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The Bible Quesitons

Updated on February 12, 2015

Does God exist?

He asked if it's possible that prayer is designed to make us feel better.

Of course it is. Definitely that's one of the reasons.

He also asked if I doubt God's existence. Yes. I do. I do. I know if I said this, this may be tantamount to apostasy to some, but I will be honest. I do doubt God's existence.

But I don't think doubting God's existence makes me denounce God or Christ either. Expressing self-doubt isn't a bad thing as many believe. It's an honest response to uncertainty.

I am sure that being honest doesn't make itself an active crime. Even if I am called "unbelief" by some, yes, I will admit that I did doubt God and still does.

But equally I do think God exists too. The more I find evidences indicating that he may not exist, the more I find it difficult to deny God. I know it sounds moronic, but it's a true feeling.

At least, I can say, if God proves to be non existent to my best knowledge with all honesty, then I will say so.

At the same time, I will not say, even then, my finding is absolute or my understanding is complete. If I say so, I will be lying.

My point is that I will be open to that possibility. I will not refrain myself from being exposed to be persuaded by the third party about God.

I like his question on African evangelism in connection to colonialism. Yes, I wouldn't take it seriously if someone from Africa tries to convert me into his traditional religion in the name of civilization.

I am also skeptical for evangelism or mission. Once I said this, once doubt on the so called great commission, I may be cursed to the stake.

But I find fewer causes for world mission. I am not trying to debase any lofty causes the great mission originally imposed, but I realize that even if intents have proved good and motives are pure, that doesn't immune religious fervor from being liable for historic atrocity.

All causes are bound to corrupt and decayed.

The most poignant question is "if God told you to, would you kill others?" Would you?

This is the question the current Christianity may never adequately answer. To your surprise, many will say yes. Proof? Do you have to ask? Just look around? How is the IS killing people?

As you know, God ordered to kill in the Bible. As long as you believe in the Bible and agree to the orthodox interpretation, you are required to say yes if you are Christians.

What am I thinking about that? My answer is "I will follow my conscience." I don't believe there is a master key answer to that. And my conscience knows no cause provokes me to commit murder.

If God asks me to, I am bound to do so. That is one thing. But how do you know it's from God's is another. The problem is no one, no object, no person, no ghost or no entity in universe will be able to prove that it's from God's order.

God's predominant existence is in a form of being invisible, that is, un-provable and unknowable. As long as we live in this world of tangibility, there is no way of proving God. That's my temporary conclusion.

Homosexuality and liberalism

Gay and homosexuality are easy to answer. I do oppose it. Regardless of religion, I loathe the act.

I do not think it's their rights to marry or change the concept of marriage either. I have sympathy to those who suffer their sexual orientation. At the same time I loathe those who sexually assault others against their will and abuse their being center of civil right movements.

I don't care whether they sex with same sex partners or animals or sex dolls, as long as they behave like respected people who respect others' rights as theirs.

But for the act itself, I truly believe it's beginning of perversion. I believe we went too far in the name of liberalism. I do like liberalism, but I do not like its consequences.

People love sexual freedom in many aspects. I too like it, but people don't want to take consequences. Women's rights and freedom. Go for it. But don't expect conservative virtues out of it at the same time.

When I learn a porn actress divorced because his husband cheated on her. Quite frankly that's a shock to me. I like porn and porn stars and people of liberalism, but at the same time I don't buy their agendas.

I enjoy perversion and even try to normalize it. I think that's okay as long as we can enjoy it. But it seems that's not the case. The most liberal figure in sex is looking for wed-lock sex? The accuser blamed the accused to have real sex not professional sex with other porn star.

My goodness gracious! Can't it be easier if she or he just thinks the other way? Just think that can be one of job actions and she can forgive her husband? No?

We humans can't live without self-righteousness, can we? We look destroying but building; and vice versa.

Is the second coming of Christ real?

I will answer the coming of Christ. Do I believe it?

No I don't. Now you can excommunicate me if you want. Call me heretic.

But to be honest, I don't think it will happen especially in my life. I won't lie. I don't believe the second coming of Christ in my life. And moreover I don't want it to happen either. The second coming of Christ has been delayed for 2000 years.

Why now, all of a sudden?

I also think Christ's teaching cannot be read literally. Especially apocalyptic messages are not literal at all.

Think this way if you are Christians. When Christ was born, virtually no one knew to whom he would be born, or where or when exactly.

Think, when Christ taught kingdom of God, virtually no one took its concept spiritually.

The truth can be much different from what you think. That's the point.

Let us say for the sake of probability that Christ may come tomorrow or any day in the future. I won't deny that. Considering the perceivable limit on the physical universe, there is more than just a possibility for apocalyptic end for humanity and the whole world as we know it.

But that event is beyond the scope of relevance to bother for all the living and the dead. So forget about it.

Ten commandments? Sorry, I can't memorize them. A bad Christian of me.

Pledge of allegiance. Yeah! I don't bother it. But accurately speaking, all those who participate in pledge allegiance actually participating in idol worship. That's original Christianity.

Of course, if you tell that to any modern Christians, they will get mad at you, saying that's a national ceremony and civil duty for any Christian. And I am taught too.

But they are wrong. The original Christianity didn't tolerate it. So in one peculiar perspective, government-sanctioned Christianity is indeed an apostate one.

I am not trying to imitate the late Harold Camping who used to trumpet that local churches are all controlled by devil, and they are devil's children.

The point is the most devoted Christianity will be found guilty of apostasy if the rules of God be applied correctly.

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