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The Begining of the End Times

Updated on July 10, 2016

I know some will not agree with these ideas and I would expect you to check the details.

I have been praying a lot lately about the Antichrist and when he will appear and if I am ready to deal. with all that will come. I went to Bible college so some of what I write may be different that what some mainstream religions have taught. My background is Assembly of God and Four Square Pentecostal Churches. My Bible College was Baptist,

Most of us look at the Book of Revelations in the Bible with a lot of confusion. I know I used too. It was written by John the Revelator through a visitor of God. He was sent to the Island of Patmos. The Book of Revelation has a lot of symbolism in it. Looking at what was written about being ready is happening. If we look at the Word, it tells us to always be watching for the signs of his return. That would be where he says that wars and rumors of wars. We have wars all around the world and I know this will make some mad but the Muslims are warring against the Lord Jesus Christ.

There will be diseases of all kinds. Well in the United States, we are fairly lucky to have most diseases that have been around for years gone. Not much in the way of mumps, measles, and Tuberculosis but with the resent influx of Immigrants we have these diseases back.

In the Word it states that we will have divers weather. Having done some research we have had some very strange weather so far this year. Where I live we have been having fall weather this last week. Next week we go back to 90's. We have had earthquakes, fires, tornadoes and everything in places that is different than normal.

In the Word it states that we will have famine. Look around and see how many countries cant feed themselves and how in the United States there are more and more people having to rely on food that is donated to food banks for food to put on their table.

There is talk about the end of this year Planet X will fall from the sky. It talks about it will hit the world and so much will be flooded and so much of the world destroyed.

Look at the Word where it says in the end times evil will be called good and good will be called evil. This is so true about what we are all saying about the world. Things that we know are wrong according to the Word we are now allowing. I know many people say that we should not judge lest we be judged. That is true but that does not give us reason to allow sin to grow. Sin is sin. We are letting people get away with what most consider small crimes but in God's eyes; sin is sin no matter whether big or little.

Stealing money and stealing utility service are both sins. They are even in God's book. I find it hard not to judge one sin against another. Trust me I am no saint. I am just a vessel GOD chooses to use. I can either be faithful in my service to him or balk. But like the Word says, he is the potter and we are the clay. Who is a vase to tell him he wants to be a garbage can?

I know that it is hard to think that we are the end generation and that when our Lord is done we will come back to a new earth to rule and reign with him for a thousand years and the devil will be released again for a short time to tempt the generation who hasn't been tempted. Then the world will be over and we will be in heaven. Forever at peace.

In Thessalonians in the Bible it says that the bride of Christ will be gathered together before the birth pangs of the End times. This is what some pastors call the rapture. This simply put means that if we believe in Jesus Christ and have made him our Lord we will not have endure the tribulation when the Antichrist is ruling. I hope beyond a doubt in my mind that I have been faithful in what he has given me to be called in the rapture.

Many people are saying that Donald Trump is the Antichrist because he is charismatic. I have prayed hard about my decision on who I will vote for to put in the White House. He appears to be the best candidate and I have confidence that the Lord has lead me to that conclusion. I am not making that decision for all people.

I believe that we should all as believers in Jesus Christ should be doing a lot of praying in this time. I will close with a quote "Even so Lord Jesus, Come!"


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