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The Bible is Not a Weapon

Updated on January 28, 2017

I view myself as a Progressive Christian. Why? Because I believe that God resembles one thing: LOVE. Regardless of others' opinions, interests, beliefs, skin color, etc. I don't believe a single person on this earth is going to be sent to hell by falsely acting the way a specific person or group THINKS you're supposed to live according to the Bible. WWJD! Would He belittle a neighbor because of his skin color? Would He call others stupid, ignorant, dirty, or crybabies? Would He make barriers between two countries? No, he wouldn't. Being a Christian does not mean that we are supposed to use the Bible against others' differences. The Bible says so many things that we should and should not do. Look for what is said about tattoos, piercings, bottom feeders, divorce, cheating, sex, lying, and so many other aspects. The Bible is not a rule book saying that if you don't live like this then God doesn't love you, and you're going straight to hell. It is a guidebook. It's meant to guide us through life in order to reach our full potential as Christians. We shouldn't be using the Bible as a weapon, and people in today's age read too much into what "bad things" the Bible says rather than the first thing God teaches us, which is to love others.

Just because you hate the idea of abortion, being gay, sex before marriage, tattoos, piercings, lying, cheating, divorce, cussing, etc., does not mean that you must hate the person behind the action and wish bad fortune upon them. Instead of calling them belittling names such as idiots, stupid, dumb, or sad, why not lift them up with kind words? Why not have peaceful conversation in order to find understanding? Instead of reposting those pictures and videos saying "these IDIOTS," try to refrain from the negative words and put yourself in their shoes and try to understand the reasoning behind their actions. If they need help finding love or God or peace, it's your duty to be an example to help others and love other regardless of how different they are from you - whether the differences are in beliefs, political views, skin color, language, etc. Everyone is raised differently, and that's the beauty of freedom and diversity that God allowed all of his children to have, so we must find LOVE even within the deepest hatred in our hearts.

I believe the labels liberal and conservative, republican and democratic are all just divisors not only in the government, but in this country. All it does is divide us rather than reuniting one another's viewpoints in order to achieve the best success for our country. I agree with more liberal views, so if you want to label me as a liberal then so be it. If you believe I'm a "poor example of a Christian" for my belief in God's love over labels then so be it. I stand my ground when I say that I believe God's most important teaching was to love others regardless of differences, including our enemies. All I want is for this country to prosper not only for the majority, but the minority as well.

If what you say is going to belittle another person or group, then ask yourself if Jesus would do the same. Feel free to express your views; I'm open to hearing about them.


Do you use the bible it means to belittle a person for their actions?

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