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The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin: Fact or Fantasy?

Updated on December 25, 2010

While browsing the internet today, I found an article about Michael Drosnin, author of The Bible Code. While I didn't do some serious research on the subject, I did Google him and visited several sites regarding the subject. Drosnin claims, as a result of a "discovery" by Israeli mathematician Dr. Eli Rips, that the Bible (or Torah, depending on the source you read) contains very specific predictions regarding certain events. He states that by using the ELS (equidistant letter sequencing) method, one can discern these "predictions" and learn that they pinpoint very specifically events in history such as assassinations of famous and/or influential persons. There are, of course, supporters and detractors, as there are with anything. I'm heavily on the detractor side. :)

The ELS process works by choosing every "x" letter in a particular written work, compiling and sorting those results, and deciphering if anything notworthy is among the contents. For example, taking every 12th letter in the Book of Genesis. Drosnin's book, The Bible Code, states that this has produced remarkable results with regard to the post-telling of monumental events in history. Apparently, his method has no power to prognosticate on future events, even though the information is - according to Drosnin - hardcoded into the very text of the Bible (Torah).

One researcher used Drosnin's "scientific and complex computer algorithm" to discover the "hidden codes" in the novel, Moby Dick, and found details regarding Drosnin's eventual and violent murder. :) As this researcher stated, you can take ANY written work and find ANYTHING you want to find it by manipulating the text until the results "produce" what you want them to. I'm sure The Cat in the Hat also provides startling details regarding world events and bloody assassinations. Was Dr. Seuss influenced by extraterrestrials? (Drosnin claims that extraterrestrials, aka: ALIENS, placed the "hidden codes" in the Bible, and also claims that he is the ONLY person that can correctly interpret the codes. False prophet, anyone?)

It is noted that Drosnin's "scientific" method uses whatever random ELS process HE chooses. In my opinion, if someone wants to use such a method to "find" the hidden alien codes in the Bible, they should use numbers for the sequence that have Biblical significance. One scientist stated that God would put "codes" in the Bible in clearly understandable language so that interpretation and deciphering would not be necessary, but I guess that guy has never read much of the Bible and has never heard of parables. The Bible even states that certain messages are not for the masses and that they have to be delivered via subtext or implication, such as the parables.

Also, someone else took Drosnin's own book (The Bible Code) and used the ELS method to interpret the hidden codes and meanings within it's words, and found passages relating to HOAX and MEGALOMANIA, among other things. I'm sure if Drosnin himself ELSed his own work, he'd come up with results relating to the prophetic nature of his revelations and how they must certainly be divine doomsaying.

One item of particular note, in my opinion, relating to Drosnin's prophetic visions via written word, is that NONE of his alleged revelations relates to anything occurring AFTER he has decoded the message. He's basically just rewriting history in his own way and in his own words, rather than providing any truly noteworthy decoding. As has been noted by many, many other persons who have performed the same process on the Bible (Torah) and dozens of other historical and famous novels, ANYTHING can provide ANY result if you just fudge the math a bit. The same predictions Drosnin found in the Bible (Torah) were also found in Moby Dick and War & Peace. Were those books written by extraterrestrials, too?

Drosnin is clearly a treasure hunter looking for a way to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, too many people are catering to his fifteen minutes of fame by paying good money for worthless "research."

By the way, if you take Drosnin's name (MICHAEL DROSNIN) and anagram it (at the internet anagram server, one of my favorite websites), you get the following result: LORD SIN MACHINE.  Truly fervent religious people refer to a computer as a "sin machine" and Drosnin uses "complex computer algorithms" to decode religious texts.  (You also get "honed criminals" and "liars conned him" and "sin monarch lied" from his name, as well.)


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