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The Best Careers for Aries

Updated on February 19, 2012

The Aries man or woman is easily bored in all aspects of life, and it is therefore very important that he or she finds a career path that will excite and satisfy them on numerous levels. If they cannot find such a job, it's highly likely that they will job hop through life, in search of some kind of job that doesn't make them fall asleep on the job. Of course, boredom isn't the only issue these people will need to deal with! When it comes to Aries, the best types of employment are those which make full use of the Aries drive, fire, heart, soul, temperament, and need for physical activity. Now, obviously, everyone has a different natal chart, and there may be placements which will allow these folks to excel, and be happy in, some other type of job which would normally bore the rest of us to tears. But, generally speaking, most of these will appeal to many Arians, and they will appeal day in and day out, which is crucial to their success.


Professional Athlete

Lots of people would love to be a pro athlete, and anyone can become one if they strive hard enough, but Aries was already born with everything they already need to pull it off. They are built for competition, excitement and they handle defeat by channeling it and beating their opponent the next time round. Professional boxer, football player, tennis player, hockey player, gymnast, and martial arts professionals are just a few which come to mind -- anything which requires some level of aggression will be taken to like a duck to water.

Military Service

Aries is the God of War, so it's not hard to connect the dots here. Men and women both will excel in the military on all levels. That said, they must learn to control their famous temper at a young age, before they get into the military, or they could end up spending a great deal of time being disciplined by superiors, which could lead to rebellion and all sorts of unpleasantness, as Aries is not a natural follower. But if they can cope with following orders, they should be able to go up in rank quickly enough and then they can give the orders themselves, which comes naturally to Aries.

Professional Daredevil

Many of the professional stuntmen you see in films are Aries. I've always been amazed by how many I've met who've turned out to be such. They aren't afraid of anything, and this is one Aries inborn gifts. Also, many pro racecar drivers and extreme sporting stars are from the same ilk -- though their Sagittarius sisters and brothers are prominently placed, as well.

Policeman / Fireman / Paramedic

Aries likes to save people, so these 3 jobs (and others like it) come naturally to them. Believe or not, Aries really enjoys helping others, so most positions of public service that involve being hands on will be fast-paced and interesting enough for Aries to really enjoy.


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