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The Best Careers for Cancer

Updated on February 19, 2012

Cancer man and woman are very, very good caretakers. These are the people you want looking after you in the hospital, the retirement home and loads of other places, because they are naturally nurturing and highly capable of giving personal service in a way that leaves you feeling as though you've been cared for by family. There are plenty of jobs Cancer could excel at, but they really should consider something that keeps things on a personal level, lest they feel overwhelmed and overrun by having to care for too many things or people at the same time.


Nurse / Caretaker

Looking after the ill and infirm is something that comes naturally to the Cancer man or woman. They seem to know, intuitively, exactly what their patient or client needs and they are able to soothe that person into a state which allows healing to occur at the fastest pace possible. This makes these folks very valuable in a hospital or clinical setting in which they can have direct personal contact with their patients.

Nursery School / Preschool Teacher

Cancer would make a good teacher for any young child, but they are absolute naturals when it comes to the wee ones. Small children will adore their Cancerian teacher and parents may be surprised to see how quickly they become attached to them. Again, Cancer simply knows how to soothe others and make them feel at home, so children sent off to preschool with these teachers will not experience the same level of anxiety other children might with other teachers.

Au Pair / Housekeeper

These are two different types of jobs, I know. But they both involve looking after the family in some way, and Cancer is very good at this. Children will be looked after as though they are Cancer's own flesh and blood, and the home will be kept pristine and orderly, as though Cancer him/herself owns it. They take great pride in these skills, and they should, as few signs are capable of investing themselves on that deep a level.

Masseuse / Hairdresser / Makeup Artist

Cancer knows beauty and they know how to make others look and feel their best. Because they are so brilliant at devoting themselves to one person at a time, they do very well in these jobs. So well, in fact, they will quickly develop a waiting list of clients. Everyone wants to bask in the personal attention of a caring Cancerian, so these sorts of jobs can actually be very lucrative, indeed.


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