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The Best Careers for Capricorn

Updated on February 19, 2012

Capricorn is the most patient and hard-working sign in the entire zodiac. I don't want to offend anyone else in saying so, but that's just how it is! These men and woman are not averse to starting out low on the totem pole (well, not lower than their education and experience already warrants!) and climbing it rung by rung until they reach the top. It might take years, it might take decades, but they will do it. Why? Because long-term security is the most important thing they can imagine, and they cannot settle down and raise a proper family until they've managed it -- and since family is of the utmost importance, they get a start on that security from a young age and drive themselves upward until they achieve their goals.


Stockbroker / Investment Manager / Banker

This might not be the best time (in terms of the state of the economy) to start a career as a stockbroker, but boy are these people good at it. They are good at anything having to do with money or business, and while most Capricorns prefer something more stable, the ones who are willing to try their hand at this can really be successful. I've known a lot of stockbrokers, and the vast majority have been Capricorns.


Math, business, money and everything else related are as easy as ABC to these folk. I'm particularly un-talented when it comes to any of these areas, so I'm always doubly impressed by their skills, but these guys can run a company and make it look like child's play. Of course, it isn't -- they go in early, stay late and keep working through the night in many cases. But this is one job they were truly born for.


Being a scientist, one who actually does the research and experiments on a regular basis, takes drive and stamina beyond which the average person has the patience for. It takes a level of nitpicking and attention to detail that most people can't be bothered with -- at least, not on a consistent basis. But without people like this, we wouldn't have come as far as we have in healthcare and other branches of science.


Being an architect requires such attention to detail that most people would dread the idea of it. Capricorn, however, would probably relish such a job. Generally speaking, the more work involved, the more attention to detail required, the better suited Capricorn is for the job!


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