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The Best Careers for Sagittarius

Updated on February 19, 2012

Sagittarius is the great explorer. These men and women are always looking for something new and exciting to experience and they are willing to go to the corners of the Earth to find it! Of course, they have other interests as well, and there are even some Sagittarians who don't enjoy travelling beyond their own backyard (this depends largely on other aspects of their natal chart). But generally speaking, the following occupations should appeal and entertain most men and women born under the sign of Sagittarius.


Pilot / Flight Attendant

Pilots and flight attendants go on adventures every time they work. Granted, some of these adventures are more exciting than others, but it's definitely more of an adventure than reporting to work at a cubicle every morning and staring at a pile of paperwork. If you're a Sagittarius who loves to travel, this is probably a fantastic job for you.

Policeman / Fireman / Paramedic

Not so unlike their Arian brothers and sisters, these types of jobs will appeal to Sagittarius as well. They enjoy helping people, and they enjoy excitement and adventure. And if being a cop in your local hometown isn't all that appealing, you could always move to a bigger city and try it there. The move would be an adventure in and of itself!

Pro Athlete

Sagittarians are usually quite sporty and a job like this could be just the ticket. Pro cycling, fishing, basketball, soccer, weightlifting and more could also keep them on the road where they would get to see new and exciting places while they work.

Nurse / Doctor

Sagittarians are usually cheerful and upbeat and have great personalities for working in healthcare. They have lots of energy and are not easily offended in the heat of the moment when an emergency is being handled and everyone is screaming and yelling at everyone else. They do quite well under pressure; much better than some of the other signs. And patients tend to light up when the Sagittarian nurse or doctor makes rounds, so you know they must be doing something right!

Military Service

Lots of Sagittarians go into the military and they do it for 2 primary reasons: They long for the adventure, and they truly believe they can make a difference in doing so. Sagittarius likes to help others, to elevate people beyond their current situation and change their environment for the better. These things may or may not be possible in reality, but Sagittarius is so optimistic that they really don't bother worrying about such details -- they just get on with it and do their best to help who they can.


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