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The Best Careers for Taurus

Updated on February 19, 2012

Taurus man and woman have a very strong work ethic and they are considered to be extremely valuable in the workplace, wherever it happens to be. They are trustworthy and naturally parental in a way that encourages others, on a subconscious level, to seek them out for advice. And the advice given is usually followed, because everyone can see that Taurus' life always appears to be in order, so they must know what they are on about! There are plenty of jobs Taurus can do, but to be really happy, they should have a role that involves leadership or finance. Depending on their birth charts, they may feel drawn to some other type of career, but generally speaking these are the careers they tend to fall in love with.



I cannot think of a better sign for a career in teaching. Whether it's teaching at the preschool or graduate school level, Taurus man or woman is patient, diligent, and they know how to convey ideas in a manner which everyone can understand simply, and the first time round. They usually have quite a moderate temper, and this makes them ideal for corralling young students who haven't quite mastered the art of staying in their seats and following directions. Taurus will probably come to think of all their students as their own children, and those students will benefit from this warmth and encouragement. That said, when Taurus does get angry, boy, do they -- but it takes far more to push them over the edge than it does other signs of the zodiac. Truly, they make brilliant teachers.

Personal Adviser

This actually covers a lot of ground. Taurus has impeccable taste when it comes to all things fashion, décor, food, etc. If you are looking to upgrade your home décor, look no further than a Taurus, who will beautify your surrounds in such a way that would make the average celebrity jealous. If you're trying to decide on a wedding dinner menu, find a Taurean caterer -- they will impress even your new mother-in-law. Looking to change your hairstyle? Style of dress? Consult with a Taurus personal stylist and you will love the new you. These are all careers that Taurus was born to excel in.

Financial Adviser

Taurus understands money and they are very good at anything and everything involved with it. They know how to budget your life, so if you need a financial adviser, look no further than one of them. They are honest and direct (without being unkind, of course!) and will easily help you to understand what you can and can't afford. They also make brilliant stockbrokers, accountants, and anything else that involves money.


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