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The Benjamin Generation

Updated on May 24, 2011


 After supplanting his brother (Esau), Jacob ran to his mother’s hometown to secure refuge from the wrath of Esau, his brother, and to find a wife for himself. On getting there he immediately located Rachel and fell in love with her almost on the instant. He served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her (Genesis 29:20).


However, on the wedding day, Laban (the father of Rachel) brought Leah (the elder sister of Rachel) to Jacob. Many people, who do not understand that the Old Testament is the shadow of the New Testament, claimed that Jacob was deceived because he had deceived Esau his brother before - back at home.


 The truth of the matter was hidden in Laban’s reply to Jacob, when Jacob complained to his crooked father in law. ‘It must not be so done in our country, to give the younger before the firstborn’ (Genesis 29:26). The church will do well to realize that it was not the spiritual that came first but the physical (I Corinthians 15:46 – 47). It was Cain that came before Abel and so Law came before Grace. Jacob married Leah because that was the Law’s dictate; therefore in that family Leah speaks of law. Rachel on the other hand speaks of grace at its best.


Comparing the two wives, we can see the shadow of two churches in them;


          LEAH CHURCH                                 RACHEL CHURCH


1. This Church uses laws.                     This Church embraces grace.


2.  Not attractive to members & people.  Attractive to members & people.


3. Has weak vision for God’s plan.    Has good vision for God’s plan.


4. See only the letters of the Law.    See the grace of the Holy Spirit.



It should be noted that it was also a law or custom in those days to give away the bride’s slave into her home and the bride can do as she pleases with the slave. Remember Sarah and Hagar? Hence in Jacob’s home, there were 2 cases of Law; Leah the firstborn LAW and the slave (Zilpah and Bilhah) LAW. All the laws bring forth 10 sons which speaks of the Ten Commandments that Moses is to received later at Sinai (Genesis 29:32 – 30:20).


Rachel at this time wanted to bring forth children; she wanted to bring forth Grace. She speaks for the few remnant of righteousness in a Babylonian church system, which love to effect a change. But for now she waits. Rachel or the Grace Church long to see Holy Spirit enthroned and not being officiated out of the church system, that is governed by Law. Worse still, she suffers reproach at the hands of Law.


At God’s timing, Rachel brought forth – ‘Add to me another son’ (Genesis 30: 23 –24) is the meaning of Joseph. Amazingly, when Joseph arrived in the family, there were no more sons born through the Laws (Leah and the Bondwomen). Similarly, after Jesus’ sacrifice, the ceremonial laws ceased.


Rachel, the shadow of Grace, gave birth to two sons – Joseph and Benjamin, which add up to the ministry of Jesus; being full of grace and of truth. In comparison to the ten laws or the ten sons; these two sons are revealed in Jesus’ statement about the love for God and the love for our neighbors (Mark 12:29 – 31).


Finally and on a sad note, Rachel died a little away from Bethlehem (Ephrata). Bethlehem means House of Bread. That means Rachel died a little close to the House of Bread. This is the shadow of this present church age; dying a little away from the place of fruitfulness. The present church age will not reach the House of Bread, before it brings forth her Benjamin too, just like Rachel. Bread or Fruitfulness speaks of Character today. No doubt the church has brought us to the place of good sermon, with no character to show for it. There are divers and wonderful interpretations with little or no applications.


Rueben (an offspring of Leah’s church) knew the book too, but could not apply it. Unlike Rueben, Joseph (a product of grace) not only has the interpretation but also the application of the book! This is the generation of believers that God is seeking – fellow sons (co-heirs) with Jesus Christ, having the same testimony; ‘I have come to do your will O God’ (Psalm 40:7-8).


Benjamin is a kind of Joseph. Joseph is a type of Christ, who has gone ahead to prepared the way for us all. Joseph’s cup was found in the sack of Benjamin. The cup was a symbol of suffering (for those that has been tried in the furnace of affliction – Isaiah 48:10). Jesus drank from the same cup, David’s own runneth over, James and John drank from it, and we are called to drink from this cup too. Amazingly, this cup was not found in the sacks of the 10 children of LAW, but from him that came from GRACE. As Benjamin was added to Joseph, so we are added to Jesus. Therefore let us drink from our cup with patience.


 Sometime ago, the Lord God asked me to prepare myself to travail for a purpose and for a set time. In the middle of this I was a bit discouraged and I thought that God is so far from me. In my prayer to Him, the Holy Spirit quiets my agitation with these questions:


§       The snake changes its skin and stay without food in a hiding place – with no grumbling


§       The Eagle shed its feather and beak on a high mountain without food – and does no complain.



§       The Egg hatches into a chick with no food (immediately) – goes about happy


§       The Land left to fallow with no attention from the farmer – stay there silently.



Why then did man always complain when God is changing his status by making man pass through PROCESS?


As in those days, now there is a famine in the land; not of the words, seminars or conventions, but of Characters – the very fruit of the Spirit. While we are expecting help from above, Jesus our Joseph is telling us that there will be no more food, until Benjamin is released by the Father. Meaning what? This means that ecclesia will no more be fed (satisfied) by mere words or empty gathering (clouds without water), until there are ‘doers’ in their midst – Benjamin Generation. These remnant sons will not be teaching the truth, they would be living the truth. Praise God!



Preparing the Bride,

Segun Tewogbola
















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    • Segun Tewogbola profile imageAUTHOR

      Segun Tewogbola 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for your comments. Some of us have been in the 'wilderness' for so long where we feed on nothing but the Word of God, under the tutorship of the Holy Spirit. We have no right to claim His glory. I am happy that such an erudite writer like you appreciate the hub. Let us both give God the glory - He is our life!

    • Storytellersrus profile image


      8 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      Living the Truth! How lovely is that?!

      Your hub fascinates me. I have not heard these comparisons before. Are they original ideas or compilations from somewhere else? I don't really care, I am just curious. They are truly amazing! Thank you.


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