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The Best Careers for Leo

Updated on February 19, 2012

Leo man and Leo woman are easily the most magnetic people in the world. These are the folks many wish they could be -- charismatic, lively, entertaining, regal. Most of us have admired one at some point in time, but even Leo needs to choose his/her line of work wisely, as some types of employment simply will not suit him or her. These folks do well in the limelight, they do well in leadership roles, and they do well in the arts. They do not, however, take orders well, and they do not like to be boxed in!


Madonna is probably the most famous Leo musician of today's day and age, and the woman is over 50! Not to mention, she's held that post since she was in her 20s, so that should give you an idea of how successful a Leo can be in the music industry. They know fashion, they know how to sense the changing music trends and stay ahead of them, and they are brilliant at seeming to be the king of queen of whatever they choose to do.


Fashion Model

Leo loves to strut and many top models are and have been Leos. They adore being adored and even if they are not the best looking person in the room, they will carry themselves in such a way that makes you think they are. They are also very good at fashion designing, so that may be another avenue to pursue, though I suspect it would be more of a joint occupation, as being a fashion designer alone probably wouldn't bring in enough time in the limelight for them to be happy.


Leo can charm the stripes off a tiger, which makes them excellent politicians. They know how to make the little person feel as though they have shared interests. They know how to make the little person feel as though they are on the same level, even if Leo secretly feels far more significant than they. And Leo is just plain easy to forgive. A classic example of a famous Leo would be Bill Clinton. Who didn't love him? Only the far-right, and they don't really count as people, do they? Another famous example would be Obama -- doesn't have a clue about how to lead a country, but talked himself right into the job! That's the classic Leo charm in action!

Tour Guide

Leo loves to share his knowledge with others, and he loves to travel and meet new people, so this would be a great career for someone who was single (as this can be hard on a relationship!) and has the freedom to travel abroad with groups of people. Of course, you could also be a local tour guide, if you already live in a happening city and then you could still go home and sleep in your own bed every night!


Lots of Leos become doctors because they enjoy fixing other people. I realize that may sound odd, they way I've phrased it, but that's really what it is. Leo has a knack for looking at another person, figuring out what's wrong, and them sorting them out. A talent for upgrading a person to a new and improved version, if you will. And I don't just mean MDs, this also applies to psychologists and other sorts of therapists. They are very well suited to the job and usually tend to be the most-admired and liked person on whatever team they are a part of.


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