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The Best Careers for Scorpio

Updated on February 19, 2012

Scorpio has the sharpest sense of perception of all the zodiac signs, and they would really excel in a career that made the most of this skill. Certainly, you could use that skill in any field, but it would really be best put to use in the service of helping others, since no one can see-through right to the core of someone's deepest issues the way a Scorpio can. Of course, Scorpio might be driven to do something else entirely, and that is understandable! But I think they would really derive maximum satisfaction from one of the following types of jobs.


Psychologist / Psychiatrist

Lots of signs have a special talent for this sort of job, but no one -- no one -- can see the depth of a patient's issues the way Scorpio can. Therefore, Scorpio can accomplish the task of helping their patient get over their issues, and move on, far faster than just about anyone else. If that is not a useful skill, I don't know what is. Not only that, Scorpio really enjoys digging around in another person's psyche, and they tend to be quite wise beyond their years, so this job tends to be very satisfying for them.


You can't lie to a Scorpio. Well, you can, but you won't be successful. Scorpios make excellent detectives, as well as other types of investigators, because they are so good at seeing through all the surface level distractions that get in the way when other people are doing the investigating. If you're a Scorpio who wants an exciting career, this could be it.

Investigative Reporter

This is similar to the type of work mentioned above, but it can be so much more than that. Investigate reporters have uncovered so many stories that have really changed the world for the better. This kind of reporting could be local, or it could be something that takes place abroad. War journalism is another field a Scorpio would probably also be well-suited to, but only if they are the sort of Scorpio who has mastered their emotions -- the other sort would be probably be too negatively affected by what they would experience.

Secret Service / Bodyguard

Because a Scorpio can usually spot the odd man out from 3 miles away, and because they can spot someone's intentions from even farther, they make very capable bodyguards of any kind. They are always "on" and even on their worst day they are better at reading people than anyone else could manage on their best.


Scorpios make great musicians of all kinds. Singers, instrumentalists, conductors, etc. They have the ability to tap into their soul at will, and many of the more famous classical musicians are Scorpios because they really excel at putting a piece of music across to the rest of us.


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