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The Best Careers for Aquarius

Updated on February 19, 2012

Aquarius isn't really the sort of person who can be placed into a neat little box, so it's difficult to say exactly what the best job for this man or woman would be. But we do know what sorts of things do and don't appeal on various levels, so we can, at least, point them in a good direction. They are flaky and spacey by nature, but I don't mean that in a derogatory way -- this is something most of them wear on their sleeves like a badge of honor! So whatever route they choose, it must be something that doesn't box them in, or force them to conform in some way.


Tech Guy / Girl

Aquarians tends to love gadgetry and other forms of technology. My best friend throughout college was an Aquarius and whenever we'd get separated in Best Buy, I knew I'd find her in the computer section looking at the new iMacs and other stuff (you know, back when they were brightly colored and the size of the Great Pumpkin!). Another good Aquarian friend was a musician and his house was FULL of digital music gear that I never quite could figure out the purpose of. Yet another Aquarian friend was a brilliant web designer and coder. These people tend to be drawn to tech stuff and they also tend to have a talent for using it.


Other Aquarian friends of mine (most of friends have been Aquarians, I have no idea why that is!) have been engineers. In fact, I would guess that most of the Aquarius men I've known were either electrical or chemical engineers. They were brilliant guys, not that I could ever understand exactly what their jobs entailed, no matter how many times they told me.

Artist / Musician

ALL of the Aquarians I've known have loved art and music. Some have been musicians, some have been artists, some have been something else entirely, but all of them loved art and they also created their own pieces, even if only as a hobby. They are not the most demonstratively passionate people, but they do express themselves well through art and music, and the professional musicians I've known were highly successful at their trade.


Aquarians make brilliant inventors. They are so creative and have such a natural understanding of abstract ideas that they quite capable of becoming an inventor. Mind, they might not have any interest in inventing something the world is desperately in need of -- in fact, my guess would be they'd go for the wacky and unusual first. But they might create something vital to the success of mankind in their spare time, and think of how much better off we'd all be!


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