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The Best Careers for Pisces

Updated on February 19, 2012

Pisces are the most sensitive souls in the zodiac and, as such, they simply aren't emotionally equipped for certain types of work. That's not to say they can't, or don't, excel in areas such as the military / battle, but I don't think too many of them would enjoy their work -- they feel the pain of everyone in their environment and this can really devastate them, both emotionally and spiritually. Therefore, these folks would be best off pursuing a career that allows them to remain open to the world around them, and accomplish their jobs without having to suffer at the same time.


Nurse / Caretaker

Nursing is a good career choice for Pisces, but I would caution them on which field they go into. Pisces lives through everything right along with their patient, and I think some areas would be too hard on their fragile souls. That doesn't mean you would make a first class nurse in every field, I just think it makes sense to leave the really emotionally grueling areas to those who are better emotionally equipped. General obstetrics, geriatrics, general pediatrics and other fields like this would be wonderful for you.


Pisces would make a fabulous psychologist or psychiatrist, as long as they do not let themselves get sucked in too deeply to their patient's personal drama. This could be hard for Pisces, but if they can manage to pull it off, then the emotional support they can offer to others could really change lives and help those who need it most.


Pisces make great teachers, especially at the elementary level. Children who are neglected at home really benefit from having a Pisces teacher, and these kids will have a better chance of growing up more like their peers and less like a child who didn't get the emotional support every kid needs. Of course, Pisces will have to conform a bit in order to do this type of job, as working in a school involves following lots of rules and tight schedules. But if they can swing that, they've got a job career in front of them.


Pisces is very good at knowing what ails another person and they intuitively know how to heal that person with their touch. Personally, I think this is probably psychic energy being channeled at a subconscious level that most Pisces aren't even aware of, but nevertheless, they are far better at this than most signs.


Yep, had to add that one. If you're a skeptic, you probably rolled your eyes a bit. Or a lot. But I've yet to meet a Pisces who doesn't have some sort of psychic ability, so my guess if you probably just nodded your head at the possibility. Being a Pisces doesn't make you "more" psychic than others, per se, but it does make you naturally more attuned to it, and it's something most of you can access from a young age, whether you try to or not.


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