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The Black Cat Incident

Updated on December 28, 2009

Fact Or Fiction

The legendary Stevie Wonder recorded a song titled supersition. In the song he points out certain beliefs system that are followed. Take for instance walking under a ladder or breaking mirror. These are all suppose to bring some sort of misfortune. This brings me to December 24 I left my apartment with intentions of going to the bank  and make a deposit, this adventrue was interupted by a small black kitten with a white collar. I first mistook the collar for a white stripe,  this would make the Black Cat belief null. I am navigating the 3 steps when the black kitten ran first to my left then to my right. This too would make the belief of the Black Cat myth void. So, with that out of the way I walked to my car cancelled the alarm open the door, and attempted to start the car. What do you think happen? I turned the key, not a sound. My first thought the Black Cat Myth is true. My second thought who can give me a jump start. There was not a person in sight. Oh! I have a triple a card. I called  the and spoke to an agent. Who asked all of the required and irritating question and a service person was dispatched. While that person was on the way I decided to mix some baking soda and water to remove the corriosion from the battery terminals, as I was doing this my cell phone rang  with a message the service person would be there soon. Sure enough before I could finished removing the corrosion from the terminals the person was there. When I explained the problem he made a suggestion "the battery may need water"  the battery took almost a quart of water.He gave me a jump and that was the end of the Black Cat incident. Was it the black kitten crossing my path that created the problem or me not checking the water in the battery? You decide. One of he phrases in the song by Stevie wonder Superstitious is when you believe in things you don't understand you suffer from superstition.


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