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The Bible is a Reliable Ancient Text

Updated on April 26, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Most archaeologist and other scholars

usually place the Bible in the category of religious writings . By doing this they are saying that the Bible was written by a certain group of people for a religious agenda and is not a reliable source for history or other fields of study.

This mentality influences how they perceive what God wrote and Israeli history. They just do not understand the Bible and what it is saying and apply wild theories or interject ideas that just do not apply to the message of the Bible. We know that the unbeliever doesn’t grasp Biblical teaching because the Bible tells us they are missing a key figure in their lives.

John 14:15-18 explains that the secular world cannot accept the Spirit of Truth because they do not know him. it is very difficult to see the truth of God’s word without divine aid. John 16:3-16 gives us the some of His duties. He guides believers to the truth. Because the secular scholars do not believe, they do not have this help in deciphering what is true or not. Case in point can be found here:

“Is God gendered as a male in the Bible? How could Scripture, the Word of God to so many Christians, be the product of patriarchy and its over-sexed values that are grounded in the perpetuation of male domination and the degradation of the female? How could Jesus be portrayed as someone who valued God as a male spiritual being? With these challenging questions, April DeConick begins her Biblical Views column in the September/October 2012 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, exploring the possibility of misogyny in the Bible”

If Ms. DeConick had the Holy Spirit helping her, she would see that those questions do not target biblical teaching but reflect the false accusations the world brings against the Biblical authors. Because the world’s values are not the same as God’s and because they are deceived the secular researcher just can’t see the true purpose behind Biblical teaching.

Women are not degraded nor are the men over-sexed in the Bible, it is just that the secular world wants everyone to be like them–blind and deceived. They ignore the passages that place women in honor, they ignore passages that tell men how to treat women as they are distracted by the simple words addressed to women like–submit to your husbands.

Feminists do not like those words as to their blind eyes and deceived minds they think women are being made into second class people. That is far from the truth of course. But it is secular thinking like that which cause unbelievers to render the Bible as useless as a historical narrative or an archaeological tool.

They, of course, are very wrong

as very few historical texts contain as much information concerning cities, empires, important people and events as the Bible does. No one knew of the Hittites for approx 2,500 years or so as their empire and all that it possessed was lost to history yet the Bible knew and spoke of them.

Laughed out of scholarly circles for this inclusion of an unheard of civilization, the Bible got the last laugh when the Hittite nation was uncovered in about the 1800s. Yet, people still do not learn from tis important lesson. The Bible speaks of other people whose only trace to history is found in the its pages but once again, unbelievers doubt what God has said existed and dismiss those passages and societies.

The unbelieving scholars seem to never learn nor do they look for the reason why these people are not mentioned anywhere else in the world. In Exodus 17 we have the account of the Amalekites attacking the people of Israel, who eventually lost the battle. We do not know who these people are, where they lived, or where they came from but we do know WHY they are not heard of anymore.

Verse 14 tells us that God told Moses that He was going to ‘blot out the memory of Amalek from under the heavens.’ The Bible mentions them but no one else knows anything about them. This is not an error in the Bible but GOD keeping His word. Too many unbelievers ignore that last part and jump on the first to justify their rejection of Jesus and the truth.

Is the Bible a reliable ancient text?

Of course it is. it was written by the only eye-witness still alive today and whose memory does not falter–God. Even if secular scientific fields like archaeology, science etc., do not come up with the same information or discover a society mentioned in the Bible, we know the Bible is not in error. It does not lie.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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