still waters. Jesus loves you.